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Girl Gamers GG
August 11, 2007
ABOUT Girl Gamers

Girl Gamers, Welcome to the Family

Welcome to Girl Gamers!
Girl Gamers is the largest, safest, and most active community on Steam that supports female gamers! This is a group that aims to eliminate the gap between genders and illuminate the fact that a gamer is a gamer, regardless of gender, sexuality, or life choices. Anyone may join our group that supports our cause and our goal. We’re growing faster and larger than ever, and 2024 is already proving to be an incredible year for ‘Girl Gamers’!

Our Chat & Forum Rules
Here at ‘Girl Gamers’ we have a very strict, but reasonable, set of rules. These strict rules help to create an environment that is safe for people of all ages, nationalities, creeds, religions, beliefs, sexualities, etc… Failure to abide by these rules will result in strict punishment, so make sure you are fully aware of them. In short, use common sense!

Our Chat & Forum Rules

Don’t Know Where to Start?
Hop over to our ‘Introduction’ thread and let us know a bit about you! Find new gaming pals, new friends, and new groups! Don’t be a lurker and come let us know all about your guilty-pleasure games or even how much money you’ve spent on your cars in GTA Online. Just be friendly and don’t be afraid to say ‘hello’ to everyone!

Introduce Yourself and Meet New People

Reporting a Member
Sadly not all members of this group have good intentions. If you would like to report a member, please follow the link below for instructions, and contact one of our Moderators, Officers, or Owners immediately!

Reporting a Member

Want to Become Even More Involved?
Do you want to help with the management of our group? Now you can! We are constantly looking for awesome individuals that share our passion to sustain and support this wonderful community. Visit the link below to find out more!

How to Apply

Community Milestones

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GENIE and Bottle 20 Key Giveaway!
We have two discussions dedicated to each game to enter!
Please find them both here -> "GENIE" and "Bottle"

Want to keep up to date with this developer? Check him out on his Twitter account!

Don’t forget to check out his other work on Steam! He has plenty of beautiful exploration games with wonderful stories to go along with them.

Comments on this announcement will not be included in the giveaway.

Good luck to all those who enter!

Girl Gamers reviews
"Large games, small games, and maybe some in-between. Girl Gamers is dedicated to providing you with a full taste of each game we recommend by providing a descriptive summary and a detailed review!"
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