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I love video games
Video games are art. Gaming is an unique form of entertainment. Nothing can get one so immersed like a video game. My passion, my hobby and my addiction. And that will never change.

It all started with games like Adventure Island, Aladdin and Mario, on a NES-like copycat console back when I was just a kid. It then continued with games like Hercules, Prehistorik and The Lost Vikings on my first PC, that ran Windows 95 or 98 at the time. Later, on Windows XP, some of the first games that I played were Dune 2000, Red Alert 2 and Doom.

My little hobby with time evolved into a big passion and then somehow into addiction, as I started playing Counter-Strike. Big addiction that was, with a dozen Steam accounts and years of thousands of hours playing CS. Getting my hands on a PS2 did not really manage to get me rid of my obsession for CS, even though I did love playing Soulcalibur III on it. Neither did the other 2 games I started playing a lot, at different periods of time, 9Dragons and Warcraft III. I got a PSP which did manage to make me take a pause from CS, with games like Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, but only for a time.

With time I managed to change one addiction with another one: Dota 2. Two Steam accounts and around 5k hours spent in the game. The game that took me out of Dota 2 was World of Warcraft. That was my third big addiction, but if there is one I have no regrets about.. that's WoW. (not like I regret the time spent in the others either)

Thousands of WoW hours later and what did change me and made me no longer focus and dedicate myself to only one game was Batman, made by Telltale (R.I.P.), thanks to a YouTuber that was doing Let's Plays (Cryaotic). When I realised how much fun there is in beating games it completely changed the way I see video games. With that change came the creation of this Steam account I now use.

Today I play lots of games, both ones I used to play and other ones. But what I now love to do is experience amazing stories and beat games. For me, that is the best part of gaming. The immersion of story-driven games and the satisfaction one gets from beating a game or obtaining its achievements. :aerlove:
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**There is a remaster for this game available, which is superior to the original game (this one). There is literally no reason in my eyes for me to suggest this over that one. The remaster looks better, has less bugs, is more recent and has every DLC included. Buying the remaster gets you the whole ME trilogy and its DLCs at more than half the price of the originals and their DLCs combined. The remaster did have little micro-stuttering on hubs for me, but this only happens to a tiny percent of people. But even encountering that, I still don't find it a reason good enough to prefer the original over the remaster.
I highly suggest you check the remaster instead because it really is the better deal.

The following review has been written before the remaster was launched, but I still stand by everything I say in it.

Mass Effect 2 is a classic among classics. Seen by most as one of the best things this industry has ever created. But, as good and mindblowing as it is, it does not exist without issues. And as with every sequel out there, it brings new awesome stuff, but not some stuff from its predecessor.

First of all about the issues. The game has a big list of DLCs not obtainable through Steam, has some not fixed bugs, the mouse sensitivity is broken and some other stuff. If you wish to play the game at its best and have the best experience possible, then check my "All You Need" guide for Mass Effect 2. It includes everything known to fix the game's issues, the way to get your hands on the DLCs and also makes it look better with higher quality textures, 4k cinematics and so on, while keeping the game true to its vanilla state. Unfortunately my guide does not fix everything, and there are 2 issues I could not find a fix for. A gamebreaking bug, that can't be fixed: Rarely, the character teleports on textures, to say it simplier: it starts flying. But I have only encountered it like 3-4 times, and I have played this a lot. Both on Steam, and Origin. But still.. it does break the game, and you have to reload a save file. The second issue is the sound's position at times (or always.. maybe) not being right. What I mean by that is that you might hear shooting or enemies next to you, with them being in a completely different place. I also sometimes hear stuff behind me, with it actually being in front of me. We gotta say thanks that this ain't no CS:GO, otherwise it would have been a huge problem.

From here on, this review is about the game after applying everything there is in my guide, not with the issues it has in its original state.

Mass Effect has become one of my favorite series out there. Amazing characters, amazing stories, amazing universe, amazing world.

ME2 is... different when comparing to the first game. It still follows the same story and expands awesomely on it, but it no longer is that old-school RPG the first one is. Lots of the RPG elements the first game had, this one does not. ME2 is more action oriented, but with time one can observe that it fits the story (from this game, not the first) way better. The little exploration one had in the first game (on the Citadel and with the truck on planets) here it is completely gone. I wish it would have not been the case, as I loved both of them, even if the latter was quite unpopular and weird implemented. Another thing that ME2 removes is the heat in weapons, and adds bullets instead. I can understand why they added them, makes more sense gameplaywise and I prefer it this way. However, I have not yet seen any lorewise explanation to this change in-game. It would have been nice if there was one. Maybe there is one and I just just missed it.

ME2 is amazing, a masterpiece in gaming. Everything is so well done. You get invested in the characters, in the story. This one is way darker than the first game. Both its lookings and its story. The story is compelling and mysterious, as it was in the first game, but in a different way. The characters stories and the choices one can make are really something. And so are the consequences. I did not expect so much depth in all that stuff. Also all the side-stuff and the stories there are also really, really amazing. ME2 is really mindblowing storywise, even though I did not feel that satisfied with the ending, but no big issues there as it might be just me.

The gameplay and how the events occur have such a flow in them that sometimes I felt like the respective parts just won't end, and for that I was obviosuly thankful. The shooting and the combat, everything works and feels so flawless and entertaining that I could not believe that it is Mass Effect, since the first one was quite different from that aspect. One thing I did not like though was the way the powers were implemented. While they did add the option of choosing from 2 at the last level of points of a power, which is awesome, they made them less old-school RPG-like and made them feel no longer so interesting (imo), and, worst of all, all abilities have global cooldown. Which I really can't understand why they did it. I used most of my abilities less because of that.

It is weird how I always find myself without words when I want to explain why I love something so much (although the review is not that short, but I guess there still was room for lots of other stuff to say), but one thing I can say is that I had a blast playing ME2, it is a big step up from the first game, no matter if you are with the ones that like the action oriented approach the game took or not, and that it became one of my favorite video games out there, that's part of one of my favorite series. You will enjoy it, love it, and want more, more, and more.

In the end, I think it would be worth mentioning that although the game has a big list of achievements available in-game, there's none implemented on Steam. As was the case in the first game. And I sure as hell am going to do them all in this one as well, and it is quite disappointing not being able to have them displayed on Steam.
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Mass Effect 2 (2010)

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