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I've been a long time NG fan since I was a freshman in HS and like most gamers in their early 30s have waited eons for Ninja Gaiden 4. Until that fated day arrives (assuming it does at all), we recently get this Master Collection, which includes 3 titles for $40. Be that as it may, the titles are virtually unchanged and NG1&2 are Sigma variants. But what's with all the complaints? Upgrades or not, this collection is meant to be a moment of nostalgia. It's obvious what KT was thinking when they released it. Stop whining about how they did a lazy release. Quick cash grab? Fine, I acknowledge that. But don't act like you were owed a REmaster Collection when the title is obviously a Master Collection. Most of you complainers and reviewing websites like IGN probably don't have what it takes to run Master Ninja difficulty.

Now with that in mind, I am by no means defending KT like a fanboy. I honestly hate KT for botching DW9 and their pathetic DLC practices in the recent years. It's honestly been a love-hate relationship because I buy most of their games at full price (smh). All I'm saying is that they deserve credit where it's due for two things recently: Nioh 2 and putting Ninja Gaiden 1/2/3 in decent condition on Steam.

👥 Audience 👥
☐ Casual Gamer
☑ Expert Gamer [not for the faint of heart, don't expect a cakewalk]
☑ Master Gamer [prepare to get massacred like it's 2004; but you'll keep coming back for more]
☐ Achievement Hunter

👀 Graphics 👀
☐ Failure
☐ Eyesore
☑ Decent [1080p, 1440p look great, but it's not a REmaster collection; runs as smooth as it did back in the 2000s on consoles]
☐ Pretty
☐ Superb

🎧 Music 🎧
☐ Better to Mute
☐ Inconsistent
☐ Ordinary
☑ Cool [I would have lost my mind if they did one of those NEW MUSIC FOR A NEW ERA release; glad they kept the same tracks from the old days]
☐ Excellent

💀 Difficulty 💀
☑ Easy [if you're a veteran, just take a stroll down memory lane and UT the sht out of everything with Dabilahro]
☐ Normal
☐ Hard
☐ Master
☐ Impossible
☑GET REKT [first time playing? you'll break a controller or two at the higher difficulties]

🔥 Bugs 🔥
☐ Too many to count
☐ Quite a bit
☐ Few here and there
☐ You can use them for speedruns
☑ Nothing encountered [some frame drops here and there that force me to alt+tab to refresh; might be a personal PC issue; unconfirmed]

🔮 Story 🔮
☐ Nonexistent
☐ Lackluster
☐ Average
☑ Memorable [best of the 3 NG games]
☐ Splendid

⏱ Game time / Length ⏱
☐ Brief (0 - 3 hours)
☐ Short (4 - 8 hours)
☐ Medium (10 - 20 hours)
☐ Long (30-50 hours)
☑ Extended (51-100 hours) [if you choose wuss out after hard difficulty and a few trials]
☑ Lifetime (101+ hours) [may vary depending on how far you take it to the next level]

💰 Price / Quality 💰
☑ Full price [toss up between this and WfS; $40 asking price for a 3-game bundle isn't too bad IMHO]
☑ Wait for Sale
☐ Borrow/Gameshare
☐ Don't buy
☐ Refund it if you can

// TL;DR
Gameplay: 5/5 Superb
Story: 4/5 Awesome
Content: 5/5 Superb
Quality: 4/5 Awesome
Overall: 18/20

Conclusion: Solid release if you don't expect a REMASTER Collection. Let's hope KT provides some much-needed updates in terms of tweaking settings in-game.
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