That Hat Guy
Josh O'Brien   British Columbia, Canada
Legends tell of a spaceship-riding yakuza lawyer man with a big orange dog, and a huge obsession with amassing headgear. Haven't seen them, but I'll tell him you're looking for him., jeez. Hey there, I collect TF2 stuff, (now complete as of Smissmas 2023!) I am a Wiki Cap holder, and I found my Golden Pan on Tour 61 of Two Cities.
Proud-ish owner of Ride to Hell: Retribution. Keeper of the lost souls and lost socks.
You Know, The One That Doesn't Gamble
Always check to be sure you're dealing with the real me:
• If you came here from a TF2 gambling website, the person you were just dealing with wasn't me. I've never been on any of those websites, and I never will be. All my stuff stays here forever, pretty much; if I wanted something of yours, I'd come to you for it.
• I have a Wiki Cap, and am part of the Wiki Cap Holder's Lounge group on Steam. You can find it in the group showcase right below this one. If the person you're looking at isn't part of that group, and doesn't have it in their Steam profile showcases, they're not me.
• I've got a good few thousand games on my account, and a couple thousand different items in my Team Fortress inventory. I only have one of each item; and I don't keep raw currency (metal/keys) in this account's inventory.
• I don't like to wear Unusuals, so if you came here because somebody's been betting them or showing them off, that person wasn't me either.
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Put on your smoking jackets, you're officially badass.
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About the Collection (TLDR: Nothing's for Sale)
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• Only one of every item, promotional differences aside. (Sam & Max Lugermorph and Poker Night 1 Lugermorph, for example.)

Items must be in the quality they would have been when first released:
• Community (Wiki Cap)
• Normal/Stock (Batsaber)
• Unique (practically everything else, except for...)
• Vintage (Pre-Mann-Conomy items, non-craft exceptions [Companion Cube Pin/Lo-Fi])
• Unusual (Haunted Metal Scrap, Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker, Unusualifier tool)
• Genuine (Promotional items, where applicable.)
• Strange (Spirit of Giving, Botkillers, Festive Bat, Australium weapons, Golden Frying Pan)
• Haunted (Halloween items, where applicable.)
• Decorated Weapon (Gun Mettle/Tough Break Update skins, War Painted weaponry)
• Collector's (nothing right now, ironically.)

• Weapon skins are usually Factory New, or Battle Scarred with custom wear.
• No craft numbered items. Most numbers don't show in-game, but they will on third-party sites.
• I like to have items in their default state; so I typically don't search out item customizations.

Project Contributions
• Retired painted variants / current community events contributor for Team Fortress Wiki
• Item contributor for Workshop Wonderland, Operation Canteen Crasher, TF2Maps 72 Hour Jam, Arms Race, Journey to the East, Particle Mayhem
• Worked on Beachfront during Mappers vs Machines 2017
• ???
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Skins I use the most, not for sale.
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So you'd like to borrow some money...? Idea: Trotacielos Concept, Promos: Pheディア 3D Model: NAZO SAMBA Texturing, LODs: TwoTonMoon
4,161 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Trotacielos, Pheディア, TwoTonMoon, and NAZO SAMBA
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Created by - Hendra1304 ID Utama and aarmosher
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100% achievement guide
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