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Brandon   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Hi there!
Before adding me for anything, please state the reason why, and then I will gladly add you (if I have the friend space!)

Don't be a ♥♥♥♥, though. I won't accept that, nor being a ♥♥♥♥ towards my friends.

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A pair of boxers for true boxers.

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Corvalho : Item Production
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Little more insight on who I am.
Profile Picture made by Furai
Hi there! I am Bonk Nickeltoon :tr_slavya:. I am a person who just wants to make people smile! Steam has been a home to me for over 10 years now, and you guys are still an awesome family!

Here is a little about myself:
-I am 24 years old.
-I used to run a server called Bonk's Funbox (For 6 years!)
-I work on workshop content for Team Fortress 2 and Source Filmmaker, ranging from Models, Textures, Particles, War Paints, and even Promos. If you have any questions regarding what I do, or want to work together, feel free to contact me and I will respond ASAP!
-I've been a part of Steam since 2007, however it states I have since 2010, because was hacked awhile back. So I had to start a brand new account sadly.
-I do not doubt anyone's decisions in life. It doesn't matter if they are gay, straight, etc.
-I love Yugioh. I have played the game since I was 6 years old, and my favorite card is the Blue Eyes White Dragon (Slifer the Sky Dragon is best God Card).
-I enter various Lego competitions, mostly Brickworld. 2016 was my favorite one!
-I have unboxed 94 unusual items as of 03/30/22.

Workshop Contributations

(The Jungle Inferno Update)
-The Croaking Hazard

(Smissmas 2018)
-The Catcher's Companion

(Scream Fortress XI)
-Unusual Effect: Vortex
-Unusual Effect: Static Mist

(Smissmas 2019)
-Unusual Effect: Pyroland Daydream
-Unusual Effect: Good-Hearted Goodies

(Scream Fortress XII)
-Hollowed Helm
-Unusual Effect: Pyroland Nightmare

(Smissmas 2020)
-Festive Flip-Thwomps
-Unusual Effect: Frozen Fractals
-Unusual Effect: Twinkling Lights
-Unusual Effect: Reindoonicorn Rancher

(Scream Fortress XIII)
-The Alakablamicon
-The Bone Cone
-The Batter's Beak
-Unusual Effect: Pumpkin Moon

(Smissmas 2021)
-Unusual Effect: Spires!
-Unusual Effect: Smissmas Swirls
Some of my Best and Awesome Buds:
-White Russian Bear
-Source Mittens
-Nessie Da Seamonsta
-Zir Zeek
-The Winglet
Artwork Showcase
"Gonna Take My Time" (TFC Sniper Set Poster)
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Triple Jun 13 @ 9:49pm 
added cuz i had an idea with my friends for a unusual effect but i have 0 to no skill in particle making skills, so i hope for some tips and helps :D
TheOktoberScarf #SAVETF2 Jun 12 @ 4:21pm 
added cause i like yo ♥♥♥♥ and we both from chicago
Bbonkie Jun 10 @ 10:27pm 
name buddies B)
Greenie May 18 @ 3:56pm 
wth it's THE Bonk, i'm a big fan!!!
2008 52375 May 14 @ 1:13am 
added ya for a trade :D
Bonk Nickeltoon May 13 @ 9:49pm 
it is me