That Hat Guy
Josh O'Brien   British Columbia, Canada
I am now telling the computer EXACTLY what it can do with a lifetime supply of chocolate.

Oh hey, you clicked view more info. I guess that means you care enough to know about me. Well, I collect TF2 stuff, (now complete as of the Scream Fortress XI Pack!) I am a Wiki Cap holder, and I found my Golden Pan on Tour 61 of Two Cities. Now people can stop asking me about the pan.
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About the Collection (TLDR: Nothing's for Sale)
Main BP []Side BP []Vanishing Items []Bank []

• Only one of every item, promotional differences aside. (Sam & Max Lugermorph and Poker Night 1 Lugermorph, for example.)

Items must be in the quality they would have been when first released:
• Community (Wiki Cap)
• Normal/Stock (Batsaber)
• Unique (practically everything else, except for...)
• Vintage (Pre-Mann-Conomy items, non-craft exceptions [Companion Cube Pin/Lo-Fi])
• Unusual (Haunted Metal Scrap, Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker, Unusualifier tool)
• Genuine (Promotional items, where applicable.)
• Strange (Spirit of Giving, Botkillers, Festive Bat, Australium weapons, Golden Frying Pan)
• Haunted (Halloween items, where applicable.)
• Decorated Weapon (War Painted weaponry)
• Collector's (nothing right now, ironically.)

• Weapon skins must be Factory New wear! This allows me to see the most of the skin.
• No craft numbered items. Most numbers don't show in-game, but they will on third-party sites.
• I will accept modified items, (e.g. name/desc-tagged, painted, Strange Part/Filtered, killstreak) if need be; but I most likely won't keep them like that, so I'll probably look for regular ones.

Here are some interesting facts about the collection:
- Owner of 1/25 Vintage Companion Cube Pins
- Owner of 1/28 Community Sparkle Vintage Lugermorphs
- Owner of 1/29 Genuine Nablers
- Owner of 1/50 Stock Batsabers [doesn't appear different in-game, check item showcases]
- Owner of 1/161 Boiling Point taunts
- Owner of 1/173 Wiki Caps
- Owner of 1/193 Golden Frying Pans [clean and dropped]

Australiums found:
Golden Frying Pan: Tour 61 (yes, I'm keeping it)
Scattergun: Tour 96
Knife: Tour 119
Stickybomb Launcher: Tour 178
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Put on your smoking jackets, you're officially badass.
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These items are NOT for sale, as my infobox above stated. I just couldn't put non-tradable items here, so I moved them to the item showcase. This is merely another box to show stuff off.
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Part of the ARMS RACE 2 contest!

"Hockey is such a brutal sport. In fact they don't even play the game anymore, they just let the players out into the rink to beat the crap out of each other. Team with a last man standing wins."

- Team Colored
- Nor
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[h1] Full Colour on Conscientious Objectors in Team Fortress 2 [/h1]

This guide will show you all, step by step, on how to get full colour on your conscientious objector signs in TF2 using a decal tool!
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For what is now going on ten years, I've been a collector of items in Team Fortress 2, trying to stay on top of new stuff when it comes out. And as frustratingly hard as the actual game is for me sometimes, collecting those items has been fulfilling, and I wouldn't trade a minute of it for the world.

I say that because Team Fortress 2 is genuinely one of the most fun experiences I've ever had with a video game, multiplayer or otherwise. I'm utterly terrible at most video games, and that's no exception here, but the fun I've had with TF2 in those sparse instances where I'm okay at it makes me forget all of that, and just have fun with it. At its core, the game has a charm to me that's never even come close to dying out. Snipers suck, though.

A lot of people say this game jumped the shark when they added weapon skins, or when they added Casual Mode and Competitive Mode; and while I agree that matchmaking in general could be vastly improved, and has been a source of my anger sometimes (still waiting on that "have party be on different teams" button, or for half the team to not leave when we lose,) I still love the game at its core, for both Mann vs. Machine and the recently-re-emerging stints of PVP; especially with the new Mann vs. Machines campaigns emerging.

I've met so many good friends and have so many accomplishments thanks to Team Fortress 2 that this one game has practically changed my entire life. And I'll love every minute of its past, present and future until the time the servers shut down; at which point, I will most likely frame my collection as several large pictures, on each wall of my house, as a memento of time well spent.
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Damn UFO catchers.
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Salty 1 Thg10 @ 12:26pm 
Now that, that profile picture... THAT scares me... *screams defenselessly*
cough drop required 6 Thg9 @ 6:13am 
the game

is fun

if it’s not fun

why bother
X marks it 25 Thg12, 2018 @ 3:10am 
Merry Christmas Josh! :thoughtful:
X marks it 23 Thg11, 2017 @ 2:18pm 
My 2nd account got banned for saying "You heard it first, stop saving your money you damn trolls!" because Phil said a cheer asking 'should they save their cheering for next month' was a troll cheer.

X marks it 4 Thg10, 2017 @ 5:15am 
FiveEyes 18 Thg12, 2016 @ 2:27am 
*Muffled beatboxing in the distance*