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***Class of 2013***
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<== Face-Posed, Raggy-Posed and Hat Placement by This Guy Right Here. Now with Bone Merger.

I'm also on 3DS, Wii U, PS3 and Switch.

Apparently, playing music on HLDJ in Left 4 Dead is frowned upon.

We're both Aspies so please be respectful or we'll delete you.

Chris handles singlepayer while Bren handles multiplayer.

|Hamachi Groups|*
Reset for new pc.

If you would like to join one of these networks, talk to me about joining and I will give the password.

*Required to join in order to access my Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, Garry's Mod, TF2, Star Wars Battlefront II (Is still a good game) and Killing Floor servers.**
**They will be up per request with me.
***All ready to go.

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Some advice about the TF2 Market: Ya ain't gonna get a buyer to pay $300 for a Mann Co Key.


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{[(AB)}} ZoMbiE oVErLoRd May 17 @ 9:02pm 
*This comment has been copied, pasted, and modified for the modern day*

Hello Convienent spider, you probably remembered me 8 years ago from a friend named nick6789 T_T. He got hijacked cause of a steam impersonation website I've encounter way back then and I had to contact steam support. That scam method died years ago so I guess the only advice I can give you for 2018 is keep your Steam guard on at all times, and be cautious when trading any of your steam items to other people as they can force you to accept the trade offer.

Rip: nick6789 T_T 2009-2010

PS: Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful face
Dimensional Wars May 4 @ 6:53pm 
added so we don't have to use comments
Dimensional Wars May 4 @ 6:52pm 
thanks man
Dimensional Wars May 4 @ 6:51pm
here you go
Dimensional Wars May 4 @ 6:51pm 
perfect, i'll get the ip
Convenient Spider May 4 @ 6:51pm 
If you want, I'm available.