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Workshop Showcase
Workshop Showcase
A stubby little launcher for the Demoman, with a side mounted display and other technological marvels.

Display changes messages after every shot.
Custom grenades.
4 Lods.
8,473 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Svdl and BADGERPIG
Mumbo Jul 5 @ 6:54pm 
calm yourself with those self made items young man, youre gonna end up hurting someone
"Dirty" Harry Callahan Jul 4 @ 11:51pm 
Hey, I got a question regarding the Spy revolver you made.
Vector Jun 18 @ 1:11pm 
hey, i was wondering if you and A Paint Bucket Named Huey would like to team up in an effort to make a better unmasked pyro model?
CRATOMAN [MSL?] / Zeldo Jun 15 @ 2:12am 
Thank you SO FREAKING MUCH for making the corona australis set huge fan of it and i LOVE the set owo just thank you:tobdog:
Jack Skelly Jun 13 @ 6:59am 
hey am a huge fan of the track terrizor and i was wondering if you could sigh my track from the creator so it would make it special for me i added you
The Friendly Shpee May 25 @ 8:41am 
All I ask is that even if your items dont make it in (still if u can, if they do make it in) convert ur creeper in the bushes set onto Source Filmmaker as it would be excellent for the SFM side of the tf2 community. I will also be one to "try" and use it. (try because im new to SFM.) Thankyou for the brilliant (hopefully soon to be or already in game) items. Thank you!