Benjamin Blåholtz   Eslov, Skane Lan, Sweden

Graphic design, Visual design, Concept Art, Textures, Music, Wizardry

Art Director on "Agent Gunn: Vulkanite"

I'm a boring nerd who likes sci-fi and weird stuff.
I spend most of my time working on or doing research for various projects.

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ArtStation [www.artstation.com]
Bandcamp [gravling.bandcamp.com]
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Workshop Showcase
So you're the bloke with all the weapons, and you want people to know that. You've got such a ridiculous amount of guns, grenades and ammunition that you don't even know what to do with it. So, so absurdly much that we've decided to help you out with it by
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Created by - DatGmann
Fr3unen 2 hours ago 
Thanks for having made the spiky viking :shaaard:
Tiler May 10 @ 11:02am 
Hey i dont know if you have the time to talk but i want to get a hold of you for a little bit, i want to ask you to update an old misc for tf2. id be willing to pay. its a simple little update too.
Tiler May 4 @ 2:42pm 
HEY i want to ask a favor, that has to do with an old heavy misc on the Work shop. id like to ask if you could updated id be willing to pay.
DAT Target Practice Apr 21 @ 9:13am 
Hi, could I hex yours Cosmic Cuisine weapon model into Garry's Mod, please?
♥The Bread Bringer♠ Apr 13 @ 6:21am 
Hey there, I really like the model you made for Ol' Betty, I'd like to use it in SFM, could you send me the files? (I couldn't get the ones that override existing guns to work)
Dagda Apr 2 @ 2:18am 
you have worked on TF2 more than Valve have