TF2 item contributor, I did the concept art for some stuff.

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Water, water, everywhere,
Even on your Gun.

Now with a Blue Variant.
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TexanGamer13 May 14 @ 3:23pm 
Excuse me good sir, but I came to ask if I can Bullet Bandolier for SFM purposes. I wanted to come up with a scout character with the Bullet Bandolier and noticed it wasn't downloadable. So came to ask if can try it out. If you have it that is
Machine2.1 Apr 30 @ 5:02pm 
your workshop items are awesome!
Secrios Apr 13 @ 2:25pm 
Did you make that poster?
Kyle Apr 5 @ 9:16pm 
added cause i have some ideas for the Journey to the East.
CookieMonster! WTF >:[]> Apr 3 @ 11:20am 
added because I would like to ask some questions about the SFM project you where apart of