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TF2 Wiki Stats (edit count, files uploaded, etc.) [wikistats.espacore.de]
How to earn a Community Wiki Cap (eligibility factors)
Click on view more info to know how I got my Wiki Cap.

How did I got a Wiki Cap:
I was a Jack of All Trades on the Wiki, I worked in a lot
of places at once. Did small edits to fix consistency in a lot of pages, uploaded
Steam Workshop thumbnails that were missing on several pages, did some 3D
images for people to visualize weapons in 3D, uploaded conceptual artwork
for weapons and cosmetics that were accepted to be included in the game and
mostly importantly, I did a good portion of Paint Variant Tables and Cosmetic
previews on the entire Wiki.

On June 2019, I have returned to the Wiki again, and decided to make all item
icons ín the same style as Shugo's. As of February 2021, a total of 1168 icons
were made. Be aware that the process was not automated, and everything has
been done manually.
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Note: The items above are just for show and are not for sale/trade.
Trade URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=86013782&token=TtQpqGnN

Other places I am on the Internet [linktr.ee]
All my TF2 Loadouts [gabrielwoj.github.io]
My TF2 inventory on backpack﮿tf [backpack.tf]
Favorite Stuff
Favorite games¹: Child of Light, MOTHER 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles.
¹ Excluding TF2.

Fan of: Anime characters², My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Team Fortress 2 and Touhou.
² I don't watch Anime, but I am fan of several Anime characters, and I like the overall art-style used in Animes and Mangás.

Characters that I like:
Coco Pommel, Fluttershy, March Gustysnows, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle ( MLP:FiM );
Kogasa Tatara, Letty Whiterock, Rinnosuke Morichika ( Touhou Project );
Abby Sciuto ( NCIS );
Astolfo ( Fate/Grand Order );
Care A / Care B / Care NLM ( Petscop );
Dawn / Hikari ( Pokémon );
Draculaura ( Monster High );
Felix Argyle ( Re:ZERO );
Irisu Kyouko ( Irisu Syndrome! );
Madotsuki ( Yume Nikki );
Sailor Mercury ( Sailor Moon ).

Favorite Touhou OST: Imperishable Night ( TH08 ).
Zeugziumy Sep 19 @ 11:27am 
No problem.
h20verdrive Sep 18 @ 8:40pm 
Hey, thanks for the feedback and help on getting higher-quality textures. I hope I can continue to make better and better images for the wiki. :winter2019happydog:
✟Ap♂ca𝖑yp𝔰𝔢✟ Sep 16 @ 5:45am 
✅ + REP
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✅ Cool guy !!!
Zeugziumy Sep 3 @ 6:03am 
Sure thing, no problem.
T1DUS / Wash Sep 2 @ 8:39pm 
thank you for making the wiki better
Zeugziumy Aug 31 @ 11:35am 
Maybe it was featured on the unofficial TF2 Wiki (before we had the official one), and you simply vectorized it and uploaded it? You also made/vectorized the official class emblems, so.