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Cambridge Yamaza May 26 @ 8:16am 
Pretty sure I played with you in a match on Sawmill. I'm still probs gonna buy you that dinner.
Great maps, nuff said.
+rep your maps are amazing and youre a huge inspiration for me. Keep up the good work :)
Cpt. Mann Apr 11 @ 12:06pm 
You are an AMAZING person and your artwork and dedication to the craft of TF mapping is insane. Keep it up dude, you are only gonna get better from here and I cant wait too see the beautiful pieces you create!
Frey Mar 6 @ 1:39pm 
Lmao oh so you made these awesome maps. We've got the same name and you have no idea how many times I got confused seeing my name while the map loaded.
ones Feb 23 @ 6:18pm