Aeon Bollig
Contributor to Team Fortress 2, co-creator of 70+ items in the game, as well as Lazarus, Slasher, Monster Bash, and Laughter. Level designer and 3D generalist. Contact me at [aeon.bollig@gmail.com]

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Welcome to the killing floor...

Slaughter is a fast-paced King of the Hill map set in a food processing plant. Navigate the bloodied halls and use the fully-functional conveyor belts to ambush your foes - but watch your step, hazardous meat grinders might
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Created by - void~, juniper, and damned daniel
Conga Lyne 20 hours ago 
Hey, I'm trying to get in contact with someone called Donhonk and was told you could help me locate them.
flame Aug 25 @ 6:18pm 
I was just wonderin if hat outta hell is a reference to the singer meat loafs album bat outta hell
Lance Aug 20 @ 6:07pm 
Hello, I'm a mapmaker making stuff for TF2, and I have some questions for you about your map, Laughter. I couldn't find any resources for how you made the displacements on one of the hallways in the funhouse section and I'm very curious about your process.
Yamiko Aug 20 @ 5:56am 
Hi, I have a variation idea for the Bucketeer
ember Aug 16 @ 11:58am 
can you sign my 1 of 3 hat outta hell
Kerf Jul 30 @ 7:35am 
hello do you take commission for 3D models