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[CFC] Build/Kill 3
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3D2D Textscreens
Created by James
Create 3D2D text anywhere in the world.


This addon is now open source!...
Created by JetBrains
Fixed Anti-Noclip Enjoy Msg me if you have any problems...
Anti-Noclip Field
Created by Grocel
This tool allows you to create anti-noclip fields.
Players in these fields are unable to noclip.

No addtional requirements.

Recommended addons
  1. [url=
Resurrected Tools - GMod 12
Created by ixximu
A pack containing old Garry's Mod tools that were either removed or replaced.
Note that this does NOT overwrite their C Menu versions, but it makes the tools usable with any entity types, rather than following the C Menu's blacklist.

Keep Angles
Created by Panthera Tigris
A tool that forces an object to keep predefined angles.

Similar to gmod 12 keep upright.

ID: 117630624...
More Materials!
Created by Dr. Spicket
This simple little addon adds many stock materials to be selected on your material STool list.

All materials come from either HL2 or Garry's Mod. CSS materials are also added, but only if CSS is mounted. You do not need CSS for this mod to work.

Multi-Parent / Unparent Tool
Created by nrlulz
A Multi-Parent tool with a few extra options and a functional reliable unparenting tool.

Multi-Parent features:
-Area select function - hold use + left click
-Contraption select function - hold shift + left click
-Added undo functionality
-Option to...
No Collide Everything
Created by YEAR OF AOKO
Make an object have no collisions with everything including or except the world.
This tool can also disable self-collision on ragdolls and other objects with multiple collision meshes.
Prop Lock
Created by Matt
Ever been annoyed when you're building a beautiful creation with accuracy, and then your physgun slips and you mess it all up?

This addon features a tool, that when used on a prop, locks it from any interaction from physgun and tools (except proplock o...
SProps Workshop Edition
Created by shadowscion

Smart Remover Tool
Created by nrlulz
Ever shoot something with the remover then go, "SHIT, I DIDN'T MEAN TO REMOVE THAT!"? Then this tool will come in handy for you! Select individual entities, whole contraptions, or an entire radius, all before actually confirming removal. Especially handy w...
Created by
This is a client-side tool for building contraptions with extreme precision, aligning objects for either aesthetic or functional perfection. To accomplish this task a grid is projected onto the object you are pointing at and by pressing the use-button your...
Turret Tool
Created by nrlulz
Throws bullets at things...
Unbreakable Tool
Created by XxWestKillzXx
Ever want to build something out of boxes with out them breaking? Or want to use wood furniture from HL2 and not have it break? Well now you can! With this simple tool. Just left click on a prop and it will make any prop unbreakable :D

It works on multi...
[Official] Precision Tool
Created by [XTT] General Wrex



Formerly 'Easy Precision', this tool allows exact movement of objects for accurate building. Push/pull, rotate, and sn...
[ULX] Decals/Sounds/Cl.Ragdoll Clean up!
Created by Gorich
[ULX] Decals/Sounds/Client ragdoll Clean up module!
Works only in ULX Admin[]!

Chat | Console commands:
!decals | ulx decals - Clean up all decals.
!sounds | ulx sounds - St...
Simple ThirdPerson - Sliders & Fixes!
Created by FailCake
Its just a simple client side ThirdPerson.
Note, the playermodel is a PAC

Wanna help out? Check


If y
Make Spherical
Created by daveth
Make Spherical gives most* entities perfectly spherical collisions that don't bounce when rolling or clip through the ground at high speeds like normal triangle-based collision meshes (meaning that it's perfect for wheels!). Simply left click on an entity ...
Axis and Ballsocket Centre
Created by ./chosen
I absolutely love these marvelous tools, and couldn't find them anywhere on the workshop.

I can't possibly fathom Gmod without them... so I decided to share them amongst my fellow creators.

The title pretty much says it all, they create an axis or ba...
Wing Tool Version 1.3
Created by Rock
This STool allows you to make props simulate lift and drag like a wing. (Turn props into wings.)


Left clicking on a prop that is already in the system will cause it to be updated with the settings you specify in the tool panel.

Right clicki...
Extended Spawnmenu
Created by Rubat
A small script that extends abilities of your spawnmenu:
* Allows you to browse through Garry's Mod 12 / Legacy addon models
* Allows you to browse through Game, Addon, Legacy Addon materials and sounds
* Gives you detailed information on installed Work...
[CW 2.0] BT MP9
Created by Rambotnic
Hey guys, this is my very first addon! YAY! :D I was looking for a MP9 addon for CW 2.0, but I didn't find any, so I decided to make one myself. :)

[CW2] KK HK416 (2016)
Created by Knife Kitty
Hooray for new Customizable Weaponry!.

- 4 optic sights from Call of Duty 4
- 3 optic sights from Firearms: Source 2.0
- 10 more unique attachments
- [NEW]Sci-Fi Holosight
- Eotech Magnifier 3x Scope and Burris Red Dot Sig...
[CW2] Default Preset plugin (2016)
Created by Knife Kitty
Lets you spawn CW2 weapons with pre-set attachments.

1. Attach attachments you want.
2. Create preset (through CW menu) called
3. Left-click on weapon in Spawn menu to enjoy.

Tested with base pack and official extra pac...
Sub Material Tool
Created by Kawoosh64
2015.03.05 Garry's Mod update brought a good feature with overriding submaterials.
This is a simple tool to use it.
Duplicator supported.
Usage: select index, select material, apply tool. Right click to revert.
You can copy current material with select...
Improved Stacker
Created by Thomas
Improved Stacker Tool
The Improved Stacker tool is a complete rewrite of the original Stacker tool and includes many bug fixes and new features that both clients and server owners can benefit from.
Unlike the other versions of the tool, t...
[CW 2.0] MKEK JNG-90
Created by Kindred Flame
Report any problems in the comments below, and if you gave a negative vote please state why so i can fix what ever you dislike.

You need this to make stuff work
White Snow's Attachment Pack
Created by Kindred Flame
So this is what I have been working on for 2 months, my very own CW2.0 attachment pack, hope you like it.

===Attachments in this pack===
- Trijicon ACOG
- Schmidt & Bender PM II
- Barska Electro Sight
- C-More Tactical Reflex Sigh...
Overhauled Radial Menu
Created by SirRanjid
Version: 2019-10-22
Overhauled Radial Menu for quick tool and commands access. Originally made by FlyveHest, then Cmasta.
Made huge changes to it and wanted to release it because i think not only I could profit from it.

Thanks to Skinhead Larry you...
Tool Search & Favorites
Created by Bell

A lightweight solution to look through your hundreds of tools!

Update: Added auto-selecting tools! Turned on by default.
Update 2: Right-click tools to make them your favorites!...
The Re-Elastic Tool
This tool allows you to re-create all elastic constraints on an entity with different settings.

All the elastic settings are included, such as material and width.

This tool is most usful for working with indapendant elastic suspension on vehicles....
Fading door tool
Created by Panthera Tigris
A tool that makes anything into a fadable door.

- Can select material.
- Can select sounds.
- Wire support.
- Can make NPC's, vehicles and props into a fadable door.

Authors: Conna, Lexi and Panthera Tigris

ID: 115753588...
CW 2.0 - Melee
Created by sрy
The purpose of this pack is to provide a melee weapon base using CW 2.0 as the backbone for modders, as such CW 2.0 is necessary for this to work.

- Easy to configure for quick creation of new melee weapons
- Player velocity increases...
Tank Track Tool
Created by shadowscion
With tanks being such a popular thing to build in gmod, it is sad indeed to know that realistic tank tracks are nearly impossible. This tool aims to, mostly, solve that issue. Please post pictures so I can add them to the images!

- Wheels are ...
Measuring Stick Tool
Created by nrlulz
Measures the distance from one point to another, a handy building tool fixed up for GM13. Now with unit conversions! Originally by OverloadUT....
Buoyancy Tool
Created by Endymion
Buoyancy Tool for gmod13...
Mass Center
Created by Catse
Displays the center of mass (center of gravity) and total mass of selected props, in real time.
The information can be displayed even when you don't have the tool selected, which makes it easy to do adjustments.

Current version: 2.01 [5. Jun 2018]
Created by Yuberee
Weld and NoCollide realistically structures with OptiWeld!
Need to weld together a 200 props ships but don't want to spend 3 hours doing it or have 3000 constraints using a scrappy no-good tool? OptiWeld is for you!

This tool has been made for SGC Nava...
Created by Cadbee
Lite version of bigcity "improved"

Includes pretty much everything from the original except the water and the reflections on some of the buildings.

This map is far superior to the original version, especially if you're running a sandbox serv...
[CW 2.0] Sako TRG-42
Created by Kindred Flame
Some say this gun is better then the AWP

Would you like to see more futuristic/sci-fi skins? Try them on other weapons here:

The model is from G[]...
[CW 2.0] M16A4
Created by Kindred Flame
So here is what i've been working on for 2 months, I hope you enjoy it.

Would you like to see more futuristic/sci-fi skins? Try them on other weapons here:

CW 2.0 Gun Pack | Lite
Created by AeroMatix
This pack contains;

[CW 2.0] M79 GL by comfort cumfart ,

[CW 2.0] ARES Shrike 5.56 by Rɑmɓotɳic ,

[CW 2.0] Raging Bull by [url=http://...
[CW 2.0] RPG-7
Created by AeroMatix
Modified version of Khris' RPG-7, default rockets no longer make props go flying everywhere.

More Physical Properties Tool (overrides standard tool)
hai there, ur maybe wondering why would i need this, cuz i have already a bunch of physical properties in meh tool.
well, fine them, mine is better. this tool adds 25 new physical properties to your old physical properties toolgun, it overwrites it basica...
Chairs Extended
Created by Donald
Chairs Extended

This mod adds more Chair's from various Source Games such as Half Life 2, Counter Strike Source etc.
All Chairs come with skin support of up to 6 for building in sandbox etc including default chairs.

This adds seats...
Constraint Remover Tool
Created by Radray
This tool lets you view and delete constraints individually.

There is also an optional custom crosshair included because it can be difficult to see the default HL2 crosshair against certain backgrounds.

Media Player
Created by Sam
Watch videos or listen to music with friends in Sandbox—based on the Cinema gamemode.

How to fix this mod (HTML5)

⚠️ GMod developers are working on a fix, this...
Material Editor Tool
Created by zamboni
What is it?

A tool that allows you to copy materials directly from the map and apply them to props. It features many options to control the appearance of your material.

Why do I care?

Because unlike the default mate...
Trackmania United Track Props
Created by [C17] Red Fox
It has 32 pieces (with more to come, when I feel like it) and yes they ARE big.
Has a custom spawnlist. (Credits to shadowcion for his Sprops custom spawnlist)

DON'T make requests to add stuff or make the boost functional, however I request that you rep...
Proper Clipping
Created by Sevii
Proper Clipping is a visual and physical clipping tool with the ability to load in clips from older clipping tools A and [url=
[simfphys] LUA Vehicles - Base
Created by Luna
simfphys is a vehicle entity script that is primarily aimed for four-wheeled-ground-vehicles. These vehicles can be edited ingame, thats cool i guess, but don't put all sliders on max and expect good handling lmao.

GodSentTools Props History
Created by Spar
Props History tab remembers all props and ragdolls you've spawned while playing.
Select props you want to use and have them in quick access.
Forgot what plate prop you used? Find it in the Props History tab!

This addon has settings ...
Prop Shadow Remover
Created by Wolf󠀡
This tool has been created to aid builders in improving the quality of their builds. The tool can remove map generated shadows from props, it's not like the normal shadow remover tool that removes prop shadows. If you have a prop that turns pitch black bec...
Colorable Camos
Created by Hank
A set of white/greyscale camoflauges meant to be colored to the user's desired color. Includes x2 and x4 variants of every camo for vehicle building (normal textures look bad).

Q: Why are there three of each texture in the materials too...
Ladder Tool
Created by zamboni
What is it?

A tool to create usable ladders. It also comes with four ladder entities that can be moved around freely.

Why do I care?

Because deep down, you've always wanted this.

How do I use it?
Fake hits fix
Created by Redox
Now supports players & npcs!
This addon aims to fix "fake hits", whenever a player shoots another player or npc. This can cause the attacker to see fake blood particles while the player that's getting shot at receives no damage at all.

The ...
[Simfphys] Mobility Scooter
Created by Jettan
Grandma's grocery getter and the morbidly obese person's artificial legs.

It's everyone's favourite vehicle to mock, and now you can drive one yourself.

Ive decided to release the source files in case someone wants to make
their own edit. All I as...
[simfphys] Left 4 Dead 2 Vehicles
Created by Randy
Pack of all L4D2/1 vehicles in SimfPhys
Does not need L4D2 installed or mounted to work

For those who can read:
The "Randy's Extra Features" addon is not required. It is marked as required only because 99% of workshop users ca...
Customizable Hitmarkers
Created by legokidlogan
Note: This only works if the server has the addon as well.
Github repo[]

- Displays total and per-hit damage per target (player, NPC, or other entity)
- Inc...
Stockplus - More Construct Props
Created by Okxa
More models for the stock construct sets. Various new versions of the old models, and some new models in the existing styles.

For now I have made more props for the models/hunter set, I might add more eventually, and for the other sets too.
If I get id...
Wire Sprites
Created by N!kO
This is a simple tool designed to create and customize sprites. This tool requires WIREMOD.

Check out the expression2 extension for creating sprites as well:
Created by The Spy
playermodel & NPCs

Aggressive NPCs are in the Combine tab
Friendly NPCs are in the Humans + Resistance tab...
Easy Rocket Jumps
Created by Redox
A simple and optimized rocket jump addon.

A small addon that easily allows you to rocketjump by increasing the kickback from explosions. Only runs on self inflicted explosions but can be toggled to work for all explosions. You can lower the d...
Customizable Prop Info
Created by legokidlogan
Note: This only works if the server has the addon as well, unless the server has sv_allowcslua
Github repo[]

- Displays tons of useful info about whatever you...
ACF: Content for Players
Created by ACF-3 Team
ACF: Content for Players

This addon contains all the models, textures, sounds and particles required to use ACF 3 as intended, with no errors.

More about us

For more info about the ACF 3 Project, check out our Steam group: [url=h...
[LFS] L4D1/2 Helicopters
Created by Randy
helis from L4D2. nice

- 2 helis
- passenger seats
- Both helis can be entered physically
- Exhaust FX
- Animated flight sticks on the Concert Chopper
- Accurate sound FX on all three seperate entities
- Working doors. (Left Mouse Button toggle)
Scene Builder
Created by Aphrodite
Scene Builder
The scene builder, in its current state, is a collection of props found within the Q-menu under addons > Scene Builder. These props were created for the purpose of cutting down on entities and allowing the user to quickly construct ...
Better Dupe
Created by Redox
Better Dupe
Replaces the default duplicator to use delayed prop spawning for a more smooth experience.

Ever had the issue where the default duplication tool nearly crashes your game?
Or had massive lag spikes whenever someone spawns dup
Obselisk (Sandbox)
Created by OnTheMatter
This is a massive, Desert Temple-Themed map designed for sandbox and NPC Combat, containing a Navmesh, Helicopter Pathing, and the maximum number of ai nodes possible to add (4096). Almost every single texture is custom-made for this map, and there are a l...
Created by OnTheMatter
This is an abstract aquatic map, designed for sandbox, NPC Combat, and flight, containing a Navmesh and using the maximum number of ai nodes possible to add (4096). The skybox and ocean are as tall and deep as can be done in Source. Contains :

    Created by maximmax42
    gm_trainconstruct by Borsty (I just made some fixes and reuploaded it from
    The map consists of train tracks, a lot of water, a lot of space to build, some smaller rooms with doors and many more. You can find some trains [url=http://steamcom...
    Futuropark Circuit V1
    Created by Nerd Koopa
    gm_futuropark_circuit_v1 is a futuristic race track map meant for a wide range of Gmod vehicles. Dupe cars, addon cars, you name it, you can race on the course. Aesthetics heavily inspired by Wipeout games and F-Zero games.

    - Long track with ...
    Created by demazure!
    Updated and night version of gm_excess_island. Now featuring way cool things like darkness, redesigned areas, benches. See the changelog for a more complete list....
    Created by LeKactu
    Here's gm_novenka !
    A map that I made and designed for sandbox servers.

    There is enough space outside and inside to build, do some PVP or even fly with a complex handmade thruster based plane.
    Doesn't require extra mounted game or addon.

    Tubeway Circuit V1
    Created by Nerd Koopa
    Gm_tubeway_circuit_v1 is a futuristic race track map inspired by games like F-Zero and Wipeout. The gimmick in this one is that the track is an enclosed tube for the most part. Do loops, drive on the ceiling (if you can), reach insanely high speeds and avo...
    CFC BK Map Icons
    Created by HMM'
    Created by demazure!
    A large construct map that started off as an expanded version of the old gm_construct. The map is divided into five major areas, four of which are connected by a road network. The original idea was to create a construct map with an appealing and varied e...
    Created by Stik
    You only have to get one of the water addons, fancy for better looking water, fast for higher framerate.
    IF THE MAP AT SPAWN DOESN'T WORK, DO "mobenix_show_players 0" THEN "mobenix_show_players 1"! DO "r_flushlod" IF DOORS ARE NOT RENDERING![/...
    Created by Señor Zambie
    Hello and welcome to City25! 2020 Update is now available fixing problems with AI Nodes and possible crashes.

    Map doesn't require anything so subscribe and enjoy.

    A big city enviroment
    Under Construction skyscraper
    8 Enterable Houses
    1 ...
    Half-Life 2 Building Kit

    This, is the Half-Life 2 Building Kit!

    This is my attempt at creating an in-game tileset using HL2 assets that can be used for building structures, bases and buildings that range in many different styles. These can be use...
    Created by Rubat
    Hoverboards is a reboot of 2008's quite popular mod for Garry's Mod. It was originally created by Foszor and Jinto.
    This pack also includes some props for your enjoyment.

    Usage Information
    READ! It is a TOOL 'Hoverboards' under 'Robotb...
    Created by Skerion
    I went ahead and made some big changes to this map. For a while, I've been working on updating this map and was hoping to get it out eventually, and thankfully it's pretty much taken care of.

    New features:
    - Improved areas
    - Improved nodegraph. There ...
    3D Stream Radio
    Created by Grocel
    The 3D Stream Radio is an spawnable scripted entity that allows you to play streams from the internet and local files in 3D world sound. You spawn it with the toolgun, which allows you to change the its settings aswell.

    This is big island map. There are small city, pine and leaf forest, small farm, airport, junkyard and info_nodes on this map.
    In the city you can see construction with driveable crane. Cinema with brush you can use like chromakey. Sewer for fast t...
    Created by Blueberry_pie
    A large, snowy landscape with a sprawling underground research facility.

    No other games or addons are required!

    If you run into performance problems or if you have other questions, please check out the [url=https://steamcommuni
    [TFA] L4D2: Modern Warfare Melees Pack
    Created by Jaiden
    TFA Base has been removed from the workshop as of July 25th, 2022. None of my weapons will work at the moment until or if TFA Base is reuploaded!


    Now you...
    Precision Alignment (Fixed!)
    Created by GNU
    Based on the most recent publicly available GitHub fork which has precision improvements

    I've created a new fork for which will include fixes and possible improvements going forwards.

    Please raise issu...
    gm_bigcity but it's flooded
    Created by Degradka
    The flooded version of gm_bigcity
    Have fun!

    All credits for the original map goes to Bigwig

    If you have any problems with reflections, purple textures, etc. try using this command mat_specular 0

    If you like this map, che...
    Created by THE MAN OF $ЕХ
    [IMG] [/img]
    Ultrabox is a map made for sandbox with 4 different themes and many unique ideas
    4 Different zones!
    The sandbox them...