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Blob Sep 17 @ 3:33pm 
hey phatass
President Evil Jul 2 @ 7:37pm 
yo i just got banned for 15 weeks for previous offenses even though i have already done the time for those and havent done anything that could get me banned since then so im confused on why i cant play the server for 15 weeks because some moderater felt like he could just ban me out of the blue
duder Jun 26 @ 5:52am 
phatso can you unpvp ban me
|TbH| *Deepie Mar 19 @ 9:34pm 
+rep Remember, if you ever think you have the best Garry’s Mod server and/or a perfectly organized&kind discord server, you are the 2nd, this man exists before you.
Gamercat09(#savetf2) Feb 6 @ 6:51pm 
For some reason every time I try to join one of your servers (cfc build/kill 3) it freezes when my client reaches the "workshop complete" phase. Could I Have home Help?
wormgrunter Jan 14 @ 6:23pm 
you ♥♥♥♥ wit the top G?