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Garry's Mod

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Outfitter: Multiplayer player models
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Mar 12, 2017 @ 12:53pm
Aug 14 @ 8:24am
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Outfitter: Multiplayer player models

Coming straight from the Meta Construct Labs

Now you can wear workshop playermodels also in multiplayer! (Yes, others will see what you wear too!)

You can also test it on the servers of Meta Construct[].

How to use?
Open context menu and click the icon.

That's about it...

Plannned Extra Features

  • Bodygroups support! (30% done)
  • Automatic wearing of outfit on join (0% done)
  • Hooks for servers to control various aspects of the addon (0% done)
  • Player Appearance Customizer 3 (PAC3) linking to autowear outfit with PAC! (0% done)
  • Blacklisting workshop addons based on title text (0% done)
  • Ignoring players (0% done, you can ignore non-steamfriends)
  • An external addon to make outfits lag-free in a VAC-safe way! (0% done)
  • Further protections to make things less crashy and less exploitable (0% done)

Plannned Bugfixes

  • Make blacklist less aggressive (20% done)
  • Disable debug printing (90% done)
  • Make certain outfits not lag when player dies (0% done)
  • Improve finding hands model for a model (0% done)


PLEASE NOTE Some models are automatically blocked from being used as they may cause crashes on players in certain situations so if you cannot use some playermodel it might be this. It might also be a bug. You need to enable debugging to see.

Issues (answered occasionally):


This is a testing version of outfitter! Things are broken and we probably know about it already. No support is provided directly.

Like the addon, want to see it be developed further?

Paypal donations:

Donate items with steam (broken)

Send bitcoins[] (1Fh6mXE5PsJFAuqpkcUy5VUcvoQJmSaXcS),

or buy the addon on scriptfodder[] to show your support!

DRM / Obfuscation

Our code may look ugly, but it is not obfuscated. We hate DRM as much as you do.


Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License[]
  • Feel free to use and modify for own use as long as you do not directly profit from it
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707 Comments Nov 27 @ 4:50am 
Insanely bugged addon. You wear a model, people don't see it, you try to put it on another 100500+ times, they still don't see it, for 100501 model change attempt, the addon crashes the game.
amoooongus Nov 26 @ 1:51am 
you have the swanson curse
Subsetgaming Nov 21 @ 12:48pm 
My player model when I die is stuck as Joe Swanson please help. I change my player model to anything else and it doesn't work. It changes the model whenever I'm alive but as soon as I die it changes to Joe Swanson and I can't turn it off.
astrodexPL Nov 11 @ 12:07pm 
why the hell i cant download some playermodels
Kirby Nov 9 @ 10:06pm 
The_amazing_shinobi Oct 19 @ 2:26pm 
is there anyway to fix the bug of when the browser looks see through an is terrible to use?
it potato Oct 13 @ 8:48am 
THIS ADDON CONFLICTS WITH STOP MOTION HELPER: whichever key you bind to +smh_menu also opens up the web browser, for some god damn reason
koronora Sep 11 @ 4:38pm 
I think there should need to be ragdolls because it is weird to see mario die and then turn into gman
Zircon Sep 11 @ 3:13pm 
The browser is broken and for some reason some models don't fucking download at all
Dieser Deutsche Aug 21 @ 12:37pm 
please make us able to resize the bodygroup window