Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Apr 5 @ 11:23am
May 10 @ 3:01am
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Here's gm_novenka !
A map that I made and designed for sandbox servers.

There is enough space outside and inside to build, do some PVP or even fly with a complex handmade thruster based plane.
Doesn't require extra mounted game or addon.

- Differents zones (Grass, water, desert, buildings)
- Lot of interiors
- Secrets zones
- AI Nodes
- Strider Nodes
- Navmesh
- 3D Skybox
- Entity controlled 2D Skybox
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Nov 20 @ 1:57am
What country is gm_novenka located
Sep 15 @ 5:31pm
is there jumpscares
Nov 5 @ 8:08am
One secret I found so far
< >
Zdog518 Nov 21 @ 1:27pm 
The trims on all of the buildings have missing textures for me. IS there anything I can do to fix this?
tacoshell pixelzombie Nov 19 @ 2:37pm 
Its gm_construct on sterides
вraιхen aѕѕaѕѕιn Nov 8 @ 5:07am 
Its gm_construct on sterides
Kapparoach Nov 6 @ 11:35am 
This is a brilliant map, one of my favorites for NPC battles. However, there is one gripe that I have with it, which relates to the Node Graph.

In the main complex, there is a set of stairs (located at 4993.694336 10533.867188 -331.353149) that is completely missing AI Nodes, which prevents NPC's from using the said staircase to enter the building, leaving them only the main entrance to enter the building.

I've already tried adding Nodes by myself using a workshop tool for it, but they always get replaced by the Node Graph provided by this addon.

If you could add Nodes to the staircase and fix this issue, it would be highly appreciated!
Kousoulakis Oct 31 @ 2:43pm 
aaaand your back in 2nd place
Yuri Connors Oct 25 @ 5:29pm 
this may just be my new favorite map, lots of places to explode and lots to do. I wish there was a building in the desert and the water area like another good map I know but hay 9.2 out of 10
Night Shift Abductor Oct 15 @ 11:35pm 
One of the best maps I've ever played. Contains AI Nodes and Navmesh, plus climbing mesh for special npc's with climbing ability, etc. My only complaint is the lack of doors and that it's day-light instead of night.
Xander Sep 20 @ 10:18am 
this map is seriously a work of art. I've been struggling with getting the lighting and skybox on my map to look good, what is your secret?
Legs Sep 15 @ 4:15am 
Strider nodes seem a bit broke - they seem to like flying far, far away
ye_old_duck Aug 31 @ 1:22pm