Grey Bigfoot
Notgoingtosaymynametosomerandomstranger   Virginia, United States
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Yellow text on a white background is a sin.

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:summer2019boost: Things you should know about me

:tank:If I am online there is a possibility that I am doing something else and just have Steam open.

:sentry:I do have a microphone but use it rarely

:coindlc:You can offer a trade to me here

:rfacepalm:Private profiles will most likely not be accepted as friends

:2017stickycrab: Please comment on my profile for why you want to add me. Otherwise you may be ignored

:cfacepalm:I will probably block you if you spam annoying stuff on my profile

:shopkeeper:Please have a public inventory if you want me to trade with you

:gravestone: Number of scam attempts on me: 91
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Walter White gets the bad ending
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last played on May 24
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last played on May 23
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last played on May 23
Grey Bigfoot Mar 22 @ 7:52pm 
Skill issue :ujel:
Chad Alphamale Mar 22 @ 7:46pm 
-rep hardcore tunneler unfortunately, stalks hooks and wait for saves. Chad disapproves of beta boy behavior
XxBlackMagexX11 Feb 3 @ 4:56pm 
+rep fun killer and got 100% achievements on bioshock so hes cool in my book
742617000027 Feb 2 @ 5:39pm 
+rep thx for firecracker save:)
Grey Bigfoot Feb 2 @ 1:24pm 
no :ujel:
daffyrudo008 Feb 2 @ 12:12pm 

Friendly Guy 🤴❤️
😊😊 We can be friends for future games 😊😊

❤️┌──── ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ ────┐❤️
✅+Rep Friendly guy! ✅
❤️└──── ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ ────┘❤️
❤️✅+REP Nice profile ! ✅❤️
✅+REP Have a nice day ! ✅