Potato's Custom MvM Servers potatomvm
Potato's Custom MvM Servers potatomvm
March 31, 2017
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ABOUT Potato's Custom MvM Servers

A home for MvM mappers, mission makers, modders, and players interested in creating and playing MvM content!


Welcome to our community!
Welcome! This is the official steam group for Potato's MvM Servers, home to many community MvM maps, missions, and mods!

What do we do?
We are a community of non-Mann Up MvM players, mappers, mission makers, server admins, and modders who help MvM mappers and mission makers develop and test their new upcoming content for the entire TF2 community to enjoy!

Should I join this group?
You should join this group if you are genuinely interested in playing and testing community made MvM content. We will broadcast events to invite the community to join us to play custom MvM not found on other servers. If this does not interest you, do not join this group.

Feel free to join our group chat to talk with us about MvM design or making MvM content!

Testing your MvM content
Visit this forum and make a request to host your files on our servers. If you need specific individual help, ask for help from someone with a gold star in the steam group chat.

Final Comments
If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to post in the group comments page or join our steam group chat!

Thank you all for keeping MvM alive with new maps and missions! We hope you enjoy your stay with all the maps and missions we have to offer.
We've reached our $10K Charity Goal!
Disclaimer: The medals will be added into the game in the next TF2 update, and once our medal server is ready they will be handed out. An announcement will be made when the medals have been distributed.

Thanks to your kind donations we've reached our charity goal of $10,000! :8bitheart:

This is our first charity and we're amazed so many people have come together to donate. We were very lenient with how long the charity lasts but that does not devalue your efforts.

Everybody who donated up until March 6th @ 05:17 GMT+0 will be receiving the Boundless Heart medal once the TF Team adds them to the game, and once the medal server is ready.

All donors who donate $10 or more can still earn the Hopeful Heart medal.

We do not know when the next TF2 update is that will add these medals. Thank you for your patience.

This isn't the end, though. The charity ends in late August; there's more than 5 months left to reach $20,000 for a second batch of Boundless Heart medals!

Again, thank you to everyone for donating. It means so much to us!

For more information on Madness vs Machines, view our announcement post.

You may donate in-game items or cash to the charity using the links provided:

Donate items here! (Steam ID not required)[]

Donate cash here! (Steam ID REQUIRED)[]

IMPORTANT: Make sure to add a message to your cash donation that contains your Steam ID or profile link. Visit and log in to view your steamID64. This is not necessary if you donate via

Forgot to include your Steam ID in your donation?
No problem! Contact Interrobang on Steam or on Discord (Interrobang#5832) and we'll get you settled.

Maymays vs Machines
Operation Memes vs Machines
Frankly, I am surprised that I am writing this up. Only a true madman would simultaneously run two contests, right? RIGHT?! Well that’s where you’re right kiddo, because we’re the madlads doing exactly that!

Operation Memes vs Machines is an April Fools’ mission making hybrid contest-charity-tour event, more a-like Titanium Tank than Canteen Crasher or Madness vs Machines.

Disregarding the irony of releasing two contests that abbreviate into MVM less than a month of each other, this contest will still, like CC, not have winners, albeit the requirements for content creators are truly something special this time around.

Instead of serious entries, we’re asking for meme missions. Ever wanted to utterly troll, prank and shitpost meme on your players? Well, now, not only you can, but you MUST!

Click here for an overview of how the contest and tour will be ran.[]

Click here for a memed up version of the previous document.[]
(Actually, please don’t)

And with that, only one thing is left to be said. Somebody once tol- Nope, wrong page of the script. Ah, there it is. Go ahead, meme up those missions.

P.S. I almost forgot to mention, but we got THREE (3) new in-game medals for this contest! Yes, we are legitimately giving out medals. For memes[]. (I can't believe I'm writing THAT; it sounds like nonsense, but it actually isn't.)

P.P.S. This contest is going to be such a mistake, lol. I regret everything nothing.

Rosco the drunk klown 7 hours ago 
how do i download the
cl4y Mar 21 @ 12:22pm 
Yeah it actually was Calico haha, good to know it's only one map though, sorry for jumping the gun so quickly on that one. But hey, keep up the good work guys!
interrobang Mar 21 @ 11:28am 
Calico is probably the map you're thinking about. As soon as the map got in the creator dropped support before he even did an art pass. That shouldn't happen again since we've changed how we judge missions and maps now.
cl4y Mar 21 @ 11:20am 
Why are some of the maps in the pool super unfinished? A lot of them look cheap and don't have sky boxes so there's just voids everywhere. It wasn't this way with Titanium Tank.
Small's Mar 18 @ 3:26pm 
how do I even get the maps in the game so I can actually play them in game it tell me that it doesn't have the map
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March 31, 2017
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