Potato's Custom MvM Servers potatomvm
Potato's Custom MvM Servers potatomvm
March 31, 2017
United States 
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Alan 5 hours ago 
Ayy the medals are already in???
That's lit
ffcc Sep 13 @ 3:45pm 
skill issue
Marteun Sep 13 @ 3:30pm 
what skill?
PDA Expert Sep 11 @ 8:18am 
still an issue in skill
Alan Sep 7 @ 1:18pm 
but my cosmetics give me skill!11!1!one!
PDA Expert Sep 7 @ 12:56pm 
simply a diffrence in skill
Alan Sep 6 @ 3:52am 
ALSO why does Archive server #3 [EU] have halloween cosmetics off? :(
「 Jewelz 」 Sep 4 @ 3:50pm 
I'm here for experiencing some missions & test maps and learning at the same time
thanks for all events Potato's :arcadeheart:
ffcc Sep 4 @ 2:20pm 
loot grinding is for bad players
jjwagsadf Sep 4 @ 2:16pm 
maybe the reward is having fun and experiencing the missions themselves? I think its crazy people play mvm not for killing robots themselves... it would especially be crazy if they do this while condemning toxic players for "loot grinding"
(っ● ‿ ●)っ Sep 4 @ 1:52pm 
spooky taters
Guquis (selling posters) Sep 4 @ 1:51pm 
If there must be a medal and it is for Halloween, maybe have the potato have traits of a pumpkin or jack-o'-latern?
Potat Master Sep 4 @ 1:49pm 
I flex with my couch potato engi load out every day lmao.
Potat Master Sep 4 @ 1:48pm 
Alan Sep 4 @ 1:13pm 
We all just need a little something to flex with uwu
Tundra Sep 4 @ 1:06pm 
indeed, with the lack of reward the motivation isn't highly maintained over time
ffcc Sep 4 @ 1:01pm 
ffcc Sep 4 @ 1:01pm 
no medals = bad event
Potat Master Sep 4 @ 12:20pm 
Idc if it's an April fool's potato medal in an special color or not,,,we want medalsssssssss,
ffcc Sep 4 @ 11:47am 
no medals = >:(
Potat Master Sep 4 @ 6:43am 
Me to,,,, I never felt so baked in my life.
Tundra Sep 4 @ 6:41am 
well, I didn't participate so I somehow become THICCer, it's probably rust
Potat Master Sep 4 @ 5:59am 
We need Halloween medals,,, otherwise no flex lmao
Alan Sep 4 @ 4:27am 
Please host the Halloween event yourself, or someplace else than creators.
Dr. Cactus Sep 3 @ 6:53pm 
DD missions will be put in the archive servers soon.
Yellow Dice Sep 3 @ 4:05am 
They should add digital directive to the archive servers now that its gone.
Alan Sep 3 @ 3:00am 
There's your reason :getout:
EL Grapes [BoS's] Sep 2 @ 11:41pm 
download links not working
ffcc Sep 2 @ 8:14pm 
reason: skill issue
New event? Sounds cool. Hopefully it's the same medal design from madness vs machines since I collect steam community items :cleanseal:
ffcc Aug 13 @ 3:07am 
Potat Master Aug 13 @ 2:29am 
Nezuko Aug 12 @ 1:37pm 
ok thx <3
Alan Aug 12 @ 11:04am 
probs the only Potato-original event we get this year is Hexidecimal Horrors during halloween.
Nezuko Aug 11 @ 3:48pm 
Is there going to be a canteen crasher event 2021?
Draconis Aug 9 @ 4:53am 
a shame we don't get anything and most of the servers are full because no one leaves room with premades.
Marteun Aug 6 @ 3:46pm 
Alan Aug 6 @ 5:11am 
veri gud :steamthumbsup:
Tundra Aug 6 @ 3:44am 
a marvelous piece of artwork
ffcc Aug 5 @ 11:33pm 
A+drew Aug 5 @ 10:22pm 
That looks really good! Nice
GreenGreed Aug 5 @ 10:17pm 
Gentlemen, I present to you the artwork (created by me) for the "Digital Directive" update.
Here is the link -
I worked very hard on this artwork, I hope you will appreciate it. Enjoy!
Marteun Aug 4 @ 12:22pm 
yes sir
Tundra Jul 31 @ 10:01pm 
You don't say
Volva* Jul 31 @ 4:39pm 
Whether the server just crashes the game for everyone on it, the teams getting auto scrambled after a wave loss, a team wipe being announced or not being able to vote for map changes...
Its always fascinating to join a MvM server
Alan Jul 27 @ 5:29am 
ffcc Jul 26 @ 12:52pm 
wake up wake up wake up
Alan Jul 26 @ 11:04am 
Please, wake me up when the next event happens.
Perfeccionista Jul 23 @ 7:45pm 
˗ˏˋLirͥmͫoˊˎ˗ Jul 23 @ 9:16am 
Go to my profile and see my certificate in the description
How do you like the idea? :creep: