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And keep your response to yourself, I dont give a shit what you have to say about my comment fucking deal with ityou are about as dumb as they get, Do us all a favor and delete steam off you pc, and stop trying to sound smart, if you want shit done, Do it yourself dont try and get people to do it for you, Oh wait I got a better idea, just play the fucking game, if you werent a queer nugget, you wouldn't have gotten banned you stupid fuck, Process what I just said (if you can) and Learn from it, or just go on being useless. And no one cares how you feel about my little pony, Only cool people like me can talk about how much it sucks you dumb fuck, so stop trying to sound cool, or mainstream because ur a slow dyslexic useless fucktard who needs to place the barrel of a .22 magnum to your temple, and Just fucking get it overwith,
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added cuz the pan tournament
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hey why the ♥♥♥♥ did you put so much unlabelled slowdown ♥♥♥♥ in bandwidth beatdown

you'll be hearing from my lawyer over my stress induced heart attack
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vaping hell yeah!
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+rep -NinJah
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