Obsidian Conflict OC
Obsidian Conflict OC
August 7, 2007
ABOUT Obsidian Conflict

A cooperative modification for Half-Life 2

Obsidian Conflict is a cooperative multiplayer modification set in the Half-Life 2 universe.
It features a large amount of new gameplay features on all-new maps specially designed for the mod with focus on cooperative gameplay, as well as over a hundred user-made maps following the same formula.

In addition to that, you're able to play through vanilla Half-Life 2 all the way up to Episode 2, as well as experimental support for playing through Half-Life: Source cooperatively.

Forum password: Manhack
Obsidian Conflict 2020 winter update
Obsidian Conflict 2020 mini media update
Unified Half-Life: Source maps

Originally made by Mr. Lazy for Half-Life: Co-op, the maps are undergoing extensive overhaul by our teams, notably solving long time HL:S and HL1 problems, restoring the original GoldSrc lighting*, optimizing the maps, porting and fixing the correct textures and much more, with the planned addition of the PS2 map improvements**.

These enhanced maps, together with their VMFs and the special lights.rad files will be released once completed and made available both for Half-Life: Co-op, Obsidian Conflict and Half-Life: Source itself.

For those curious about how different the maps are compared to the HL and vanilla HL:S maps, we have created an album comparing them[].

As our current efforts are focused on polishing the code and on the HL:S maps, we are looking for mappers to aid us in updating and improving our official maps ( the ones that require it, anyway ).

To help us coordinate work on pending tasks we've made a Trello[] board available. Now people who want to help us can easily pick, request and check tasks that suit their skill set the best. You know what they say - divide and conquer!

To preempt the question - you don't have to jump through the hoops of joining the team to help us out. Just contact us on Discord - every last bit of help is appreciated!

Here are the most recent community additions that made it into the mod:
TOZ-34 Annabelle replacement, made by AsG_Alligator and Nicole Vlodhammer
HD HL1 Crosshairs, by MrFloyd
New “HL2 Houndeye” skin, by Shift and Cvoxalury
Compact loading bar config, by D4 / Jai the (Perth) Fox

Even if you don’t see a certain task listed, feel free to ask, there are always different ways to help!

As a final note, this time there isn’t a new DevBlog video. A lot of changes can only be appreciated while playing, and it didn’t feel right to record only new / improved models and animations.

Thank you once again for your support, we will see you soon!

*Thanks to Slartibarty’s compile tools, there are several new VRAD options that allow us to produce results closer to their original appearance in GoldSrc engine ( on Software render, which has overbrighting[] ).

Due to differences with Source lighting, and other factors like having to roll different lighting settings into a single map, we can’t perfectly replicate the original appearance, but we are happy with the current results.

**The PS2 maps provide a few improvements, such as improved brushwork or using models. Those specific improvements may come post release, however.

Reverend V92 Oct 14, 2020 @ 5:46pm 

You don't.
Bloil Your Blood Oct 14, 2020 @ 9:55am 
Does anyone know how to use the regular HL2 hud instead?
VenomFrog aka Tay-K 47 Aug 17, 2020 @ 1:18pm 
@Jai yes, some might be waiting for new release however I think that most people have forgotten about that OC is around. might need some advertising
Jai the (Choco) Fox Jul 5, 2020 @ 8:08pm 
We've been quite active on Discord compared to here. We're getting to the release slowly but surely.
BackUp Wolf Jul 5, 2020 @ 8:03pm 
I am realizing that this game is in the steam store! By God, I had not heard more about him since those years when I used a program where you downloaded game mods and I really don't even remember what it was called.

Now I look forward to seeing what the fate of this game holds! especially knowing that the last post was in March of this year (2020)
Jai the (Choco) Fox Apr 6, 2020 @ 6:35pm 
Most people are waiting for the new release.
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