Obsidian Conflict OC
Obsidian Conflict OC
August 7, 2007
ABOUT Obsidian Conflict

A cooperative modification for Half-Life 2

Obsidian Conflict is a cooperative multiplayer modification set in the Half-Life 2 universe.
It features a large amount of new gameplay features on all-new maps specially designed for the mod with focus on cooperative gameplay, as well as over a hundred user-made maps following the same formula.

In addition to that, you're able to play through vanilla Half-Life 2 all the way up to Episode 2, as well as experimental support for playing through Half-Life: Source cooperatively.

Forum password: Manhack
Obsidian Conflict 2020 mini media update
Unified Half-Life: Source maps

Originally made by Mr. Lazy for Half-Life: Co-op, the maps are undergoing extensive overhaul by our teams, notably solving long time HL:S and HL1 problems, restoring the original GoldSrc lighting*, optimizing the maps, porting and fixing the correct textures and much more, with the planned addition of the PS2 map improvements**.

These enhanced maps, together with their VMFs and the special lights.rad files will be released once completed and made available both for Half-Life: Co-op, Obsidian Conflict and Half-Life: Source itself.

For those curious about how different the maps are compared to the HL and vanilla HL:S maps, we have created an album comparing them[].

As our current efforts are focused on polishing the code and on the HL:S maps, we are looking for mappers to aid us in updating and improving our official maps ( the ones that require it, anyway ).

To help us coordinate work on pending tasks we've made a Trello[] board available. Now people who want to help us can easily pick, request and check tasks that suit their skill set the best. You know what they say - divide and conquer!

To preempt the question - you don't have to jump through the hoops of joining the team to help us out. Just contact us on Discord - every last bit of help is appreciated!

Here are the most recent community additions that made it into the mod:
TOZ-34 Annabelle replacement, made by AsG_Alligator and Nicole Vlodhammer
HD HL1 Crosshairs, by MrFloyd
New “HL2 Houndeye” skin, by Shift and Cvoxalury
Compact loading bar config, by D4 / Jai the (Perth) Fox

Even if you don’t see a certain task listed, feel free to ask, there are always different ways to help!

As a final note, this time there isn’t a new DevBlog video. A lot of changes can only be appreciated while playing, and it didn’t feel right to record only new / improved models and animations.

Thank you once again for your support, we will see you soon!

*Thanks to Slartibarty’s compile tools, there are several new VRAD options that allow us to produce results closer to their original appearance in GoldSrc engine ( on Software render, which has overbrighting[] ).

Due to differences with Source lighting, and other factors like having to roll different lighting settings into a single map, we can’t perfectly replicate the original appearance, but we are happy with the current results.

**The PS2 maps provide a few improvements, such as improved brushwork or using models. Those specific improvements may come post release, however.

Obsidian Conflict 2019 summer update
D4 the (Choco) Fox Apr 6 @ 6:35pm 
Most people are waiting for the new release.
[FC] Cerebral Apr 6 @ 5:58pm 
Really sad no one plays anymore, looking at servers and they're blank.
D4 the (Choco) Fox Dec 12, 2019 @ 6:04am 
Shouldn't need to worry, progress is still going forward.
Yes, Master? ❤ Dec 12, 2019 @ 6:01am 
Never giving up hope on this.
[TW]xNKx Nov 9, 2019 @ 8:46am 
Im so grateful can see this mod is still alive
D4 the (Choco) Fox Oct 21, 2019 @ 6:41am 
Definitely is!
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