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Hi, I'm a Tech Artist working at Uncapped Games.

I've previously been a 3D and Tech Artist at Giant Enemy Crab and an Associate Producer at Turbosquid.

That said, if you're on this page, you probably know me from the source mod community. I was an artist for dozens of projects, with a focus on garrysmod custom content, and have contributed to SFM's content community. I still dabble with modding from time to time, most recently for Fallout 4.

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After years of constant requests, questions, and attempts to conduct business from people using the steam friends system, I don't add people I don't know personally on Steam anymore. Ask a question on my profile or if you use Twitter, you can find me at @BenABickle

Here's some FAQ:

- Can I use _____ for the Saxxys/SFM/my server? Yes, this is why these things are available for download! If you have a credits page, proper credit for work done is nice.

- If you are asking to modify, fix, or add to something I've released and re-release it/put it up on your server or the workshop: As long as it's not just a re-upload that you're putting your name on and you give credit where credit is due, yes, go ahead!

- If you want to add to ask a question about workshop items: Please read the description and comments first, and leave a comment on the item if your question still hasn't been answered. I no longer actively support content on the workshop as I haven't worked with the tools in years. Please remember that the work is provided freely and may no longer be compatible with current updates.

- If you just have a short question that isn't addressed here, ask it on my profile. It’s the fastest way to get a response from me, short of pinging me on Twitter .
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✚HealthAngel✚ Jul 29 @ 8:04am 
Heya, I am interested in your old workshop addon "Enhanced Citizens Redux". Since some of the citizen clothing is not from HL:β. But one of the shirt designs got my attention. I just want to know what story is behind creating these arm patches, because I feel you originally designed this concept, and what that big letter represents by your lore?.
Here I drop the screenshot to remind you about these patches:
japaneseraven25 Jun 26 @ 10:35am 
Hey, I could use some help. I have a few of your addons and the only two that don't work are the two sci fi citizens packs. I would love if I could figure out why. The one pack shows up as errors and the other... It's kind of hard to explain. I spawn them in and I have a body but it's made up of lines. Like a rough draft.
(◣_◢) Feb 24 @ 10:35pm 
Your scifi props page had asked that you be contacted if we use your stuff in a big project. Not sure if this counts as big since I'm an amateur but your scifi assets were a great help redecorating the map for my animation.
Aisynia Feb 11 @ 5:14am 
Very cool thank you.
Lt_C Feb 10 @ 5:03pm 
Aisynia, I made those uniforms designs from scratch, mostly hacking together assets from different games. The designs are original, but the intent of the project was to make something high quality but also highly adaptable so people could use them in a lot of different environments.

I was hoping to make something that didn't have baggage of being from an existing IP so people could use them as a blank slate to tell their own stories, or fit in as background characters in exiting IPs, like Mass Effect, Star Trek, etc.
Aisynia Feb 3 @ 1:58am 
Hello I'm very curious, did you design the uniforms in this mod yourself, or are they from some IP or property I haven't seen before? They are very slick and well done. I am talking about the main military uniforms not the Blacklight armor.