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Consigliere Jul 15 @ 12:47am 
I feel that way about WWII shooters, when you guys were having final fantasies and mystic quests I was shooting Nazis......... A LOT, like.....I think I singlehandedly conquered Germany :kungfusam: back when Call of Duty wasnt a meme and Battlefield wasnt trying to steal that meme, WHAT the newest Medal of Honor is set in Afghanistan, wtf I am gonna go fly a spaceship, losers

I dont mean to say bad things about the clicker games, the game I have spent time with a lot lately - Renowned Explorers - is in my mind a clicker game, 9000 dialog boxes and 4 or 5 combat encounters ^^ anything simpler reminds me of mining asteroids in eve online, you dont even click, you just.....sit there.....for.....hours............telling really distasteful jokes to your fleetmates inspired by the porn you are no doubt watching for stimulation x.x
Consigliere Jul 14 @ 8:35pm 
Steam says you own all the Shadowrun games but have yet to play them.... if/when you get an afternoon that allows more than the clickers, I highly recommend them to you personally, the combat is very xcom-y WHICH is very off-putting but honestly there is no shame in cheating the combat for the sake of drinking in the Shadowrun world, I think you would really enjoy the
fun twist of cyberpunk and fantasy, you dont really find that anywhere else (of comparable quality at least). And you dont need to know much about the universe to get into it, the games are relatively self-contained (the SR timeline is vast with plenty of gaps to fill in)

also the mission-hub-mission-hub structure lends itself to one-mission-a-night style play, if that matters at all to joo. BUT I am not like ZOMGPLAYDISNAO necessarily, just letting you know that you have awesomeness waiting for you when your body is ready :yay:
Consigliere Jul 1 @ 2:34pm 
There is a part of me, knowing you like MMOs, that wants to relentlessly sell that game to you (Eve), but then I realize that is one of the cruelest things I could do to you xD
mediocre game made great by the people, but also, you cant play it casually and it be any fun, not really anyway, kinda has to be your main gig.

also thank you for well wishes :pleased:
I kinda own your profile :squirtooh: If I had that much breath in real life, I could play bagpipes, or a tuba if I was a foot taller :relief:
Consigliere Jun 20 @ 10:18pm 
My birthday is July 2nd, the Monday it will likely end if its a two week sale, at noon -

I will have roughly 2 real hours to spend whatever giftcards I can coax out of family/other assorted suckers. You better believe that particular morning with be planned and executed with bank heist precision :relief:

I hope, assuming perfect timing and execution, this will be the closest thing akin to a Black Friday madness that I ever experience ^^

THE GOOD NEWS IS that I have the whole goddamn sale to add/remove stuff in my cart, totalling both $50 and $100 to be safe, with decisive indecision :Smilin:
Consigliere Jun 11 @ 5:53pm 
stupid character limit -.-

I heard Serious Sam was shown, I love those too, but I didnt give it much mind, I figure that is pretty hard to screw up xD

I hope Kingdom Hearts is good, I have a loooooot of internet-friends who absolutely adore those games, especially ones who are parents.
Consigliere Jun 11 @ 5:53pm 
I try to avoid the hardware talk, it will be whatever it will be (and I am not a PC snob, I like my Playstations and -old- Nintendos)

I watched the Hitman stuff, I have enjoyed every one of those but the first one, and I think Square has taken the shackles off their Euro developers for the most part, the most recent Hitman was everything fans wanted, although it gives my computer digestion <.<

I WANNA SEE SYSTEM SHOCK it has a 2020 release date but I wanna see moar stuff, and see how people now react to a relic of the past....System Shock 1 and 2 were pirated out the ass, a legit argument against piracy (it killed Looking Glass), maybe it will be able to break the curse now, kind of a dirty stain on gamers as a group and a tragic fate for something that mattered so much...