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Ok, so...
1. I usually get nervous about games of the survival horror genre, because they are often unfair, prolonged and based on a twin-like gameplay
2. For the first time in my life I played a game from the series Resident Evil (yea).
3. I watched all the movies from "Resident Evil" series and all I liked (for many films are weak, but I'm a noob)
4. I did not know who is Mr. X, Claire, Leon etc.


RESIDENT EVIL 2 / BIOHAZARD RE: 2 is the best Survival Horror game I've ever played!

The game masterfully raises the level of difficulty, we are not thrown into the deep water in the first minute of the game. Each new player in this series may approach the game and if he does not get rid of himself or does not withdraw from fear, he will definitely finish.
Every fan and noob in this genre should play!
The first meeting with Mr. X, and later listening to some will probably be remembered.

During the whole game I did not even hit one bug, the game works very smoothly, the optimization as well as graphics, sound is the top level. This is one of the best ports and remakes in recent years.

The game is very well balanced, at the beginning we count every bullet, we use meds carefully, and at the highest level of difficulty even the number of saves are limited.

For the most demanding players there are many challenges with rewards such as alternative clothes for characters.

The game is created to pass it at least twice to get to know the real ending. However, you can complete the game up to 4 times to get to know 100% of the content.

Are there any significant defects?
If you are not overly nervous or stupid (the game will punish you for your stupidity) then there are no disadvantages.

Remember: Claire A / Leon B ^^
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