im a monky :p2cube:
I work on a few things that you might be interested in:

Project Borealis [] - Epistle 3 fan game in Unreal Engine 4
mastercomfig [] - Team Fortress 2 FPS and customization config
Glowstone [] - Open source Minecraft server software
Randeo [] - Random bad YouTube videos
SlackMC [] - Slack web hooks for Minecraft servers
Versutian Federation [] - Some NationStates software
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mastercomfig - Public Group
A modern Team Fortress 2 performance and customization config.
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hhacik Aug 4 @ 3:24pm 
Hi, I'm trying to learn how to use SFM in order to create TF2 items, and contribute to other creator's ideas. I don't know if there's any real guides out there that teach you how to use it, but I think I want to learn how to create concept art itself rather than the actual modeling. Is there any program or guide that is generally preferred to use for concept art?
mastercoms Aug 2 @ 8:39am 
Should be fixed in 8.104.1
中暑好學生 Aug 1 @ 11:26pm 
i use medium low . no addons
mastercoms Aug 1 @ 10:28pm 
What's broken about them, what preset are you on? What addons are you using?
lin Aug 1 @ 9:44pm 
the newest update (8.104.0) breaks demos, will there be a fix? i had to remove mastercomfig and reset tf2 settings for them to work.
中暑好學生 Aug 1 @ 9:29pm 
when i update to 8.104.0 & benchmark , no result . & show Netchannel: failed reading message svc_CmdKeyValues from unknown.
Host_EndGame: Tried to read a demo message with no demo file.