im a monky :p2cube:

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I work on a few things that you might be interested in:

Project Borealis [] - Epistle 3 fan game in Unreal Engine
mastercomfig [] - TF2 customization framework. If you need help, visit the Discord [].
Glowstone [] - Open source Minecraft server software
Randeo [] - Random bad YouTube videos
SlackMC [] - Slack web hooks for Minecraft servers
Versutian Federation [] - Some NationStates software
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mastercomfig - Public Group
A modern customization framework.
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soldier_main_moment 6 hours ago 
HELLO ik i am not supposed to ask for help but am gonna do it cuz yes... so... i am having some problems with master comfig, when you have time to responde just say something so i will know that you are gonna help me but if you are not gonna responde WATHEVER am gonna continue playing tf2 and crying over my pc potato, SEE YA
brazilian thwoc Sep 23 @ 4:53pm 
hi i have a weird problem related to hit registration for like 3 years and because of this i cant enjoy playing tf2 im also thinkin on quit because of that, i searched everywhere and tried every solution made it but still no good response, tried to change internet operator (boosting it to a better internet) didnt work. I also tried inumerous configs and it couldnt make any ♥♥♥♥ better, pls i think you are the only person related to this things and also very consistent with this cenario (internet & hit regs) hope you can read this and understand my situation, thanks!
Nahuelics Sep 12 @ 12:06am 
Hello! You used to do custom configs for specific hardware, is that still open or did you stop doing them for good?
BrendanLorLowry Sep 9 @ 9:38am 
Hey, was fun to run into you on Uncletopia for a bit. Thanks for all your hard work on mastercomfig, Team Comtress 2, and everything else you do. Your work helps a ton of people enjoy TF2, and the community wouldn't be the same without you. :praisesun:
bacano Sep 8 @ 5:14pm 
This man is doing the lords work.
socks! Sep 5 @ 7:54pm 
Should've been obvious, but it took me until I checked your profile to realize you made mastercomfig xd

Thanks for that, also, good med 10/10