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i'm mastercoms
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I work on a few things that you might be interested in.

mastercomfig [] - Team Fortress 2 FPS and customization config
Glowstone [] - Open source Minecraft server software
Randeo [] - Random bad YouTube videos
SlackMC [] - Slack web hooks for Minecraft servers
Project Borealis [] - Epistle 3 fan game in Unreal Engine 4
Versutian Federation [] - Some NationStates software
Fraklin back on August 5 Jul 7 @ 12:52am 
my bones are breaking
Sparky_Cheeto Jun 30 @ 3:54pm 
Needed help with the new comfig
Black oud Jun 27 @ 8:19am 
hey mastercoms its me the guy with the invisble viewmodel i need your help if you dont want to add me we can just talk here in your comment>
cant play. stop inviting ;-; Jun 23 @ 10:55pm 
please accept my friend request i am facing a tiny problem with ur config.. will take 5 mins max
on vacation (be back 7/10) Jun 22 @ 4:22pm 
Hey man, I have a few questions regarding interp and your mastercomfig.
rattle Jun 21 @ 8:46pm 
i have few questions i would like to ask you