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‘The morning comes, the night decays, the watchmen leave their stations;
The grace is burst, the spices shed, the linen wrappèd up;
The bones of death, the cov’ring clay, the sinews shrunk and dry’d
Reviving shake, inspiring move, breathing, awakening,
Spring like redeemèd captives, when their bonds and bars are burst,
Let the slave grinding at the mill run out into the field,
Let him look up into the heavens and laugh in the bright air;
Let the enchainèd soul, shut up in darkness and in sighing,
Whose face has never seen a smile in thirty weary years,
Rise and look out; his chains are loose, his dungeon doors are open;
And let his wife and children return from the oppressor’s scourge.
They look behind at every step, and believe it is a dream,
Singing: “The Sun has left his blackness, and has found a fresher morning,
And the fair Moon rejoices in the clear and cloudless night;
For Empire is no more, and now the Lion and Wolf shall cease.”

( Willam Blake: "America: A Prophecy" )
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[EDIT: For my european mates, as I've been asked that a lot: It shipped from NL by GLS with tracking-number. So no worries]


I'm usually not a controller-freak, as most games that I favor play way
better with mouse/kb than with a controller. But sometimes it's just way more comfy.
Then I saw this little gem, noticed TOUCH-PADS instead of thumb-wheels and did
not hesitate much nor read anything prior and just ordered one.

Is it the missing link or an overpriced useless gadget?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is a diabolic laughter and 10 is an instant
disposal of my mouse and keyboard, it's a solid 7-8. Great idea, much love
for details and close to a really solid new type of controller.

The good (what to love):
  • Gain precision without loosing comfort
  • TONS of configuration options. Really a damn lot to tinker it to your preference
  • The tactile feedback is awesome. Using the touch-pad like a trackball REALLY feels like a trackball. You have to feel it to "see" what I mean. Oh and all buttons have tactile feedback too. Oh and all feedbacks are configurable too.
  • Wireless OR wired. Your choice.
  • Gyroscope. What a nice addition. Steer your car by tilting it, just like you do with your mobile.
  • Firmware is update-able
  • Too lazy to configure it? Choose some pre-mades by Steam or from a bag of community-created. Nice feature!
  • The touch-pads are quite responsive and really usable
  • The on-screen-keyboard used with dual touch-pads is kinda great. Takes some time but at least you've never typed faster from your couch (without a keyboard)
  • The two added big buttons on the rear are GREAT and every other controller should have them too! Easy to press but not too soft so you're never hitting them accidentally
  • The two triggers have a soft-pull (like usual) AND a full-pull feature (that means: It's basically two buttons in one)
  • The thumb-wheel is even tighter than from the XBOX One (Good or bad, that's subjective I guess)
  • Uses two AA-Batteries. Easy to replace and better than an integrated accu.
  • It's kinda useless, but you can enable a HUD ingame that shows you what you're doing (like your thumbs position on the touch-pad etc.)
  • You can totally configure everything with only the controller itself, it's completly integrated with "BigPicture", no mouse needed

The bad (not good, but no show-stopper):
  • Only configurable in "BigPictureMode"? Come on, that's kinda dumb and took me like an hour to find out (I didn't RTFM!)
  • Only natively works with Steam games? Come on, that's not nice. (But there's a workaround for Linux though) (Problem will be fixed, see comments)
    (Problem not really fixed (see comments).
  • It got the same overly bright LED-Logo like the XBOX. Why? Just WHY? In a darker room it's simply annoying.
    (See comments, problem solved)
  • The triggers only have like half of the range of the XBOX One controller. A bit too short for my taste, but others may even like it

The ugly (what to hate, may kill the fun):
  • Using TWO controllers (like XBOX and Steam) is not possible. Local multi-player would not be possible
    (seems it's possible (see comments), guess I just tested the wrong games)
  • It can be horribly problematic with games that do NOT allow simultaneous usage of mouse/keyboard AND the controller
  • It...feels...cheap. The XBOX One controller is a lot cheaper but feels WAY more valuable and of a much higher quality. The Steam controller just looks and feels like it came out of a Kinder Surprise.


For anyone who likes controllers and may adapt to a "new" one that does a lot of things differently: Yes.

For those who would never switch a controller because A/Y were swapped or something minor like that? Better not.

For people who always missed the ability to tinker and adapt hundreds of values to their controller to make it THEIRS: YESYESYES.

This thing is even totally fulfilling as a HTPC-Remote :-)

Is it the missing link? Yesno. Kinda. It's very close and could use some tweaks. But one does really need to adapt to it. It's not just "another" controller and they didn't just swap 2 buttons. It's really different. But better.

I'm quite sure that If you invest enough time to adjust its settings AND invest enough time to adapt to it you may really master even a competitive FPS against mouse+keyboard players. Something that's totally unthinkable of by using "normal" controllers (except maybe you're a controller-god playing against m+k-newbies)

I really like the way Steam wants to go here, and I'm not easily impressed. This thing has a lot of innovation and some really nice details (talk about the tactile feedback!). Well, except the price. But considering your alternatives are more or less ZERO...
tess_erzsebet Aug 4 @ 9:33pm 
LOL! Why thank you so very much :steamhappy:
✿⊱oLadyGamer⊰✿ Aug 3 @ 7:31am 
Hey dude :wave:Hope you are well and things are good.

Have a good weekend:SUNNY:

snoderinhoツ Aug 2 @ 2:05am 
Added because the witcher 3 best game ever
Eternity Jul 31 @ 12:41am 
Some quotes die hard :Smilingdemon:
Steph S. Jul 27 @ 9:59pm 
Have a lovely weekend :luv:
(N☆G) freyya77 Jul 26 @ 11:27am 
Aww. Don't sell yourself short..sometimes, three week old roadkill can be crazy creative..have you ever heard of abstract art? :JustKidding: