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Digital Homicides POOPGames
March 23, 2015
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Let´s clean up Steam!

Hey there, fellow gamer!

⇒ Have you ever been banned or censored by a Homicidal developer?

⇒ Are you tired of a game that isn't worth its Assets?
If so Digital Homicides is the group for you.

Welcome to the trash games "fan" club!

> > > We are not associated with the developer! < < <

Digital Homicides is a dedicated consumer-advocacy group and censorship safe haven. We aim to maintain a critical outlook over the state of Steam and its development. Here rational discussion and free-speech is preserved from the hands of certain censoring charlatan developers. No matter what you believe your opinion is welcomed here. That being said we have a basic set of rules to follow.


Keep your behavior both on our forums and on other forums where our group is active as respectful and mature as possible. Critique the argument, not the person making it.

Stay informed. Always check your facts before posting. Our group is not intended to mislead or slander. Make sure you're not reposting something already noted by another member. Don't flag or report items or tell others to do so without definite evidence.

Please do not advertise or stage give-aways for your games within the group. You should be encouraged to showcase good games here but there is a fine line between that and advertising.

Follow Valve's official Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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Steam Direct WARNINGS


Here you will find our latest news and database on questionable "Developers" on Steam.

Here you will find Jim Sterling´s Channel on YouTube.

Here you will find SidAlpha's Channel on YouTube.

Here[] you will find Tryyton´s Channel on Twitch.

The place where all celebration streams are happening and where games get ripped apart in pieces...
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1900~ish members celebration! Also, Tryyton's Birthday.
Heads up about a HACKING activity on Steam Accounts
Digital Homicides reviews
"The Digital Revitalization´s"
Here are a few recent reviews by Digital Homicides
Tryyton Apr 4 @ 11:34am 
<- that´s why my avatar fits... @Miss NemesisMiss Nemesis

"Thanks for reporting comments
Comments you reported have been reviewed and action has been taken. Thank you for helping to make the Steam Community a better place."
Jon144 Apr 4 @ 8:17am 
@Tryyton It could always be intentional, someone clearly looking for attention trying to make themselves look as stupid as possible. I say we don't cave on this one.
Miss Nemesis Apr 4 @ 5:14am 
Um.. we can't see that mod message ^^'
Tryyton Apr 4 @ 5:10am 
what the fuck is that dude even talking about... he shows again that he has absolutely no idea of game development and even less about unity. how can one person be so dumb?

"UPDATE: Someone from steam support has notified me that xbox one controler does not work with this current game build after test, and i think its because the unity build is currently pc version, if i make it windows muli platform we ill have disputes from different platform players and hackers scamers and trolls wiould take advantige of this, so sorry but we are not supporting controlers other than keyboard and mouse as this game will also be sold on hard disk."

windows multiplatform? so what is the pc version then? dos-compatible or linux? it will be sold on hard-disks...uhm i guess he means his usb-stick scam on ebay... :rfacepalm:

reading his crap hurts my brain. how can a native speaker have so many typos in so little text?
Tryyton Apr 4 @ 5:04am 
i reported his posts/comments and this is what i got from valve... they are fast, so they might have him on their radar already. :rbiggrin:
YourEvilMom Apr 4 @ 3:22am 
I think this guy gets far more attention then he deserves...
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