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Naan (Hindi: नान, romanized: nān) is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread[1] found in the cuisines mainly of Western Asia, South Asia, Myanmar and the Caribbean.[2][3][4]

1 Etymology
2 Varieties
2.1 Western Asia
2.2 South Asia
2.3 Myanmar
3 See also
4 References


The earliest appearance of "naan" in English is from 1803 in a travelogue of William Tooke.[5] The Persian word nān 'bread' is attested in Middle Persian as n'n 'bread, food', which is of Iranian origin, and is a cognate with Parthian ngn, Kurdish nan, Balochi nagan, Sogdian nγn-, and Pashto nəγan 'bread'.[6] Naan may have derived from bread baked on hot pebbles in ancient Persia.[7]
An Oreo (/ˈɔ:rioʊ/) is a sandwich cookie consisting of two (usually chocolate) wafers with a sweet crème filling. Introduced in 1912, Oreos are the best selling cookies in the United States.[1] As of 2018, the version sold in the U.S. is made by the Nabisco division of Mondelez International.
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