Alex   Austria
:legitimacy: Platypus rutilus, in hoc signo vinces - In honorem Paradox! :fishbun:

PC gaming since 1975 :remote: I like to collect games. :hee::xp:

I am a gamer, also artist, photograph, image editor,
modder, history nerd and creative genius.
Not a Vampire.

My status is allways busy - because i am allways busy.
Please dont bug me with anything while i am ingame.

When i dont answer to your chat message, i am
probably not on the pc so be patient or try it another time.

I am not interrested in TF2 or card trading so dont waste our time.
Begging gets you removed from my contact list.

If you have a private profile or any kind of ban, dont even try to add me.
I tend to get a lot of random friend & group requests, most of them get declined.
You can allways leave me a profile message if its important.
You can tweet me if its really urgent.

Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.
Bubble Wrap - Every tiny plastic capsule contains the soul of a Leprechaun!

Give a man a console and he'll game for a day,
Teach a man how to build a PC and he'll play games forever.

"Spank n Uranus: well, sometimes people just dont make sense"
Thanks Spank for reminding me <3

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Steam Curators worth following:

Of course they appeal to my personal taste. You can sub them on the store, you dont have to join the groups. You can deactivate their community feed notifications in the feed settings.

Feel free to recommend me good ones you have found that i am missing =)

- Cynical Brit Gaming:
TotalBiscuit the one and only

- PC Gamer:
The popular gaming website & magazine

- The Jim Sterling Collection:
Thank god for him. Makes the Jimquisition Show

- VλlveTime:
The Valve focussed Newssite

- Opium Pulses:
The Steam News Group

- Rock, Paper, Shotgun:
The PC News Website

- The Cox List:
Jesse Cox, Youtuber and letsplayer, funny guy

- Anime Faction:
This contains most of the good anime related games.

- Roguelikes:
A list for Rougelike Games

- Paradox Interactive - Official:
The official steam group of Paradox Interactive, the Publisher.

- 100% Achievements Group:
Great and hard achievement games get recommended here

- PCGamingWiki:
Recommendations link to the PCGaming Wiki Articles

- Curator Rater:
The collaborative review group from Sir Faulty

- Turn-Based Strategy:
A nice list of that specific genre

- DJ's underrated and underappreciated game recommendations:
My friend DJ, most likely the best steam game reviewer

- Matteo311:
My friend Matteo, he does youtube vids, twitch streams and giveaways

- The Slitherine Group:
Strategy and Tactic games from the namegiving Publisher

- Hidden Object Gamers:
A list of fine HOG´s by the group for them of my friend Chudah

- Genkisan:
My friend Genkistan, Man of many talents

- SgtFopper's Lounge:
Things my friend Fopper recommends

- The Video Game Music Club:
Games with great soundtracks, by Chudah also

- 25+ Old School Gamers:
Games for the older generation

- Game Reviewer Group:
The Reviewer Group of my friend Zyddie

- Recommendations:
The first game reviewer group on steam, before there where curators

- Gaming&Arts:
Group about artistic games, the list has some of those


Information on Steam Keys from Bundles & Co

Updates are on hold. :glory: Glory to Cobrastan :cobrastan:

View all my old updates HERE (Members of Games Collectors only) or HERE .

Usefull links:
- Keys Added Steamgroup:
- (klick on a game and it lists the Bundles it was in)

Bundle sites:
- -
- -

Big thanks to everyone who updates me!
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(💕) Pink Lily Jul 1 @ 7:32am 
Hey there! :smilingrisa: Been a while hehe
Just dropping by to say Hello and hope all has been well. :engineercat:
Take care and hopefully we catch up soon :bunnylove:
Alexspeed Jun 30 @ 5:55pm 
Yes, it has been a long time now. And sorry, i am not accepting new random adds since a while. All the best tough, and thanks for the visit.
Mr. Pump Jun 30 @ 11:01am 
Seit 1975 :broflex:
Alexspeed Jun 19 @ 2:53am 
Ah, möglicherweise haben sie es bereits gepatcht. Danke für die news.
SirCobra Jun 19 @ 2:43am 
Entschuldige, ich hatte nicht gesehen, dass du es schon in deinem Post hattest. Ich meinte nur, ich kann die RedShell.dll bei Total War schon nicht mehr finden.