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A Collection of Steam Tools
A useful collection of great tools for Steam around the web.
This guide will provide a collection of websites that help somehow Steam users.
I'll be separating by categories with a brief description of each one.

Some of the websites bellow will ask you to sign in through Steam. When a website offer this resource, you'll se one of these buttons.
So you don't need to worry, since this button will always redirect you to the official Steam address.

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The Best Of
  • Augmented Steam[] / Enhanced Steam (Original version no longer maintained)[]
    Created by: Tomáš Fedor & Zelgaris / jshackles (Original version)
    Steam Group / Steam Group (Group of the original version)
    Description: Simply the best extension for Steam, you can check all the great features at website.

  • IsThereAnyDeal[]
    Created by: Tomáš Fedor & Zelgaris
    Steam Group
    Description: Compare current games prices for more than 20 stores across several regions as well as various bundles and other special deals. Also with price history, so you can see how often the game goes on sale and what are the historical lowest prices.

  • Steam Database[]
    Created by: xPaw & Marlamin
    Steam Group
    Description: Database for all applications and packages on Steam, including Sales page for all items on sale across Steam, tools to check Steam Status, Broadcasts, VAC & Game Bans, Concurrent Players, Calculator, Browser extension and a lot more.
Achievements & Rankings
  • Achievement Stats[]
    Created by: Chrissyx & m u n k y
    Description: Ranking of users based on points earned by achievements.

  • AStats[]
    Created by: Mytharox
    Description: Ranking of users based on achievements, games & country.

  • Completionist[]
    Created by: luchaos
    Description: Detailed analytics and data visualization for Steam achievements.

  • Exophase[]
    Created by: Mike Bendel
    Description: See how you rank up against other trophy and achievement hunters, plus stay updated on the latest lists.

  • MetaGamerScore[]
    Created by: Oskar Holmkratz & Linda Holmkratz & Martin Berglund
    Description: It combines the achievement in many platforms to make sure that everything you do in any game counts towards a total, persistent metascore.

  • Steam Hunters[]
    Created by: Rudey
    Description: Simple leaderboard to achivement hunters.

  • Steam Ladder[]
    Created by: TerryZ
    Description: Nothing difference than the other one (i think).

  • TrueSteam Achievements[]
    Created by: Rich Stone
    Description: Very detailed website.
Buy games for low prices and help charities.

Calculator (e-peen)
Oh yes! My Steam worth more than yours, ♥♥♥♥♥♥!

  • Steam Calculator[]
    Created by: AlabasterSlim
    Description: This one will show a list with a full valuer of your account and from every game full and discount prices.

  • SteamDB Calculator[]
    Created by: xPaw & Marlamin
    Description: This one cointains a total valuer of your account and a total valuer with sales. Also there's a nice pop-up that randomly will show a game that you have to play if you're bored.

  • Steam Calc[]
    Created by: Thomas Weinmeister
    Description: Check how much you spend on Steam.

  • Steam Gauge[]
    Created by: Jon Prusik
    Description: Basically the same as the previous ones. It will show a detailed description of ever game that your own.

  • Steam Wishlist Calculator[]
    Created by: The HopelessGamer
    Steam Group
    Description: Steam Wishlist Calculator allows you to calculate the total cost of your Steam wishlist.

  • Wasted Time on Steam[]
    Created by: dedg3
    Description: A tool for easy Steam time calculation.
Compare & Bundle List
  • Steam Achievement Hunter[]
    Created by: fensoft
    Description: Report of all common achievements to do with friends/other player.

  • Compare 2 Steam[]
    Created by: Inkvolcano
    Description: The best site compare a list of games with your account so you won't trade a repeat one.

  • Game List Compare Tool[]
    Created by: thefunkygibbon
    Description: A simple copy and paste to check game list.

  • SteamPeek[]
    Created by: IsThereAnyDeal & Zoltan Wacha
    Description: Find up to 60 similar games for almost any game!

  • Steam Compare[]
    Created by: Fedexx2
    Description: Easy way to compare list of game with another user.

  • Steam Games in common[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: It will tell you which games you have in common with another person.

  • Steam Game Matcher[]
    Created by: aeirola
    Description: A tool for finding games that you and you friends all own.
Wanna complete that game or have a data base of what you are playing?

  • Backloggery[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: Manage your game collection and your backlog. Tool to Import your Steam games[] made by ToxicFrog.

  • Completionator[]
    Created by: moho_00
    Steam Group
    Description: Site to tracking your video game collection and the games you've played.

  • GameDeed[]
    Created by: Jens-Christian Huus
    Steam Group
    Description: A backlog, checklist and database.

  • Gamedex[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: It has starred ratings, ownership status, filters, multiple view modes, Metacritic ratings look-up, Amazon prices, etc.

  • Grouvee[]
    Created by: Peter
    Description: Keep track of your video game backlog. Use the default Played, Playing, Backlog and Wish List shelves created for you, or create your own virtual shelves to categorize your games however you want.

  • How Long To Beat[]
    Created by: ?
    Steam Group
    Description: Check how long will take to beat a game.

  • Keep Track of My Games[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: Organize your video games, backlog, wishlist, and track upcoming releases in one easy-to-use tool.

  • Steam Backlog[]
    Created by: Gohrum
    Description: Steam Backlog provides easier and better way to browse our always growing steam libraries while helping decide what to play next.
  • Coupon Dumpster[]
    Created by: Yusyuriv (Site) / InCrt & Biowizard & Xsesis & Shadow_Dragon_SM (Group)
    Description: The best place to donate and request coupons. You need to be part of their group.
    Super organized and friendly people.

  • List of Every Coupon[]
    Created by: Nephrite
    Description: The title says all, is a updated list of every existing coupon.
Addons or Extesions is for browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera (<3).
If you're using Opera and find a extension only supported on Chrome, use this extension[] to be able to install any Chrome's extension.

  • Activate on Steam[] (Chrome & Chromium based)
    Created by: jshackles
    Description: Adds a context menu to activate the selected text on Steam.

  • Ban Checker for Steam[] (Chrome & Chromium based)
    Created by: Geku
    Description: Automatically check bans of people you recently played with (or your friends).

  • Better Buy Orders[] (Chrome & Chromium based)
    Created by: Step7750
    Steam Group
    Description: Improves Steam market buy orders (hot-swap view different currencies and extended listings).

  • Browser & Client Skins to Remove the Clutter/Blue from Steam
    Created by: Raydell
    Description: This will apply a custom styles to your browser or client to remove the clutter/blue from Steam website.

  • Community Market Search[] (Chrome & Firefox & Opera)
    Created by: Yusyuriv
    Description: Allows you to easily search things on the Community Market with just two clicks.

  • Fair Steam[] (Chrome & Chromium based)
    Created by: Dbalz3
    Steam Group
    Description: Adds real gameplay video for games on Steam.

  • Grapher for Steam[] (Chrome & Chromium based)
    Created by: Smankusors
    Description: A browser extension to graph your steam wallet balance.

  • IsThereAnyDeal Everywhere[]
    Created by: Tomáš Fedor & Zelgaris
    Description: Adds a quick price overview for each link to Steam store it can find on a page.

  • SARA • Steam Account Robotic Assistant[] (Chrome & Chromium based)
    Created by: Pandiora
    Description: Enhancing and automating your Steam Experience with focus on managing multiple Steam-Accounts.

  • Sliwipi[] (Chrome & Firefox)
    Created by: Yusyuriv
    Description: A browser extension that makes large Steam game libraries and wishlists fast.

  • Steam Activity Filter Chrome & Chromium based[] & Opera[] & Firefox[] & UserScript[]
    Created by: ZeroUnderscoreOu
    Steam Group
    Description: Filter for friends' activity in Steam. Allows to load activity for selected days and display needed part of it.

  • Steam Anti-Scam Project[] (Chrome & Chromium based)
    Created by: Forced2Kill
    Description: The Steam Anti-Scam Project tries to prevent Fraud/"Scamming" on the Platform Steam.

  • Steam Context Menu Chrome & Chromium based[] & Firefox[]
    Created by: Skylark95
    Description: Search for games on Steam, SteamDB, or IsThereAnyDeal using the context menu.

  • Steam Database Extension[]
    Created by: xPaw & Marlamin
    Description: Adds Steam Database links on various pages in the Steam Community and Store. Also highlights owned and wished products on

  • Steam Inventory Helper[] (Chrome & Chromium based)
    Created by: VplGhost
    Steam Group
    Description: Very, very, very useful extension to help you to sell more than one item at same time. Firefox version is on the description.
    The last version before the creator sell the extension to other person.[]
    Backup of the version 1.11.2_0 which is the latest before the controversial update tracking your data.[]
    Backup of the version 1.11.2_0 which is the latest before the controversial update tracking your data. (another source)[]

  • Steam item search between friends[] & in groups[] (Chrome & Chromium version)
    Createdy by: forever14k
    Description: This extension allows to find items you looking for in all friends & Steam group members inventories on the same time.

  • Steam Ninja![] (Chrome & Chromium based)
    Created by: Beans
    Description: Features for auto-purchasing, popup for badge search and item (backgrounds, emoticons, trading cards) overview including prices.

  • Steam Popularity Filter Chrome & Chromium based[] & Firefox[]
    Created by: Necroblight
    Description: Gives the ability to filter search results based on popularity of games.

  • Search Preview for Steam[] (Chrome & Chromium based) & Opera[] & Firefox[]
    Created by: axwalker
    Description: View screenshots for games within the Steam search page. Source code[].

  • Steam Trader Helper for Google Chrome[] & Opera[]
    Created by: commaticus
    Description: Steam Trader Helper it's extension for auto-buying, auto-selling and usability on the Steam Community Market.

  • VacBanChecker[]
    Created by: MrHayato
    Description: A bookmarklet to check for steam vac bans.
Extensions (Pt. 2)
Part 2 due to the characters limit.

Extensions (UserScripts)
This require to install the extension Violentmonkey (Best option) for Firefox[] or Chrome[]. Other options are Tampermonkey[] or Greasemonkey[] (Firefox only).
  • Add Wishlist Buttons[]
    Created by: Revadike
    Description: Adds Wishlist Buttons to Steam Store.

  • Better Buy Orders[] (Firefox only - other browsers on the Extension list above)
    Created by: Step7750
    Steam Group
    Description: Improves Steam market buy orders (hot-swap view different currencies and extended listings).

  • Bundle Helper[]
    Created by: 7-elephant
    Description: Add tools for many bundle sites.

  • Enhanced Steam Dropdown Mover[]
    Created by: Revadike
    Description: Moves the Enhanced Steam dropdown into the steam profile dropdown (and simultaneously makes it compatible with custom Steam skins).

  • Fade Owned Items[]
    Created by: vhs
    Description: It fades items on Store that you already have.

  • Flat Steam UI[]
    Created by: creo318
    Steam Group
    Description: Flat, clean and simply Steam Store and Community redesign.

  • Giveaway Helper[]
    Created by: Citrinate
    Description: Enhances Steam Key giveaway sites.

  • Group List Sorter[]
    Created by: Revadike
    Description: Sort your group list by group name, creation date or total members.

  • IsThereCouponForThis[]
    Created by: Ryzhehvost
    Description: Show coupons available on game steam store page, on wishlist and on widgets embe

  • Removed App/Sub Redirect To SteamDB[]
    Created by: Revadike
    Description: If the Steam Store App or Sub doesn't exist, is removed or is region-locked, redirect to instead of

  • SteamTracker[]
    Created by: MalikAQayum
    Description: SteamTracker Userscript, adds features to the steam profile / community app hub / steam store page etc.

  • Steam - Default language[]
    Created by: Revadike
    Description: Make sure you always see the steam page in your preferred language. You can configure the language in the language variable.

  • Steam Activation Button[]
    Created by: DEMENT0R
    Description: Adds steam activation button on sites like Steam Gifts, Reddit and others.

  • Steam Auto Mass Craft Cards Badges in Bulk[]
    Created by: 黑山東雲光圈研究所
    Description: It will automatically use up your gamecard sets for crafting badges. You can control the which card sets and how many sets to craft by using it.

  • Steam Badge Assistant[]
    Created by: notderw
    Description: Allows you to buy all Steam trading cards for a badge with a click or two.

  • Steam Badges Info[]
    Created by: MrMarble
    Description: Shows number of badges ready to craft in current page.

  • Steam BBCodes[]
    Created by: ZeroUnderscoreOu
    Description: Userscript that injects a simple BBCodes editor into Steam site's interface. Depends on some of Steam's scripts.

  • Steam Booster Opener[]
    Created by: madjoki
    Description: Mass open booster packs from your Steam's Inventory.

  • Steam Bundle Flix[]
    Created by: madjoki
    Description: It enables the option to purchase bundles that it's only possible to buy if you don't own any title. Buy as Gift to your Inventory.

  • Steam Bundle Sites Extension[]
    Created by: clancy-chao
    Description: A simple extension for bundles sites selling Steam games.

  • Steam Bulk Card Buyer[]
    Created by: Doctor_McKay
    Description: Adds a button to your Steam badge pages allowing you to buy all the cards you need to finish a badge from the Steam Market at once.

  • Steam Cards[]
    Created by: ZeroUnderscoreOu
    Description: Simple userscript that makes navigating on Steam Market bit easier.

  • Steam Community Profile SteamID Viewer[]
    Created by: DoctorMcKay
    Description: Quick and easy SteamID viewing from Steam Community profiles.

  • Steam Curator[] (Chrome & Chromium based)
    Created by: MalikAQayum
    Description: Provides some data/stats, about your curator, on it is own "livestat"page.

  • Steam Custom Tag[]
    Created by: Rexedead
    Description: Organize your wishlist collection by adding custom tag.

  • Steam Discovery Queue Auto-Skipper[]
    Created by: PotcFdk
    Description: Auto-clicks the "Next in Queue" button in Steam Discovery Queues.

  • Steam Economy Enhancer[]
    Created by: Nuklon
    Description: Enhances the Steam Inventory and Steam Market.

  • Steam Game Server Account Management Enhancer[]
    Created by: DoctorMcKay
    Description: Enhances the "Steam Game Server Account Management" page.

  • Steam Key Ninjas[]
    Created by: mahadi22
    Description: It will automatically redeem your steam key.

  • Steam Link Filter Bypasser[]
    Created by: ZeroUnderscoreOu
    Description: Bypasser of Steam's link filter.
Extensions (UserScripts) (Pt. 2)
Part 2 due to the characters limit.

  • Steam Profile Showcase Organizer[]
    Created by: sergiosusa
    Description: Add an option to organize the showcases movind up and down.

  • Steam Store - Removed App/Sub Redirect To SteamDB[]
    Created by: Revadike
    Description: If the Steam Store app/sub doesn't exist, is removed or is region-locked, redirect to SteamDB instead of Steam Store.

  • Steam Store - Show Entire Wishlist[]
    Created by: Revadike
    Description: Shows all hidden wishlisted apps.

  • Steam Store Redirector[]
    Created by: gsrafael01
    Description: Redirects removed games from the Steam store to SteamCommunity or SteamDB.

  • Steam Wishlist Price Filter[]
    Created by: Xiyng
    Description: Userscript that adds the option to filter games by price or show only discounted items in your Steam wishlist.

  • Steam Wishlist Sorter[]
    Created by: Anxeal
    Description: Sort your Steam wishlist by comparing two games at a time

  • When you can create Steam booster pack[]
    Created by: 黑山東雲光圈研究所
    Description: Show the time when you can create Steam booster pack at creator page.

  • Wishlist Exporter[]
    Created by: Revadike
    Description: Export your wishlist in a text list.
Forum / SubReddit / Wikia

  • Steam Gifts[]
    Created by: cg
    Steam Group
    Description: The biggest unofficial community about Steam and also the biggest giveaway's website only for Steam games.
ID Finder
Every website do the exacly same thing, will search for the SteamID, SteamID64 or Custom URL from the players.

Be Free, Be LINUX!
    Created by: tkashkin
    Description: Unified library for all your games.

  • LAN-Cache[]
    Created by: bntjah
    Description: Improve download speeds and reduce strain on your Internet connection at LAN parties.

  • Linux Steam Integration[]
    Createdy by: Solus Project
    Description: A helper shim to enable better Steam integration on Linux systems.

  • ProtonDB[]
    Created by: bdefore
    Description: Gather reports from other gamers as they test games with Proton on Linux and provide aggregate scores of how well games perform.

  • ProtonDB to Steam Library[]
    Created by: CorruptComputer
    Description: Pull ratings from ProtonDB and import them into your Steam library as tags.

  • Protontricks[]
    Created by: Matoking
    Description: A simple wrapper that does winetricks things for Proton enabled games, requires Winetricks.

  • Steamtricks[]
    Created by: boombatower
    Description: steamtricks provides workarounds for problems with Steam on Linux.

  • SteamOS Tools[]
    Created by: mdeguzis
    Description: Tools, scripts, and hosted packages for SteamOS.

  • SteamOS Ubuntu[]
    Created by: ShadowApex
    Description: Scripts to make an existing Ubuntu installation like SteamOS.

  • Steam On FreeBSD[]
    Created by: SteamOnFreeBSD
    Description: Script to run Steam Client on FreeBSD.

  • Steam on Linux[]
    Created by: cemasma
    Description: Shows Linux supported games in your Steam library.

  • Wal Steam[]
    Created by: kotajacob
    Description: A little script that themes the colours for Metro for steam from wal or wpg.

  • wineCheck[]
    Created by: Elmapul
    Description: Verify if the game from the steam store runs on linux via wine.
Microsoft Store (UWP)
Aplications for Windows 10.
  • Steamflix[]
    Created by: Edgars Šults
    Description: Watch Steam broadcasts of your recently played and other popular games.
Applications to use on your mobile. Remember, you can find the official Steam app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

  • Badger for Steam[]
    Created by: Douglas Maitelli
    Description: This app allows you to check your Steam profile level, badges, progress.

  • Best App Sale[]
    Created by: BiHSnow
    Description: All the sales of apps & games for the sales of the Steam store.

  • Better Steam - Better Browsing Experience on Steam[]
    Created by: C H Yeung
    Description: View the latest and most popular games on Steam.

  • Coal for Steam Market[]
    Created by: Nine Baguettes
    Description: Coal is an Android application that allows you to browse the Steam Market directly from your smartphone.

  • Ice Client : Steam™ Trading[]
    Created by: aegamesi
    Description: Ice is a native Android app that functions as a client for Valve™'s Steam™ network -- enabling you to chat and trade on the go. Use for your own risk to activate keys and etc, I never tested!

  • Idle Daddy - Game Idler/Card Farmer for Steam™[]
    Created by: Steev's apps
    Description: Idle Daddy lets you easily unlock your Steam™ Trading Cards using your mobile device.

  • Server Status Info[]
    Created by: HelloWorldError
    Description: This software is simple and easy to use to monitoring the status of servers.

  • Steam Broadcast Viewer[]
    Created by: Appstronaut Studios
    Description: Watch games live and view Steam broadcasts with this easy to use live stream viewer for Steam tv.

  • Steam Materialized: REBORN[]
    Created by: FaserF
    Description: A modified version of the Steam app.

  • Tenacity - Steam Achievements[]
    Created by: Zoot apps
    Description: Steam app dedicated for Achievements.

  • Widget For Steam[]
    Created by: BiHSnow
    Description: It allows users to quickly get info about latest games, offers and friend statuses.

Windows Phone
Mobile Authenticator
I do NOT recommend the use of any software that "bypass" the Mobile Authenticator, since the whole purpose of the security is to NO ONE besides you can get access to your real phone and by using an software to get the codes goes against this purpose of security that Valve implemented.
Even if I'm not recommending the use of it, the softwares below works like they say and has no virus or anything on it.

  • Steam Desktop Authenticator[]
    Created by: Jessecar96
    Description: Desktop implementation of Steam's mobile authenticator app.

  • WinAuth[]
    Created by: Colin Mackie
    Description: Portable and open-source authenticator.

  • Mobile Authentication, Escrow, and How it affects
    Created by: Sudden
    Description: How the Mobile Authenticator affects the Trading System.

    Created by: Jesse Cardone & Josh Coffey (Creators of Scrap.TF & SDA - the software in this section).
    Description: A step-by-step guide that will walk you through the entire process of setting up a Steam authenticator.
Play A Game
Bored? Don't know what game to play? Why did you bought so many games on Sale? You can use one of those websites to choose randomly a game to play from your library.

There's even a official "tool" from Valve, just click here and you'll be redirect to a random game.

Sites that has a list of games on Sale.

  • Steam ID[]
    Created by: Martin
    Description: Steam ID is a steam account finder tool where you can see all the infomations about Steam profiles.

  • Steam Rep[]
    Created by: Ðiego™
    Description: A place where you can report a bad user so he can stay with a bad reputation on the site.

  • VAC Banned[]
    Created by: Surian & AnAkIn
    Description: VACBanned check if a SteamID is VAC banned or not, if is banned and not on the list, it will be automatically added.
Servers / Scripts
  • Hidden Gems[]
    Created by: woctezuma
    Description: Ranking of Steam games to favor "hidden gems".

  • Mangonel[]
    Created by: mangonel
    Description: A game launcher for emulators and steam.

  • SteamAuth[]
    Created by: geel9
    Description: A C# library that provides vital Steam Mobile Authenticator functionality.

  • steamClearCache[]
    Created by: Glaived
    Description: A simple program that will flush the Steam cache before launching Steam Client.

  • Steam Achievement Lister[]
    Created by: Krakob
    Description: A Python script who converts your achievement progress to the Google Tasks list.

  • Steam Activations Status[]
    Created by: Revadike
    Description: Post a summary of new activated games to your Steam Friends Activity every x hours.

  • Steam Comments Cleaner[]
    Created by: Justman
    Description: This JS code deletes all deletable comments posted from this account.

  • Steam Headers Downloader[]
    Created by: dn0z
    Description: A script to download Steam header images.

  • Steam Helper[]
    Created by: BWBellairs
    Description: Grants you better control of your Steam Game Updates

  • Steam Screenshot Backup Tool[]
    Created by: Salies
    Description: A backup tool for Steam screenshots.

  • Steam Screenshot Server[]
    Created by: zorchenhimer
    Description: A simple little server to host screenshots taken from steam games.

To use on forums or similar. I don't think this category need description of every website

Is Steam down? Is Steam down? Is Steam down? Is Steam down? Is Steam down?

  • PlayTracker Insight[]
    Created by: Marijan
    Description: View stats and graphs on Steam games. Find out how many people own a game, how many are actively playing it, how it has fared over the years, and more.

  • Steam Charts[]
    Created by: james4k
    Description: Measure the trends of games on Steam.

  • Steam Spy[]
    Created by: Sergey Galyonkin
    Description: Gathers all the information about Steam games.

  • Gauge Powered[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: Gauge can help anyone with a Steam account make better buying decisions, and even save some money.
Only official resellers.

  • Add Shortcuts to Steam[]
    Created by: mohamedmaria
    Description: Keep all games from the different store fronts in Steam.

  • ArchiSteamFarm[]
    Created by: Archi
    Description: Allows you to farm steam cards. Can use multiple steam accounts simultaneously. Doesn't require and doesn't interfere in any way with Steam client.

  • Achievement Watcher[]
    Created by: xan105
    Description: A sexy achievement file parser with real-time notification.

  • Batch Auto Activator for Steam Keys (BAASK)[]
    Created by: djreisch
    Description: Activate keys automatically to your steam account.

  • bnetlauncher[]
    Created by: dafzor
    Description: Launcher utility to help start games with the steam overlay.

  • Borderless Gaming[] or Steam Store version
    Created by: Codeusa
    Steam Group
    Description: Play your favorite games in a borderless window; no more time consuming alt-tabs.

  • Categories Backup Tool[]
    Created by: DanielZa2
    Description: Backup Steam categories.

  • Card Idle Remastered[]
    Created by: AlexanderSharykin
    Description: A Windows application for farming cards. Based on Idle Master (by jshackles).

  • ChatLoggerJS[]
    Created by: MitchDizzle
    Description: A Steam chat logger which will store logs of all chats under your Steam account.

  • ChatLogger[]
    Created by: sp0ok3r
    Description: ChatLogger is a simple Steam Tool, written in C# for the purpose of save all user/friends messages to a file.

  • CompletedGamesList[]
    Created by: Rallymen007
    Description: A tool to generate a list of completed games for use in Steam descriptions.

  • Depressurizer[] / Theo47 version outdated[] / Original version (no longer receive updates)[]
    Created by: mvegter / Theo47 (outdated version) / rallion (original version)
    Steam Group
    Description: Easily manage Steam game categories.

  • Idle Master[]
    Created by: jshackles
    Steam Group
    Description: The most famous aplication for idle your games so you can drop trading cards. It doens't longer receive updates but still works.

  • GKeyBank
    Created by: Alfred Wallace
    Description: Tool to manage collections of steam keys/link.

  • GameSave Manager[]
    Created by: InsaneMatt
    Description: Back up & restore game saves.

  • GOGWrapper[]
    Created by: tkashkin
    Description: Launch GOG games with GOG Galaxy using shortcuts and add shortcuts for GOG games into Steam Library.

  • HourBoostr[]
    Created by: Ezzpify
    Description: This will allow you to boost the hours played of multiple Steam games on multiple accounts at the same time, without even having steam open!.

  • Mercury[]
    Created by: sp0ok3r
    Description: Mercury is a Ultimate Steam Tool, written in C# for the purpose of interacting with general steam stuff.

  • OSOL[]
    Created by: WombatFromHell
    Description: An executable wrapper for Steam to make third-party launchers more convenient to use with a Steam Controller.

  • Playnite[]
    Created by: Josef Nemec
    Description: Open source video game library manager and launcher with support for 3rd party libraries like Steam, GOG and Origin, providing one unified interface for your games.

  • Punk[]
    Created by: scholtzm
    Description: Alternative cross-platform Steam client for desktop.

  • SAM - Steam Account Manager[]
    Created by: rex706
    Description: Easily switch between steam accounts.

  • SCOPHE - Steam COpy Paste History Exporter[]
    Created by: Dreamspace President
    Description: Exports your "Purchase History" and "Licenses and product key activations" as CSV files, also calculates the amount of money you have actually spent on Steam.

  • Screenhive[]
    Created by: Brian Mock
    Description: Screenhive is an organizer for Steam PNG screenshot folders, available for Windows and Mac.

  • SlaloM - Steam launcher and library organizer Messiah[]
    Created by: Dreamspace President
    Description: One frontend for all game clients (and manually installed games) with special Steam support. Rename games, show screenshots immediately on game selection (incl. fullscreen&slideshow), browse games by screenshot gallery, create/group/assign TAGS (filtering and/or/not), can automatically add games based on root folders you define (Unique feature!), filter by app type (DLC, game, ..., owned, installed, ...), text filter (and/not), 30+ optional columns, 4 level sort (e.g. first by drive, then by installation size, then by name or purchase date or even random), filter by Steam store tags (e.g. "Multi-player"), can take screenshots in some cases where Steam doesn't, review system, etc.

  • SRC Repair[]
    Created by: xvitaly
    Description: Open source tool that can be used for tuning and cleaning up Steam and Source engine games.

  • StarCategorizer[]
    Created by: Mastercorp
    Description: Autocategorizes your games in your Steam library.

  • SteamCleaner[]
    Created by: opcow
    Description: Runs in the background and closes steam event popups.

  • SteamCompanion[]
    Created by: Knudow
    Description: Do you have hundreds of games and you don't know what half of them even look like? SteamCompanion can help you.

  • SteamEdit[]
    Created by: Tim Green
    Description: SteamEdit is a small tool for editing some information about your game collection in Steam. You can only change information stored locally – changes you make will not be visible elsewhere.
Softwares (Pt. 2)
Part 2 due to the characters limit.

  • SteamFlix[]
    Created by: dshenkle
    Description: A launcher for steam big picture users that brings up Netflix in full screen mode.

  • SteamGameLauncher[]
    Created by: Gabisonfire
    Description: Creates a launch pad for your installed games.

  • SteamGrid[]
    Created by: boppreh
    Description: SteamGrid is a small standalone program to enhance Steam's grid view and Big Picture.

  • SteamRoller / Steam Quick Launcher[]
    Created by: CyrisXD
    Description: Quick Launch for your Steam library.

  • SteamServerBrowser[]
    Created by: PredatH0r
    Description: Browse game servers and details for games using Valve's master servers.

  • SteamShortcutCreator[]
    Created by: Revadike
    Description: Create shortcuts for your Steam games.

  • SteamShutdown[]
    Created by: akorb
    Description: Automatic shutdown after Steam downloads have finished.

  • SteaScree[]
    Created by: Foyl
    Description: Steam Cloud Screenshot Uploader.

  • Steam Bulk Activator[]
    Created by: Ezzpify
    Description: Activates multiple steam keys at once.

  • Steam Account Switcher[]
    Created by: danielchalmers
    Description: An easy interface for quickly switching between multiple Steam accounts.

  • Steam Bulk Key Activator[]
    Created by: colingg
    Description: Activate more than one key at once.

  • Steam Chat Bot[]
    Created by: Efreak & dragonbanshee
    Description: A simplified interface for a Steam chat bot. Node version can be found in the Servers / Scripts section.

  • Steam Cleaner[]
    Created by: Codeusa
    Description: A PC utility for restoring disk space from various game clients like Origin, Steam, Uplay,, GoG and Nexon.

  • Steam Cloud File Manager Lite[]
    Created by: GMMan
    Description: This program allow you to list files stored in Steam Cloud, and to download and delete them.

  • Steam Download Watcher[]
    Created by: HellGate
    Description: This tool will observe the Steam downloads and detect and execute an action, you can select, when all downloads are finished.

  • Steam Event Notification Blocker[]
    Created by: nandee95
    Description: This small app blocks Steam's annoying event notifications.

  • Steam Friends Tagger[]
    Created by: lucianopeixoto
    Description: A simple tool to manually tag steam profiles on your screenshots.

  • Steam Game Installer[]
    Created by: linspatz
    Description: A macro program that allows you to install all your games.

  • Steam Invite Spam Filter[]
    Created by: jshackles
    Steam Group
    Description: A spam filter for your Steam community invites.

  • Steam Key Manager[]
    Created by: l19980623
    Description: Simple GUI tool that helps organize your Steam keys.

  • Steam Keys Manager[]
    Created by: Yur0K
    Description: Software allows you to store and manage your keys and Indiegala links.

  • Steam Manifest Creator[]
    Created by: Eperty123
    Description: Stop Steam from re-downloading your games.

  • Steam Market Price Checker (SMPC)[]
    Created by: Extinox
    Description: SMPC is a web app that allows you to monitor the prices of multiple items on Steam Market in one tab.

  • Steam Market Thingy[]
    Created by: sDoddler
    Description: This program was created to help manage and view Steam Inventories.

  • Steam Notifications Tray App[]
    Created by: GMMan
    Description: This program displays your Steam notifications count in your notifications area.

  • Steam Notifier[]
    Created by: Avinch
    Description: Lightweight background program to notify you when Steam has started downloading something.

  • Steam ROM Manager[]
    Created by: FrogTheFrog
    Description: An app for managing ROMs in Steam.

  • Steam Scanner[]
    Created by: nj-neer
    Description: Get all you games on Steam! Steam Scanner run as a background process, grab games from others launchers and add them to your Steam library.

  • Steam Screenshot Downloader[]
    Created by: SeanDrozd
    Description: A Windows console application that downloads all screenshots & thumbnails for the specified Steam account.

  • Steam Shutdown[]
    Created by: benjibobs
    Description: A simple and lightweight program that will shutdown your PC after Steam has finished all of its downloads.

  • Steam Tools NG[]
    Created by: ShyPixie
    Description: Some tools to use to farm cards and others to related steam websites.

  • Steam Trader Tools[]
    Created by: Matthieu42
    Description: Manage your spare keys, you can easily manage multiple games with their keys associated, set differents status, get information about games and more.

  • TikiOne-Steam-Cleaner[]
    Created by: Jonathan Lermitage
    Steam Group
    Description: Clean your system from redistributable packages that is downloaded with every game.

  • UWPHook[]
    Created by: brianlima
    Description: Add Windows Store games and apps as non-Steam games on Steam with a single click.

  • Vapour[]
    Created by: Daniel-Griffiths
    Description: An alternative open source Steam client.
Softwares (Pt. 3)
Part 3 due to the characters limit.

  • Vitrine[]
    Created by: paul-roman
    Description: Centralize all of your games within a simple interface.

  • Win10 FPS Fix for Steam[]
    Created by: lightfork
    Description: Users experiencing low FPS or FPS loss after upgrading to Windows 10 may resolve the issue by disabling the Xbox DVR feature.

  • WinSteamFixer[]
    Created by: TheBobPony
    Description: A simple tool to fix issues for XP/Vista users.

  • Windowless Executable[]
    Created by: BytewaveMLP
    Steam Group
    Description: A Win32 executable that does nothing. No windows, no operations, nothing. Just perpetually sleeps.

Move Games Installation:
    Steam itself now has a official option in the Client, but these tools are still useful with different features.
    • Game Pipe[]
      Created by: DjScribbles
      Description: Automates the movement of Steam games from drive to drive or pc to pc.

    • Relief Valve[]
      Created by: Matt Horn (mathphreak)
      Description: Prevents dangerous Steam buildups by letting you move games between library locations.

    • Steam Apps Manager[]
      Created by: danielchalmers
      Description: Windows software to move Steam apps between disks.

    • Steam Library Explorer[]
      Created by: rpaquay
      Description: Explorer for your Steam game libraries.

    • Steam Library Manager[]
      Created by: RevoLand
      Description: SLM is a tool created to help you with managing Steam libraries. SLM lets you easily copy, move or backup your games between Steam and SLM (backup) libraries.

    • Steam Tunnel[]
      Createdy by: rittbys
      Description: Steam Tunnel is a real steam game mover, symlinks are not used.

    • Steam Mover[]
      Created by: traynier
      Description: Move your games to another partition (Windows only).

    • SteamTool Library Manager[]
      Created by: Stefan Jones
      Description: This app will move your games to another partition. Windows only.

    • Virtual Game Shelf[]
      Created by: Stevoisiak
      Description: Virtual Game Shelf is a desktop Java application to organize your game library in a single convenient location.
  • ASF STM[]
    Created by: Archi
    Description: Useful list for trading cards. Used as a public service for both ASF[] users that make use of MatchActively, as well as ASF and non-ASF users for manual matching.

  • Barter - Game Trading Made Easy[]
    Created by: BarterVG
    Description: You wanna trade or make a list of all your leftover games? This website will help you.

  • Dispenser[]
    Created by: J oto
    Description: A safe place to trade TF2 items for games.

  • Marketplace[]
    Created by: Jesse Cardone & Josh Coffey
    Description: Site that sell TF2 items. Accept Credit Card, Bitcoin or Paypal.

  • ScrapTF[]
    Created by: Jesse Cardone & Josh Coffey
    Description: Another place to trade TF2 items.

  • Steam Game Swap
    Created by: blueshiftlabs
    Description: The biggest Reddit group for trades.

  • SteamTrade Matcher[]
    Created by: Robou
    Description: Easy tool to trade cards with other users.

  • Steam Trades[]
    Created by: cg
    Description: One of the biggest trade place for games.
Trading Cards / Emoticons / Backgrounds
  • Steam AP Background Cropper[]
    Created by: TrueCarry
    Description: Crop background to do montage with showcases.

  • Steam Card Exchange[]
    Created by: GermanDarkness & Chris Kaiser
    Description: Awesome site to trade cards with bots and check every collection of badges.

  • Steam Tools[]
    Created by: Ehsan Kia
    Description: A awesome collection of tools for Cards, Emoticons, Backgrounds. Includes a Mosaticon, Games Filter and Item Value Sorter too.

    Emoticons Tools:

  • Steam Emoticon Art Editor[]
    Created by: Max Krieger
    Description: Another simple tool to do your art with emoticons.

  • Steam Emoticon Converter[]
    Created by: Chaz Schlarp
    Description: Convert images into emoticons.

  • Text Pastebin[]
    Created by: Mattie
    Description: Turn text into emoticons.
  • Awesome Reconnect[]
    Created by: goncalomb
    Description: Insert your SteamID, the site will ping your Steam profile every minute, keeping track of the last game/server that you were playing on, allowing you to rejoin if the connection is lost.

  • Buy All Steam Games[]
    Created by: cwang22
    Description: Ever wonder how much does it costs to buy all games from Steam?.

  • CYROGENiX Steam Tools[]
    Created by: Asamak
    Description: Browse your Steam Library by tags and choose games by screenshots.

  • Cu Steam[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: Custom home page for your Steam Overlay browser, which automatically adapts to the game you’re playing.

  • Friend Since[]
    Created by: Jesse Cardone
    Description: Shows a list of a user's steam friends, sorted by time they have been friends.

    Created by: remike & Furrek
    Steam Group
    Description: Compares prices of PC games from over 30 authorized stores in 19 different regions.

  • Greenlight Updates[]
    Created by: dgc1980
    Description: A awesome website that show every Greenlight game status.

  • How much are you paying per hour?[]
    Created by: psykzz
    Description: The title says all, it shows games order by best value, by cost per hour.

  • How Long To Beat Steam[]
    Created by: ?
    Steam Group
    Description: Statistical website that show the time of games from your account.

  • Humble Games[]
    Created by: Calvein
    Description: You can check every game of Humble Store there (widgets format).

  • Removed Games/DLC/Software[]
    Created by: TheAnthonyNL
    Description: Check removed apps you have in your account.

  • Pepeizq's apps[]
    Created by: Pepe
    Description: Apps (to Windows 10) and shortcuts.

  • SteamArchive[]
    Created by: M!st
    Steam Group
    Description: Archive of Steam Community Profiles.

  • SteamGM[]
    Created by: go9
    Description: Information about your library, inventory, purchases and more.

  • SteamLevels[]
    Created by: Nacho
    Steam Group
    Description: Calculate how much XP and Cards you'll need to level up to a specific level.

  • Steamly[]
    Created by: mahmedov
    Description: Easily find prices of games and people's game list of best games.

  • SteamLytics[]
    Created by: Korrasami
    Steam Group
    Description: Tool for developers that analyze data of APIs.

  • Steamosaic[]
    Created by: skhaz
    Description: Generate a mosaic of your steam account

  • Steam Achievements for Facebook[]
    Createdy by: jrummell
    Description: Steam Achievements is a Facebook app that displays and publishes achievements for Steam games.

  • Steam Error Codes[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: Listing and description of EResult values

  • Steam Friends[]
    Created by: ĿĒØ.ҒЯ & PsyKitty
    Steam Group
    Description: Track your Steam friends and check who is added, deleted or renamed from your friend list.

  • Steam Kiwi[]
    Created by: Etaew
    Description: The website collects game news, developer posts and curator recommendations and sorts them into a personalised feed.

  • Steam Left[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: Funny site that show how long will take to beat every game from your game.

  • Steam Library Filters[]
    Created by: Lorenzo Stanco
    Description: Search your games by their tags.

  • Steam Locked[]
    Created by: auu788
    Description: Find if the game is locked locked and in which region.

  • Steam Profile Minifier[]
    Created by: Doctor McKay
    Description: A Steam Profile URL shortening service.

  • Steam Review Editor[]
    Created by: dons20
    Description: Easily create and modify your reviews in real-time without having to manually apply steam markup tags.

  • Steam Tools[]
    Created by: Madjoki
    Description: List of Steam bundles, Banned Apps, Free Apps and more useful stuff.

  • Steam Tools - Utility in gaming[]
    Created by: MisteriosM
    Description: Account Informations and Achievement Stats. Emoticon converter and Steam Roulette.

  • Steam Top 250[]
    Created by: Steam 250?!
    Description: Generates the Steam Top 250 website.

  • Steam Tracker[]
    Created by: Cae
    Description: Keep track for delisted Steam apps.

  • Steam Workshop Downloader[]
    Created by: fgblomqvist
    Description: Download files from Steam Workshop.

  • Stickerbook[]
    Created by: Caralynx
    Description: Save your sticker album which will expire 08/05/17.

  • TrashDump
    Created by: [FP] Dr. McKay
    Description: Give me your trash, or take something you want.

  • What Should I Steam[]
    Created by: Kolten
    Description: Search through steam's massive library of games to quickly deliver content that you might actually interest you!
Others (Pt. 2)
Part 2 due to the characters limit.

Valve's Games
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • CS:GO Market Float Finder[]
    Created by: adamb70
    Description: Find Counter Strike: Global Offensive Steam Market skin float values, seeds, and skin type. Tabulates data for easy sorting.

  • VAC Error Insta Fixer[]
    Created by: brokenw1nter
    Description: A very simple batch file which helps fix the Valve Anti-Cheat error message.

DotA 2

  • AnalyzeDotA[]
    Created by: Gúnther & hessi77777
    Description: Provides statistics for professional DotA 2 live matches.

  • DailyDota2[]
    Created by: Gregor Krambs
    Description: Watch Dota 2 matches with live-stats.

  • Dota Buff[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: A place where millions of Dota 2 players get in depth statistics.

  • Dota Concept[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: Concept of new Heroes.

  • ModDota[]
    Created by: sιиz
    Steam Group
    Description: Modding Community.

  • YASP[]
    Created by: ?
    Description: Another stats page.
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