IsThereAnyDeal itadofficial
IsThereAnyDeal itadofficial
September 27, 2014
ABOUT IsThereAnyDeal

When the price is right, you will play all night.

We compare current games' prices for more than 20 stores across several regions as well as various bundles and other special deals. We keep a price history for you, so you can see how often the game goes on sale and what are the historical lowest prices.

If you don't want to miss a sale, add your games to the Waitlist. You can sync it with your Steam wishlist (and some others, too) and tell us when you want to receive notifications via email.

And if you have huge number of games and often forget which games you own, we can help, too! Use our Collection to keep track of your games and we'll spare you of disappointment when you realize you bought the game in the last sale. Similar to Waitlist, you can also sync your library from a few stores and easily add content of the bundles.
What's New?
Some notes about update:
  • Region and country is now set for account - we haven't tracked these yet, so I tried to use data from your Waitlist. If you had Waitlist in multiple regions, I took the one with most entries.
    If you didn't have Waitlist created, I tried to look at your login session and get region and country from it. If you weren't logged in, I set US region.

  • Waitlist Categories - since you can no longer have one game multiple times in Waitlist with different settings, I had to split these into separate Categories. If you had same entry in different regions, you will see "Default Category" which was used for region where you had most entries, and one or more other categories based on other regions. If you didn't know about it (and maybe you were wondering why you are getting notifications for games you can't see in Waitlist), you can easily remove unwanted categories.

    There were some users that used different settings within one region though. These were trickier, I had to create new categories based on store settings. There are handful of users for whom this process created quite a lot of categories. I'm sorry, I couldn't figure out anything better, but since you are power users I am sure you can set up your Waitlist to your liking with this new system as well.

  • Waitlist Defaults (Default Notification Limits) - these should be mostly fine, only exception are users who were using "minimum of nondeal and set price". This option no longer exists and I have set up "regular price" for you.

  • Profiles (imports) - As I have mentioned in changelog yesterday, imports have been consolidated into profiles, so you don't need to import one thing multiple times. I have tried to merge them as accurately as possible, including your settings. Old system used different identifiers for wishlist imports, so few profiles couldn't be added with proper settings. Please check them, but in 99.99% you should be alright. What I forgot to mention, however, is that there is no longer support for DLC and package import right now. I wasn't happy with how it worked so I'll try to figure out better system.

  • Collection links - links for your sync'd games in Collection have been removed but they will be added during next import. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's not important :)

In this update we focused on general quality of life improvements, making site more accessible while not dumbing it down and more while also sneaking a new feature or two.

  • updated visual style and fixed inconsistencies
  • updated top menu to improve site navigation
  • all settings are now organized in a way that makes much more sense
  • added Discord server[], although it's been already live, there was missing icon on the website, so consider this public release :)
  • a lot, lot, lot of minor changes, updates and quality of life improvements

  • improved sign in process, should be more secure and robust (as a result you will be signed out)
  • improve experience for new users, if you are signing in for the first time via Steam, your username will be automatically set and Steam profile created
  • added option to link/unlink Steam accounts as you go. You no longer have to delete whole account if you want to start using Steam login
  • email is now optional (but you still probably want to set it)
  • added region and country option, these will now be used to determine from which region you will get notifications

  • you can now opt-out of anonymized data sharing with 3rd parties (note: our privacy policy is still the same, just adding you more control) - these are mostly average notification limits, your private data are never sent to anyone

Store Settings
  • store settings are now being applied in Waitlist and Waitlist notifications

Profiles & Data Sources
  • completely changed how linking wishlists and libraries work. You no longer need to add wishlist and library separately in different managers, instead you are now linking whole profile where you can choose what should by synchronized
  • manual sync for both Waitlist and Collection now works as expected and should remove games that are no longer found in your profile
  • added support for Humble Store wishlist sync
  • added support for custom profiles sync - any 3rd party can now expose lists that ITAD would be able to sync to Waitlist/Collection

  • added categories
  • each category can be made public/private
  • you can decide whether you want to receive notification for games in whole category
  • you can choose which category should be used for each profile sync
  • removed option to have Waitlist in multiple regions, instead your account settings are now used to determine region. This was causing a lot of confusion and I wasn't able to explain why users are receiving notificaitons for incorrect prices or games they already removed from Waitlist.
  • It is possible to add this setting on a per-category basis, if I see interest - let me know if you need this feature
  • it is no longer possible to have multiple notification options for one game. Use categories instead
  • Waitlist is now more verbatim
  • added option to load whole Waitlist at once; you no longer have to scroll down to the end of your Waitlist to see it all load
  • added filter based on profile - you can also see which games were added from which profiles
  • updated Waitlist export
  • added option to import exported Waitlist
  • 3rd party is now able to send a import request to Waitlist - similar to as if you were importing data from file; refer to API for more info

Waitlist Notifications Settings
  • removed options for subject customization, all notifications now use same subject format (this applies for Specials notifications as well)
  • added option to delay Waitlist notification. This differs from notification frequency. Frequency is a limit which tells when are we allowed to send you another notification, delay is a limit that says how long should we be waiting for new deals to be found before sending you notification.
    This option can help group multiple notification emails into one and prevent sending notifications about glitched prices that store notices and fixes quickly.
    Default: 2 hours
  • added option to show more images in notification (instead of only for the first game), turned on by default
  • added option to use price with/without voucher applied when checking notification limit, turned on by default (that's how it works currently)
  • changed wording of option that sends notification on all price changes to reflect what it actually does

Default Notification Limits
  • simplified Waitlist defaults settings
  • added option to offset computed price limit by set %. Example: Let's assume that a computed notification limit would be 50,00€ (e.g. if you use current price as a base for limit). If you set -25% offset, the final notification limit would be 37,50€ (=50-25%*50)
  • added option to set price limit threshold - computed price limit will never go below this threshold
  • you can use store settings to set stores, no need to set it up twice now
  • added Origin and Uplay to DRM checks

Waitlist Notifications Emails
  • added direct link to remove game from Waitlist, even without singing in to ITAD
  • added note if the game is already in your Collection
  • added historical low

  • added support for custom values, you can add your own values for copy and game status, copy type and copy source (where you bought it)
  • removed option to expand all entries by default. Instead, browser will now remember last state of the Collection
  • added option to load whole Collection at once; you no longer have to scroll down to the end of your Collection to see it all load
  • added filter based on profile - you can also see which games were added from which profiles
  • updated Collection export
  • added option to import exported Collection
  • 3rd party is now able to send a import request to Collection - similar to as if you were importing data from file; refer to API for more info

Apps and API
  • added authorized apps page to settings, from which you can see what apps are connected to your account, their permissions and you have option to revoke it
  • simplified app management
  • API docs are now open sourced, you can both update it and follow upcoming changes before they are live
  • lifted some limits in requests as well as for token timeouts
  • performance improvements in some endpoints, e.g. for getting current prices
  • added documentation for creating Waitlist and Collection import requests
  • added documentation for custom profiles
  • new API endpoints: get whole user's Waitlist, link custom profile, direct Collection import, direct Waitlist import, statistical endpoint for Waitlist
For all changes in API please refer to GitHub[] and docs themselves

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (and #leftovers)
merry Christmas and happy New Year!

And we also thank you for using our service and providing useful feedback (and asking for new features). Only thanks to YOU we are still able to run the site without any ads and we hope to keep it that way as long as possible!

Saying that, you might notice we weren't as active in the last few weeks, including no indie tip this week (and no weekly recaps...), but that should change once we hit 2018 - we're finishing and testing that big update Tomas talked about in previous announcement.

There will be no FreewareMondays, KickstarterTuesdays, IndieThursdays, etc. in the following weeks, but we're returning to the standard schedule right after Awesome Games Done Quick 2018[].

As for our weekly indie tips, you can check them all at because a lot of them are on the sale.

#Leftovers on Discord
But before we leave you to celebrate, we have some good news - we just created a new channel on our Discord sever[] - #leftovers - to underline the gift giving Christmas mood. If you have some spare games you think other people would enjoy, feel free to use the channel.
We will definitely use it later today and tomorrow

-zlg and the ITAD team

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Thanks sleepybear - I try to pick only interesting and good indie games, and fill some classics nobody should miss between :)
sleepybear Dec 24, 2017 @ 7:59am 
Big thumbs up for your "hand-picked tips"/curator page. There is some neat looking stuff on there that I've never heard of!
rnd.exe Nov 2, 2017 @ 12:10pm 
thank you for what you do! I have saved a fortune!
Festero Doom Oct 16, 2017 @ 5:41pm 
Anyone else sick of Gamebillet and WinGameStore spamming their inbox w/ The Evil Within 2 deals, in a penny dropping bidding war to have the lowest price.
Pumpkin_Masher Oct 15, 2017 @ 4:45pm 
Is there a way to submit a deal? For example NeweggFlash is selling Steam codes for State of Decay YOSE for $14.98 right now, but the site currently shows the lowest price at $25.
tomas3333 Aug 7, 2017 @ 3:44am 
That's affiliate redirecting to the store, the domain is by . If all links are giving you warning (is it really antivirus?), it should be false positive, otherwise you can send me URL and I'll check it.
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September 27, 2014