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Lestrade's Trader club
February 21, 2017
ABOUT Lestrade's

The trade is on! is a trading site, which intends to be familiar to users of and improve on all its features. In development since July 2016, the site reached stable status on May 20, 2017.

Lestrade's is the ideal place for one-time traders and seasoned bundle buyers to get rid of their duplicate game keys and acquire new ones in the process. Other traders may not have bought the same bundles as you did, and may have hold onto keys from bundles you missed out on. As the saying goes, "your garbage is their treasure." It's not a saying?! It should be.

A few features:
- browsing a game database, mostly from Steam, as well as a bundle database courtesy of ITAD.
- adding/removing games to your wishlist, tradables (games you have available to trade), blacklist and library,
- matching wishlists & tradables VERY quickly (less than 0.1 second on average!)
- a full-featured trading/offer system, with both usability and power in mind.

And any second spent writing this is one less second spent on adding new features! w00t!

You can discuss LT's directly on the site's forums, or here if you prefer Steam forums. You can also get in touch with the author, Nao. Don't forget to invite your friends to this group if you want the user base to grow! More users is more potential trades, and more fun to be had!
The more logs change, the more they stay the same.

- Added Bulk Add support to Blacklist: you can now add 'Not Interested' games from Steam to your blacklist!

- Added Bulk Add support to Library: can now add DLCs and Steam packages automatically to your library!

Overall, this new feature allowed me to painlessly import 800 DLCs and packages to my library, and 160 items to my blacklist. Just like that!

New section: Studio data. has a list of all studios that developed or published a game. For each of them, you can view all of the games they created, as well as statistics on how many of their games were bundled, and when was the last time they had a game bundled.

This makes it VERY helpful to determine if a new game should be bought on sale or if you should wait more: just check out the publisher and their bundling patterns! You can find a semi-tutorial here[].


- The site now shows you the current Steam price of a game in game lists and offers. If the current price is lower than usual, the sale percentage will also be shown in green. (This should, among other things, fix a problem I often met in offers: getting offered a 1:50 game that actually costs $1 on Steam, in exchange for a tier 2 with a much worse ratio. Be strong, resist!)


- Game tags now show short descriptions for confusing tags. I wrote them myself and I'm not much of a player, so apologies for any approximations.

- Game pages now split tags in different categories: genre, sub-genre (in italics), user-assigned tags, and other tags, which usually describe the features of a game rather than its contents. Believe me, it changes everything.

- In bundle and offer pages, if a game is confirmed to be a VR exclusive (i.e. won't run without a VR headset), it will now be indicated with a clear little 'VR ONLY' icon.

- Added a 'sort by latest added' option in the Tag page. This'll allow you to easily spot newly released games for any genre you enjoy.


- If when looking at an offer, you see "1 👫" next to a game entry, it means that tradable is currently in an active offer elsewhere. This shouldn't be a very important detail, but if you're seeing a high number for it, it means the item is likely to get traded soon, meaning that offer will need some reworking/canceling. This should encourage you to accept it as quickly as possible if you want the item in question, of course.

- Fixed 'missing tradable' errors in offer lists where the third party removed one of the offered games from their tradables by mistake and immediately re-added it.

Game pages

- If a game was added to a bundle before it was on Steam, once it gets added to Steam, it should automatically show the old bundle listed in its game page, as an 'unconfirmed' item (i.e. possibly greenlit but no guaranteed keys.)

- If a game in your library is flagged as 'removed', click its name and visit its page. If it's marked as '(removed)' then it was probably revoked. If it's marked as '(delisted)', it means it was probably recently banned from the store by Steam (i.e. removed, trading disabled and author ridiculed.) Games that were removed a while ago are usually marked as 'Steam Delisted', so this is only useful for recent bans.

Game database

- Fixed the game database, notably videos and DLCs which were usually incorrectly marked as games -- about 3000 of them, most done manually! There are probably more left, but not much in the case of videos. Also started turning 'incorrect' games (such as test builds, corrupt DLCs, etc.) into junk, i.e. stuff that isn't returned by the search engine, to save you some time. If you find something that should be removed, you can comment on it and I'll delete it, it's just a single click for me. Okay, two.


- Search engine results will now indicate the item's ratio, store (Steam/GOG/etc.) and decommissioned status. This should make it easier to choose the 'proper' game when several results come up.

- Comments on offers, bundles etc. can now hold up to a thousand characters instead of the very arbitrary 250. You're only limited by the fact that you're typing in an input box, not a textarea, so it shouldn't encourage you to start talking about your life. Not that we don't care, but it's probably not the place for that.

And... as always, many minor changes, additions and fixes that I didn't deem important enough to be mentioned here. (And don't mind the title, I just watched Mr. Robot this morning.)

Lestrade's reviews
"Reviews from Nao, admin of trading website Lestrade's -- expect mostly relaxing/casual games that don't require strong motor skills. Point & click, HOG, puzzle, match-3, RPG, JRPG, (walking) sims, cards etc."
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Lichtheld Feb 23, 2018 @ 5:52am 
Great website - very fast and easy to handle. Thank you for that. Invited all my friends.
[CAC] Vynskir Mar 24, 2017 @ 2:24pm 
Also invited my contacts! Thank you very much for all your efforts
KeyG Mar 24, 2017 @ 11:45am 
Nice Page good work
[] Nao 尚 Mar 24, 2017 @ 1:54am 
That's the thing to do, thanks :)
odminstar Mar 23, 2017 @ 11:51pm 
Invited all my friends, even those who didn't use Barter :steamwings:
XanthiN Mar 19, 2017 @ 6:33pm 
Supporting, Good luck! :extralife:
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