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This game is both infuriating and fascinating. I played the French dub after trying out the English and Japanese versions, not expecting that the French voices would be so much more endearing. This helped me enjoy the characters in a huge way.

The soundtrack is extraordinary (no wonder when it's written by Yôko Shimomura, of Radiant Historia and Legend of Mana fame -- I even went to a concert *just* to see her in person on stage), and there are many changes to the Final Fantasy mechanics that make it feel fresh.
However, the story isn't all that great (I still haven't figured out who the hell Ardyn is... I'm gonna have to search him on a Wiki... Really weird, considering the script keeps hammering some specific points over and over again), the ending is confusing at best (uh, why did he do that exactly..?!), and it's terribly annoying that the game is split in two halves: the open world "real game", and the straightforward "scripted game", which starts midway through chapter 9 and never lets you go open world again. It's pretty simple: the moment you get the 'Umbra' feature (in Altissia), you should know that if you proceed through the main story, you'll never be able to explore the open world again, it's really the end of the best part of the game, which is why they added the ability to visit the past, I guess. Which doesn't really feel satisfying. When are Square Enix gonna learn to adjust their endgame to happen after the final boss is beaten? CDPR and Bethesda do it all the time.

I haven't played the DLCs yet, or done the endgame stuff, except for turning the Regalia into a... plane? Which is very funny, but completely useless, and ended for me with a crash... Not a plane crash, but an actual EXE crash. So I can't really judge the entire game for now, but it'll have to do for now, after 40 hours of playtime. Overall, I never had any crashes, but I did have some game-breaking bugs here and there, most notably at the end of the "Hiso hiso!" quest, which forced me to restart it... Wasted another half hour. Meh.

Another annoying moment: there's a stealth mission that you have to complete in stealth mode, otherwise you have to redo it from the start. I tried a dozen times before giving up, fortunately I found a trainer that had an option to disable stealth mechanics, and was able to finish the mission that way. Without that trainer (and god mode in general, because I have zero action skills), I would have been forced to give the game a negative review.

Over than that, really, the characters and soundtrack make up for all of the issues I had, and I'm glad I got to spend some time playing the whole damn thing. But please, Square Enix, stop trying to outdo yourselves with complicated bittersweet stories... How about not having to save the world, for a change..?

Edit: I'm uninstalling the game soon. It's really good, but not great enough that I want to do endgame at all. And 80GB of disk space is a lot...
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