Alex   Austria
:legitimacy: Platypus rutilus, in hoc signo vinces - In honorem Paradox! :fishbun:

PC gaming since 1975 :remote: I like to collect games. :hee::xp:

I am a gamer, also artist, photograph, image editor,
modder, history nerd and creative genius.
Not a Vampire.

My status is allways busy - because i am allways busy.
Please dont bug me with anything while i am ingame.

When i dont answer to your chat message, i am
probably not on the pc so be patient or try it another time.

I am not interrested in TF2 or card trading so dont waste our time.
Begging gets you removed from my contact list.

If you have a private profile or any kind of ban, dont even try to add me.
I tend to get a lot of random friend & group requests, most of them get declined.
You can allways leave me a profile message if its important.
You can tweet me if its really urgent.

Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.
Bubble Wrap - Every tiny plastic capsule contains the soul of a Leprechaun!

Give a man a console and he'll game for a day,
Teach a man how to build a PC and he'll play games forever.

"Spank n Uranus: well, sometimes people just dont make sense"
Thanks Spank for reminding me <3

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My infobox is outdated. I need to redo it at some point.

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Steam dosent care for the curator system,
and its limited to 100 curators to follow/ignore, so its useless.


Information on Steam Keys from Bundles & Co

Updates are on hold. :glory: Glory to Cobrastan :cobrastan:

View all my old updates HERE (Members of Games Collectors only) or HERE .

Usefull links:
- Keys Added Steamgroup:
- (klick on a game and it lists the Bundles it was in)

Bundle sites:
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Big thanks to everyone who updates me!
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Alexspeed Jun 14 @ 12:54pm 
Soon :lunar2019piginablanket:
⭐DrTechnoid ⭐✨ Jun 14 @ 8:11am 
14k hype
Alexspeed Jun 14 @ 12:38am 
Thank's Klaus. Oh wow youre on 8K already, watch out, at that pace youll overtake me =)
Klaus Jun 14 @ 12:32am 
13 k :krlvlup:
Alexspeed Jun 14 @ 12:17am 
Thank's DrTechnoid. Yours is nice as well.
⭐DrTechnoid ⭐✨ Jun 13 @ 10:56pm 
Impressive profile.