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Particle Work ...
Hi and thank you for checking out my work!
I love receiving concepts for new effects. But I am getting overwhelmed!
So …
I need to set up some parameters before I accept new ideas.

If you would like me to consider taking up your concept/idea, can you please do the following:
:cheeeese: Be prepared that I may not like your concept and may say no thank you.:coolthulhu:
Make sure to have your legal information completed on the Steam workshop. Click Here
:cheeeese: Have some ‘concept art’ ready to send to me.
:cheeeese: Make sure your concept/idea is original. And yours!
:cheeeese: Check the workshop to ensure no replication of your concept/idea before contacting me.
:cheeeese: If you are wanting to have custom, animated sprites or promo work, and you can’t provide the needed skills, I will ask another team member to join us. Project completion is then conditional on their wanting join the team.

All the best,
Workshop Showcase
A payload map set in a decaying moonbase. Blu are trying to destroy the monster in the caves. Red are trying to stop them.

A Beta map, still under construction

Custard1 - Mapmaker, Models
Fruit - Director, Models
Bergholt - Models
Grambee - Animator
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Yeshu Ip Man Nov 8 @ 2:06pm 
Do you take donations/financial support for your workshop contributions?
Alsander Mulligan Nov 8 @ 5:11am 
Is amasing Friend, cheesy is!
FlyingPaper Oct 28 @ 8:37pm 
Added to ask something about unusual effects
Tweety Oct 18 @ 1:25pm 
+rep add me
Mr. Pugg (Gone Fishing) Oct 9 @ 4:54pm 
Added to talk of particle idea as well I was reffered by my friend rapoza
Star Dash Oct 7 @ 4:05am 
added to discuss about a particle idea