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Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I dont accept random friend requests unless i seen or was familiar to you from in game, forums, real life, etc. For forums I need to at LEAST talk with you before. If you randomly send me friend request and i never met nor talked with you before, i'll decline it. And PLEASE stop inviting me random group invite. I'm already getting many ridiculous invite and the most majority involves CSGO. From here on out i'm starting to decline them unless if its from friends, which is the ONLY exception I can take.
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Zeds going fangirl on me!
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He is back, and he is got some new tricks! This mod add SPNC Patriarch from game Killing Floor. He is very angry and dangerous! Npc located in NPC -> Killing Floor Zeds.
BONUS: How to make patriarch health go down fast? Bombs! Now you can plant bombs, tha
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This used to be a mod before it was an actual game, now it comes out. Everyone including myself were waiting for this moment. I've been playing Sven Co-op since 4.8 and i still have it. I wont be needing it anymore now that the newest version is the game itself, 5.0 is out, FINALLY.

Now that is on Steam i'm giving out the statistics. It is a great GAME, a game that continues its way just like the mod did except adding more stuff in it thats not in 4.8. The game is heavily focused on teamwork against bot controlled enemies. Whether its aliens, marines, nazis, you name it. You play as any character based from either Half-Life or any other games (Such as the Doomguy in Doom, Young Link from Zelda, Mario from Mario games, etc.).

The maps are heavily on campaign, so your objective is to reach through it whether by fighting enemies, solve puzzles, or both. Theres a HUGE amount of maps you can play on. If you are suddenly on the loading screen, it means someone has reached the end of the map which causes a new map to load up. Also keep noted the guns you see, sometimes you get different guns depends on the campaign you play (such as the thompson if played in WWII maps).

There is Half life maps, but there are also modded maps. If you are feeling for adventure, you came in the right place.

Give yourself time to try the game when you can and while you still can. Note that low players does not always mean a bad thing, being yourself is whats worst since it'll make the game harder playing by yourself. Having just one person with you is enough, bringing more will bring on the carnage. The game may be too easy for you if you bring on the best team or just simply bring LOTS of people with you. You want a fair fun game where you are fighting through with others as a team.

The bosses also are VERY promising in most maps. Some maps has bosses, some dont. But you will see one at some point depending on the map you are playing on.

I truly recommend this to anyone, its going to be a blast when playing this.

Edit: So I noticed theres ANOTHER mode that 4.8 doesnt have, which is called survival mode. Its WAY harder than normal mode and takes REAL teamwork to get through. When you are dead, you stay dead until reinforcements comes or someone revived you. Its a really good mode if you are up for a challenge or if normal mode was too boring for you. Though its in one of the servers which you need to find and I happen to find one, which has a "Survival" or "Survival Mode" on it. It also has the same objective as normal mode where you go through the campaigns.

The game really improved since 4.8, I suggest checking it out if normal mode isnt enough for you.
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Created by - Merim
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Here in this guide it will teach you how to play Counter Strike 1.6, along side with some tips and advices on how to win the game.
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Merim Oct 1 @ 9:23am 
Whoever got a link from somebody to vote someone in regards of CSGO, dont click it. Its possibly a scam and could get your account hacked.
Manythingyy Mar 13 @ 12:28am 
A great friend to talk to at the best times.
Merim Feb 11 @ 7:20pm 
「Patchy」 Feb 11 @ 6:53pm 
Yee yee! I'll keep that in mind whenever I have some free time.
Merim Feb 11 @ 8:19am 
THATS AWESOME! We should play together again some other time good sir.
「Patchy」 Feb 10 @ 8:48pm 
Eh, same tbh, except now I'm no longer on a toaster PC, so there's that. Moreeeeee power to me to do some stupid stuff with amigos.