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Warkiller.38 14 жов о 22:51 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
Copter Scout 8 жов о 11:20 

Copter Scout 8 жов о 11:19 
(wads like: tnt.wad will NOT be on
Copter Scout 8 жов о 11:17 
Also i wish it loaded the wads (weapons & monsters) before the game loaded the map
Copter Scout 8 жов о 11:16 
(DOOM & DOOM II will be free)
Copter Scout 8 жов о 11:14 
if you want the game wads go to: . you can get doom & doom II. to get other wads (like tnt.wad) they will most likely be in a rar file but you find can many online rar extractors.
AnAwesomeName 7 жов о 6:23 
Why do i need Wad files to make this mod fully work ?
labrad00r.64 4 жов о 21:50 
Never mind what I said, pc is getting fixed so the drive is getting wiped.
Asd 2.0 1 жов о 11:16 
Will it run with the original disc version of D2?
Asd 2.0 1 жов о 9:18 
Can it run Chex quest?
Doctor Podo 26 вер о 14:54 
could you clarify something? If I have a Doom and Doom 2 wad in the folder, which one gets taken and which one gets ignored?
slothinator17 24 вер о 17:37 
labrad00r.64, in the options menu there's a keyboard tab. In it, there's a "use defaults" button. That'll probably fix it. If that doesn't work, go online and find an exact command to unbind it. I can imagine that someone has had that problem before.
labrad00r.64 24 вер о 10:53 
Can anyone help me? I accidentally binded the menu to the enter key and i cant remove it. I tried typing in unbind enter into the console that did nothing, i tried uninstalling the mod, quitting gmod, then restarting it and reinstalling it but then still the menu is binded to enter. Can someone help me unbind it?
Animated Arcee 24 вер о 1:41 
Support gmSimpsonsDoom.
slothinator17 22 вер о 23:13 
OK, I've figured out how to get the damn textures to load using the Freedoom link. If you just want to texture the mobs, and don't care wether or not they look like the original Doom monsters, follow these instructions: STEP 1. Download Freedoom: Phase 1+2 to your desktop (for ease of access). STEP 2. Unzip the folder. Open the unzipped folder. Open the folder inside THAT, and you should see three files and two text documents. STEP 3. Rename the file named freedoom2.wad so that it is DOOM2.wad. Yes, in all-caps. STEP 4. using the instructions in the description above, put DOOM2.wad into the GarrysMod/garrysmod folder. You should now be good to go.
[TMI]RastaMan 21 вер о 13:49 
How can i make maps in VHE with gmDoom entities and textures from doom2.wad?
Also can you make Full 3D source port of Doom? :C
Slendy 19 вер о 23:22 
Hi this is a great mod for gmod i have been a fan of it for so long but do you think you can make another one but for doom 2016. if you can't or won't i understand and thanks. (amazing mod)
Keaton06 19 вер о 15:03 
it keeps crashing when i start a map can u help?????
turkghost182 17 вер о 14:27 
How do you get iwad???????????
Gnome Chompski 15 вер о 18:35 
I can't get any of the needed games, because I use a Mac. Is there an alternative method? (not bootcamp.)
[TUD] Bendy 15 вер о 9:52 
i have DOOM 3 and not DOOM 3 BFG edition i'ts a problem ?
grandalf 9 вер о 2:11 
Uh so what do i install for the textures and what not?
Neo 29 сер о 12:55 
um i did every thing it sead and games but doom 2 things dont work
Гудва 29 сер о 0:29 
Multiplayer support?
MLG JK 25 сер о 20:06 
I sadly have a mac and this mod doesn't work for my computer. Everytime I paste the wad to the garrysmod folder, I try to open up Garry's mod but it crashes instantly and then I have to reinstall my game. Is their a way for this mod to work on my mac? If they're is then please send video tutorials on how to do it or instructions on how to do it, i personally prefer video tutorials but either one works for me. If not will this mod be available for macs in the future?
Asd 2.0 21 сер о 12:15 
Hopefully chex quest works
Asd 2.0 21 сер о 12:11 
@Doctor TwiAigh
probably not.
♀Doctor Twiλigh♀ 19 сер о 13:29 
can i use custom WADs?
bendy 19 сер о 12:49 
finally im have doom 2 im can use this addon !
Pootis137 14 сер о 0:50 
just kidding, the id tech 1 engine is discontinued since years... xD
Pootis137 14 сер о 0:50 
DooM 4/2016? pls I want those HD textures from the kewl 2016 wad!!!
420BLAZEIT 10 сер о 0:00 
doom 3?
Pootis137 8 сер о 3:34 
I know, I was just trying to make curious kiddies look it up and get shocked by it...
Burger King 6 сер о 20:05 
Pootis137- HDooM is Hentai-Doom.
Pootis137 4 сер о 1:40 
what is HDooM?
мℂβαΠ∃_κεΠΠΣγ 31 лип о 12:55 
what is nerve.wad?
Duane Dibbley 30 лип о 13:05 
There is no spread when looking up or down
XxX_vapes5lyfe69_xXx {FaZe} {B$} 29 лип о 22:04 
As if anyone could *silence*
bendy 28 лип о 12:56 
to get iwad neds doom game
The Emile 26 лип о 13:08 
and do i need to select server one or server 2?
The Emile 26 лип о 13:06 
um... i don't know where to go from the doomarchives site, which one do i select? is it any of the sharewares or the doom1 wad zip?
ravenholm 25 лип о 23:26 
I doubt this has anything to do with the Addon, but when I installed the IWAD and I restarted the game, I was eager to play with the Doom enemies. But to my disapointment, I turned on my flash light and then soon enough I was looking at a blue screen. I don't know why this happened, I used the flash light a lot before that had happened, so I don't know what happened that specific time. I have to reinstall Garry's Mod now from what I see.
Travinator 23 лип о 16:35 
now that ive downloaded doom 2 hell on earth, do i put the doom files into garrys mod files?
sebostarwars 23 лип о 11:50 
Slim Jim 21 лип о 14:25 
@elrobertosuperio no it wont. BFG edition has the old doom games within it but Doom 3 doesn't.
elrobertosuperio 21 лип о 10:17 
will this work with doom 3 orginal
Nucking Figger! 15 лип о 4:58 
Pixel Snowy Szkalowniczy Then you will need the DOOM 2 IWAD. It has all the Demons and weapons/entities.
Nucking Figger! 12 лип о 11:16 
Warkiller.38 Did you find any other Wolf NPCs?
Nucking Figger! 12 лип о 9:41 
Quick question. Can you/the user paste other WAD files from DOOM mods into this and get the NPCs for it? That would be great because it would great to be able to use the NPCs from this Wolfenstien/DOOM mod:
Warkiller.38 10 лип о 20:49 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit