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EvilHeavy™ 31 сер о 15:55 
@Imperial Guardsman
No, Doom 3 does not contain IWAD files. That runs off the IdTech 4 engine, which uses a different filesystem altogether. The files are stored in .pk3 (or .pak, I forget, just not .wad) files.

An IWAD file contains all of the game files. It's worth noting that they're referred to as IWADs as they are the original data for the games (and are required for all source ports), however the only thing that says that they are IWADs is a tag at the beginning of the file - they use .wad as their file extention just like all the other wad files.

It's smart how the creator is using the wad files for the assets. I wonder if I could trick the game with Action Doom 2 or something like that?
Jason 31 сер о 9:26 
what's a IWAD files?
Imperial Guardsman 30 сер о 18:56 
Does Doom 3 (not BFG Edition) contain IWAD files?
fevermario 29 сер о 14:25 
it would be nice if you gave doomguy a toggleable jumping and crouching ability as in modern source ports of doom. so that the half life 2 campaign will be playable without cheating.
ketcat68 25 сер о 21:39 
how do i get a wad
loading name... 25 сер о 1:57 
its not illegal, look at all of the npc mods and the swep mods, and the ports of things, there assets from other games
Jason 24 сер о 10:08 
derpchief 22 сер о 17:11 
Super easy to install,thank you for this.DOOM 4 EVA!
rksuerte 20 сер о 8:05 
lol amazing
tuckerwj 17 сер о 15:08 
I figured out how to put in the IWAD, but what i really want to know is how to make a door that only opens with skull and key cards.
tuckerwj 14 сер о 18:05 
Yeah but when I copy it it doesn't let me paste it in the game files.
Picodreng 12 сер о 7:32 
tuckerwj, it's all listed in the description...
tuckerwj 10 сер о 18:53 
Where do I get the IWAD files from?
Dehydrated Water 8 сер о 18:55 
Why does the spawnlist always have two doom folders when I start a game?
Jamtastic Cheesebowl 8 сер о 16:57 
Doom 64 sprites and sound effects would be a cool addition to this mod as well as the normal monsters. Just a suggestion :)
HYDRA956 8 сер о 16:27 
read the description's Q and A
[TMI] RastaMan 31 лип о 21:29 
If your "Doom2.WAD" not working, you must find licensed and do not cracked yet version of WAD file. If you open Doom2.WAD with XWE or other HEX editor, this change HEX of WAD and WAD not valid. In thos moment u can use FreeDoom2.WAD, but this not cool.
Delusionist 28 лип о 15:13 
This is great, one of my favorite Gmod mods! Would it be hypotheticly possible to make this work for Wolfenstein npcs?
Doom Guy 28 лип о 10:41 
Brutal Doom is considered one of the most popular Doom mods to date, it just makes the game much more violent and gory with blood everywhere. I didnt really like it at first but then after I have seen how good it looks I can understand why so many ppl want it on gmod.
#Easy#Sweet# 25 лип о 0:53 
Whats IWAD ?
=TDC= vicepoint5 24 лип о 8:14 
can you make a download from the steam website, because i host a server and cant make it happen than its download automatic for other players
team fortessgaming 24 лип о 6:22 
you should update this addon
ǶօʍҽӀҽʂʂ Ꭰօղմէ 22 лип о 9:11 
Thanks! I made Some Doom saves with these!
xdel 20 лип о 17:30 
How do I install Garry's MOD let alone GMDOOM? Thanks in advance!
420$W@GM@$73R 12 лип о 13:09 
This is the best addon ever made! Thank you so much! It's not perfect, but it's still great!
[Red]Phoenix 12 лип о 10:35 
ivad are wirus -_- :p
Merc (FosterBonnie) 12 лип о 2:59 
Why is everybody obsessed about Brutal Doom?
[Fb][EBF][Killer206 8 лип о 19:50 
i have a WAD file but some of the weapons and npcs either dont work, bug out, or just straight up crash the game, Is a WAD file different from an IWAD file?
Jose 5 лип о 20:59 
whats iwad
Shrek is love Shrek is life 30 чер о 23:13 
i got the mod it all works for me except one major major thing IM NOT DOOM GUY :( someone plz help how to be doom guy
Quote 27 чер о 10:55 
the weapons work but the enemies are still errors
Crimsdark 20 чер о 20:39 
you should make a addon out of the original wolfenstein
TheShyGuy489 19 чер о 19:38 
Does the iwad file have to be from the steam game? I downloaded a wad file for doom 2 by itself and its not working.
Vanya Shagaa 17 чер о 9:18 
Somebody can transleated for me?
xXparadoxgamerXx 12 чер о 16:53 
did you have to make the mod extremely hard to install?
SilentQuote 11 чер о 17:00 
if so that would be cool
SilentQuote 11 чер о 17:00 
can you make a brutal doom capable version? (if you have the time)( im not trying to be a selfish needy bitch)
Allgrunfan50 [FFRD] 11 чер о 9:33 
can you like make a brutal doom swep but you dont need the whole reload thing
Nebtoons 9 чер о 18:53 
i dont know how to add iwad
Skootilesλ³ 9 чер о 6:46 
im using a final doom wad (tnt.wad) and it says it needs to be a iwad. Help because i used it before and it worked.
BG|K-lynx 31 тра о 14:17 
iwad is in, the weapons work but the fookin npcs and shit dont, i also dont have the hud, i am also running into the problem half-mod is, monsters spawn invisible,
is it cuz i got Doom II?
StegoSigma 28 тра о 21:57 
Nothing will spawn for me. I put in the IWAD and everything. This is spamming my console.

[gmDoom] lua/doom/hooks.lua:30: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'TICRATE' (a nil value)
1. v - lua/doom/hooks.lua:30
2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84
Hλlf-Mod 25 тра о 22:12 
I am encountering a bug where some of the monsters would spawn invincible, could that be fixed?
CheezMan 24 тра о 6:35 
They're sprites, you can't make them ragdolls.
Blacksmith-Cutolo 23 тра о 11:27 
IDK if this question has been answered, but, how do I get a normal ragdoll version of a monster that isn't a corpse?
Moon Cow 21 тра о 7:20 
Freedoom doesn't work, I've put the .wad files in the right place
artemussr 17 тра о 10:58 
@xXAdamXx You Suck.
artemussr 17 тра о 10:58 
My Freedoom Went Straight To WinRAR. What Should I Do?
Blue Leader 35 16 тра о 9:52 
this worked perfectly, bring back good times!
[SINR] Sinister Mr.Fox 12 тра о 11:51 
i agree looks like a great mod, but im not spendingmy money on yet another game