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tru russian 22 тра о 3:45 
It looks awesome without IWAD xD
THE DANK NOSCOPER 20 тра о 0:31 
where is textures for tthis
springtrapguy08 18 тра о 18:52 
Just sayng: the npcs are in the npcs tab, anf the weopons are in the weopon tab not the DOOM spawn menu.
Foxy The Pirate Fox 15 тра о 22:39 
got a question which one is doom 1??
DCMurphy 13 тра о 6:29 
i installed everything the way it said to and nothing, no maps to load no commands working it just unknown command. WTF M80
kidspintns 12 тра о 19:04 
doom 2 is not working
wlgwalker 4 тра о 20:35 
I dont think im going to download this iwad for this i want it badly but i dont think ill risk it while trying to download cortana informed me this was unsafe and could hold a virus so NO THANK YOU!
Dillonman202 1 тра о 9:51 
I know I have it installed correctly, but it seems like everything but the spawnlist items are working. When I click on the cacodemon icon, nothing shows up, and navigating to "Add-ons -> gmDoom" shows that most of the items are missing textures.
Jawsthebeast0 29 кві о 8:08 
The guns dont have ammon and dont pickit up what is going on?
zarb_ 24 кві о 20:20 
what if i set up a multiplayer game with gmdoom installed on it and the people joining the game didnt have the IWAD? what would happen?
JazzyMudkipz 23 кві о 8:28 
someone make a brutal doom version of this for gmod!!!
Tarmyman5502 20 кві о 8:56 
props wont work there in addon spawnlists and dont show up pls help im gonna read des again to chck if there is a fix
MASTAH 18 кві о 22:31 
and what the HELL is IWAD?
MASTAH 18 кві о 8:07 
PLZ tell wich map your video shows
LunaticBishop 17 кві о 20:11 
Slight problem due to the new Gmod update, you can no longer spawn decorations, such as the corpses. The way the new Gmod update broke it was the addon spawnlists.
kidspintns 17 кві о 15:26 
Yakel27 17 кві о 6:02 
I was super close to finishing the iwad (I was jjust pasting it!) but then I got an Error 0x80004005 while pasting it
RagerGamer 16 кві о 17:30 
do a wolfenstein or duke nukem3d:steamhappy
RagerGamer 15 кві о 19:27 
i cant get a iwad it sucks
j_kmitchell 15 кві о 9:19 
is the shareware version virus free? i don't trust it.
Poltergasm 13 кві о 23:19 
Nah, I think the shareware version of the DOOM iwad is free to download. DOOM 2 and upwards isn't free however
Boardalius Mansfurd 13 кві о 18:57 
do you need to buy the game to get iwads?
Poltergasm 12 кві о 8:33 
Do you have a DOOM iwad file in your garrysmod directory?
BananenFretter 12 кві о 8:19 
but i dont know how make gmdoom whith now errors i need help for this that i can download it

Poltergasm 12 кві о 8:15 
If you're getting errors, you either:

1. Put the iwad in the wrong place
2. Don't have the right iwad for the types of entities/npcs you're trying to spawn
3. Completely didn't read the description and didn't use an iwad at all
BananenFretter 12 кві о 8:12 
l ook i download gmdoom i was so happy that i find gmdoom but i was sad it was al ERRORS I HATE ERRORS SO MUCH! so please can you do something that gmdoon foor me good works
Poltergasm 11 кві о 22:14 
I wonder if there's a way with resource.AddFile(). Servers use that to make clients download fonts, sounds, and other things.
Lord Of The Sluggies 11 кві о 16:43 
Is there a way to host the Freedoom wad on a server with this addon so players don't need to download anything extra?
7 grand dad#team peepo 9 кві о 5:25 
what happens if you got this addon without a iwad file
°Berdy° 8 кві о 21:27 

Poltergasm 31 бер о 18:34 
@TheGRUARRR gmDoom isn't really a gamemode. It just ports Doom resources from an iwad file into Garry's Mod.
This means you get access to the weapons, entities and npcs from DOOM, and can spawn them normally (ie: from the spawn menu in Sandbox).
You can potentially turn it into a full-fledged gamemode if you have the capability thanks to it having the awesome doom hud and ability to spawn NPCs like you normally would with ents.Create("doom_npc_troop"), for example.
Alternatively just load it up in sandbox, select gm_flatgrass, use the gmDoom map addon to spawn a map from the iwad in the air and teleport yourself into it.
GIGOLOPUFF 31 бер о 7:48 
What I have to do to play this? I´ve installed it but I don´t know where to go to play it
lucfle97 30 бер о 19:33 
@Gotrek You can download a WAD file from a suspicious corner of the internet, have a friend email it to you, or buy a Doom game here on steam. I'd buy the game 'cause they're inexpensive and you can mod those further
lucfle97 30 бер о 19:30 
Also, would it be possible to load wads from other doom games? Like Hexen?
lucfle97 30 бер о 19:29 
Some times when I spawn demons they're invincible, any ideas how to fix this? It's rare but annoying
Zaybodius 29 бер о 10:55 
▉▉▉▉▉▉◤┳◥▉▉▉▉▉▉ You have been visited by the Loomynarty.
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Mr. Muffin 25 бер о 18:33 
Poltergasm 25 бер о 18:27 
@Gotrek If you want the Doom 2 iwad, then yes. I believe you can get the Doom 1 version for free on the Internet though (the doom2 iwad is out there but I can't tell you how to get it).
The doom 1 will work with this mod, but only the basic monsters sprites will work correctly.
Gotrek 25 бер о 16:23 
do need to buy the doom game on steam? i just don't want to spend money over another gmod addon.
Poltergasm 25 бер о 15:25 
@Ceddy did you put the appropriate wad file in your garrysmod folder?
Ceddy 25 бер о 14:33 
hey why are is all monster error Can you please tell why?
Poltergasm 22 бер о 18:59 
Oh man, thanks for bringing back good memories into my favourite game. Works like a charm!
Tem 21 бер о 3:29 
nice addon man.
기타연주가 18 бер о 18:54 
how can i use doom hud?
Chapter VII 18 бер о 17:50 
How to i properly get the iwad into the folder cause i think i did somthing wrong.
DriveOffTheCliff 17 бер о 15:48 
Smarter Solution: Go into the console and type "doom_wad freedoom2.wad" not including quotes. That should fix it. It may require a map reload.
DriveOffTheCliff 17 бер о 14:03 
A way to get it to work is to rename the freedoom2.wad (freedoom1.wad) to DOOM2.WAD (DOOM.WAD im guessing). The sprites in the menu will be from doom but the entities and stuff will use the freedoom sprites.
X34X35 15 бер о 0:12 
Ive spent around 4 hours trying to get this to work with freedoom. I've followed the steps in order and tried using freedomv1 and v2. Please help. Can you make a visual step by step or something to help me out here because I just can't get it to work.
X34X35 14 бер о 21:36 
freedoom isnt working and I followed all the steps
Warkiller.38 10 бер о 20:11 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit