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ザサイレントシール 1. maalis 11.22 
does the d-wad work too?
Officer Samuel 27. helmi 17.59 
after i got this it crashes singleplayer all the time during loading
HastieQuad 25. helmi 2.24 
You hate a Spider Queen from Dark Messiah? USE A BFG 9000! KILL THAT B*****! RIP AND TEAR!
Claptrap 24. helmi 17.44 
Wow you need to own doom just to install this? wow such a stupid mod
prof.pickel 21. helmi 16.08 
is this for sandbox?
cham the Dinosaur Hunter 20. helmi 19.44 
Can u try making that Nintendo Duck Hunt on to Gmod? It'd be cool
albertosanchez369 16. helmi 17.31 
MorriBow 15. helmi 8.20 
kicking must be included
please we need a ZDoom port
the Killstreak Terminator 14. helmi 22.46 
how to do on mac? is it the same?
Doom Guy 14. helmi 16.36 
Enemies wont die! When i kill them they leave a cylinder w/ missing textures & the enemy is still alive.
albertosanchez369 13. helmi 16.21 
kmatic 9. helmi 14.26 
Whats the purpose of doom 3 bfg edition?
Gordon Freeman 8. helmi 9.09 
Cough (brutal doom) Cough
Gordon Freeman 8. helmi 9.09 
Are you going to make a Zdoom based engine port so we can run our favorite mods?
kmatic 8. helmi 5.37 
is it going to be updated again?
ζF í ℓ z θ 8. helmi 3.08 
I dream about Brutal Doom in Garry's Mod. : /
kmatic 7. helmi 17.06 
Again do you have to choose any iwad for gmdoom to work?!
DJ Pon3 30. tammi 8.00 
have all the doom games but it doesnt work
Blaze Aran 29. tammi 12.16 
Hello! I Have an idea for an addon for this. Addon XD. I Wanna know if you would be so kind and awesome as to let me make an addon off of this one with Doom 64 weapons & Monsters. It would be like Parakeets pill pack and how people make other pill packs for it! Like they NEED The pill pack to have the community pill packs. So i'm asking to be able to make a Doom 64 version?
Super Mario 28. tammi 14.29 
ummm.... The problom with dieing with doomguy and your dead body having collision, is that the death cam will be stuck inside your dead body, that makes it annoying when you die.
The Slenderman 25. tammi 16.34 
Hello there! Can anyone tell me how to look like doomguy?
Peter="Masterguns" 24. tammi 15.46 
What exactly is the song that starts at 2:23 in the video? I mean, I know it's the main theme for Doom- obviously, but it's a remix I can't seem to find. Is it exclusively for Gmdoom?
[BG] The Wasted Trader 23. tammi 23.35 
I cant get the Iwads,
kmatic 21. tammi 13.10 
for the iwads do you have to choose any iwads for any doom game?
chelseba 19. tammi 14.45 
where can i find iwad
Super Mario 19. tammi 8.52 
And a doom guy npc?
Super Mario 19. tammi 8.51 
Can you make a command for this that makes all the normal npcs also flat like the doom npcs?
Atomic Dash 19. tammi 2.54 
funktioniert nicht trotz richtiger installation.
bitte um hilfe.
Mr. Blue (Sea-Nut Butter) 16. tammi 13.03 
best adon ever
youwilldie1[dark wolf clan] 15. tammi 12.16 
do youd be able to make this work some how with the skull tag doom engine. the skull tag doom has an online mode and it has modles for players and npc with the guns and it has a few other ittems and guns or would that not really be leagal or just to hard to ask of you.
Make hud for 5:4 please. :|
Can we has Hexen, please??
I might need some helps, i appear to be confused. Can anyone tell me?
Daymin 3. tammi 11.55 
how do u get rid of the black and pink boxes?
PhaZe Klan El1j0hnsux 30. joulu, 2014 16.32 
you kan get them at a site sat
PhaZe Klan El1j0hnsux 30. joulu, 2014 16.31 
dis is kool
sharktooth515 23. joulu, 2014 18.35 
how do i past the iwad file
pixar900 #uw0tm8 22. joulu, 2014 3.33 
@Moustache Buy them via steam
Moustache 21. joulu, 2014 22.21 
Where do I find the IWAD files? You don't say in the tutorial.
TheMaster 18. joulu, 2014 6.19 
NPC doesnt die. They turn into pink and black boxes and keep attacking.
<TWZ>DinoDude{ICCC} 17. joulu, 2014 15.05 
How did you get the doomguy Playermodel??
UnchartedSpork96 16. joulu, 2014 13.54 
@[FBLL] Killer206

You shouldnt be complaining. These people who make these addons dont make a profit out of it. Some even do it for fun. You shouldnt be complaining to people expecting something out of it. This addon is not in, anyway a ripoff. He is not making you download anything. If you dont like the addon, then simply move on and find something else, and hopefully not yell at the people who spend their time making these addons.
Sponsored By Coca Cola 10. joulu, 2014 15.35 
Sponsored By Coca Cola 10. joulu, 2014 15.35 
takes a way..
RB2K 2. joulu, 2014 19.47 
@[fbll] Killer206

jesus f♥♥♥♥ing christ calm down
[fb||]Josh206 1. joulu, 2014 15.10 
Blacky Tiny Pyro 23. marras, 2014 8.09 
Its only DOOM I and DOOM II or All the DOOM series ?
UltimateAndy88 20. marras, 2014 16.05 
when i get on the website to download the file it says download from sever one or sever 2. What does that mean?
defeatkiller 18. marras, 2014 11.33 
here is a problem you missed various things like keen or the wolfenstein ss as i said before
NiGHTS 16. marras, 2014 13.21 
Placed the Doom 2 IWAD into the garrysmod folder, but nothing shows up for it I have to have the game from Steam to be able to play it? If so that's stupid :l