Garry's Mod
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Virus86 24 мин. назад 
hahaha! (not a bad comment)
ShadowBeast03 16 ч. назад 
how do you paste the iwad
soggy 29 авг в 14:58 
uhh somthing says dowload iwad
cant play until holiday ends 28 авг в 13:25 
How do you play HL2 with addons?
IvaИ 27 авг в 17:03 
If i try to change convars this error will pop up

[gmDoom] lua/doom/convars.lua:29: attempt to call field 'CvarSet' (a nil value)
1. unknown - lua/doom/convars.lua:29
2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54

any fixes?
raygun goffik 26 авг в 17:04 
Does it work with DOOM 64 EX's non-standard WAD, or can it not parse the format? I'd assume that the sounds wouldn't work.
Uber_Dude 24 авг в 22:19 
Will this work with Freedoom? I may experiment
almatom14 G.E.W.P 23 авг в 13:23 
Somebody Can Help Me How To Fix This Addon With The Spawn Platforms?
leadsupreme 22 авг в 13:11 
Is there a way to disable the little blood particle that comes out of monsters when you shoot them?
Arthur Read 20 авг в 14:21 
I would like to have an option to turn on a dead monster cleaner that automatically cleans dead monsters every 30 seconds. The reason why I would want this is because I would like to prevent clutter and I don't want to use the cleanup utility to clean up dead monsters.
Jacencrazer 19 авг в 17:16 
doom guy!
cthulhu237 15 авг в 18:33 
uhh...does the doom hud replace the normal one, and will i still be able to use non doom weapons .
NyghtWolf2 14 авг в 15:44 
Can you make Duke Nukem 3D/Shadow Warrior/Blood mods like this too?
cortina 11 авг в 4:56 
Mario Face (NL) 10 авг в 6:56 
it says brutaldoom wouldnt work but brutal doom does stuff like blood on walls, would other doom mods work?
AmishOutlaws 9 авг в 12:39 
how do you get a iwad
The Plague Doctor 9 авг в 10:23 
one more thig if i take a weapon my screen gets yellow
The Plague Doctor 9 авг в 10:06 
the movement has also no animation .. aswell as the light effects
The Plague Doctor 9 авг в 10:02 
dear guy who made the mod. i did all the stuff i needed to do to make the mod work ... and it does work .but all the amimatons are stuck the emenys dont walk they just move around . also if i shot a wall or a npc the hit has no animaton the blood is just a red dott that is stuck in the air. please help me out from (nobodybird 5)
squigglycunt 9 авг в 9:16 
So much god damn nostalgia.
xXxSm0k3w33d4LyPh3420xXx 5 авг в 16:03 
Is there any support for PWAD's planned? I don't like the stock double barrel shotgun sounds, so I normally put the sound to 11025Hz to make it sound lower pitched in my opinion. Anyway, planning on supporting PWAD's soon?
☢ Kokowinter ☢ 5 авг в 10:59 
i got the doom2.wad and put it in garrysmod folder but it still doesnt work
cortina 4 авг в 3:32 
roborob 24 июл в 20:07 
I pretty much did everything right, i clicked properties, local files, browse local files, and I clicked garrysmod. so where?
roborob 24 июл в 20:05 
You say paste but where exactly in the folder do i paste????
Warkiller.38 23 июл в 17:22 
wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein 3d
Warkiller.38 23 июл в 17:21 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
Spartan333 21 июл в 16:04 
do i have to have all of the iwad files?
Arthur Read 20 июл в 12:36 
Is it possible to make Shadow Warrior and Star Wars: Dark Forces weapons?
Epic Player M.K FIN 19 июл в 2:35 
Scientist 17 июл в 11:57 
Scientist 17 июл в 11:57 
@[C.I.] ▼♫Combine Sniper♫ THAT WAS A JOKE DUMBASS
IvaИ 17 июл в 11:24 
Are you kids retarded or something? if you can't install this them get out of the internet! geez! can't you guys use google?! "Doom 2 iwad download" them you just need to drop it inside your gmod directory, but no!, some retarded kids whit fnaf profile pics can't do anything right.
▼♫Corey♫▼ † 50ℬ † 17 июл в 10:01 
@Hail You probably put the wad in a wrong place, where did you place it?
▼♫Corey♫▼ † 50ℬ † 17 июл в 10:00 
Because to include the full game assets into a mod for a paid game is illegal.
HAIL HATTEN M9K1 [RAGE] 15 июл в 23:29 
Scientist 15 июл в 20:46 
PinkScug17 15 июл в 12:39 
why do I need one of the DOOM games
sandrarest 14 июл в 10:35 
do wolfenstein 3d addon
yoshifan106 14 июл в 6:51 
does doom 2 new zip work ? my life is full of derpyness
yoshifan106 14 июл в 6:26 
how do i add an iwad file in garrysmod folder
ze jentle spy HP 11 июл в 18:19 
hey u ghor how bout u put every thing in the mod thats reqierd?
It be cool to make a feature or a seperate addon that supports ZDOOM based iwads
MemeMeme 9 июл в 12:58 
Vault Girl 7 июл в 8:12 
it would be cool to add trailblazer or russian overkill or brutal doom with a pk3 overhaul
Clover, Sheriff of Justice 4 июл в 17:52 
PLEASE HELP ME! My friend accidentally made enter his doom menu button... NOW HE CANNOT PLAY GMOD PLEASE HELP!
R3TR0 4 июл в 16:29 
i cant jump help please
{GPG} Über-Soldat 4 июл в 13:51 
is it possible for you to remake this without using Iwad, because i currently do not own any of the DOOM games.
Warkiller.38 4 июл в 13:25 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
spacemonkey359 3 июл в 13:03 
I know want i wanna added. A OUCH FACE.