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Super Mario 4月16日下午6:42 
Could you make a DOOMGUY Friendly NPC In this? Using the DOOMGUY Thing you used to play with?
Super Mario 4月16日下午2:15 
"Nevermind" the command for DOOMGUY Is DOOM_cl_doomguy 1 He shall put it in it in the commands list
UglyPotato 4月15日下午12:00 
is there a way to get all the features from this mod with a free iwad?? because i have the free iwad from shareware and the feature chart also shows it that am missing some stuff :(
pfeufer 4月13日上午5:13 
I agree with HBK x TrOjAn, we need those nazis to kill, and claim victory, with gmWolfenstien3D!
Pwnathon 4月12日下午1:51 
I cannot find my garrysmod/garrysmod folder...
NBK x TrOjAn 4月11日下午2:53 
Now all we need is gmWolfenstein3D and our lives will be complete.
[FaZe]mbuuqw 4月10日下午4:18 
THANK GOD I can use freedoom. (I have Doom 3 BFG Edition BTW) I needed the NpC's and weapon looks.
tycitron6000 4月8日下午5:45 
could you add one more npc like a doom marine plz thx bye
Jallerman569 4月8日上午4:10 
Also (sorry for extra comment) what about Hexen?
Jallerman569 4月8日上午4:09 
Now what about brutal doom?
ÐooṀ Dawge 4月7日下午12:10 
This is the best mod EVER! Thank you so much. I appreciate your hard work. Looking forward to future updates!
jonansweatshirt 4月6日下午3:38 
This Is Bad This Is BAD!! it wont work!
Pwnathon 4月6日上午8:54 
Is this addon worth my time? I am worried that my computer will get a virus from the "Shareware".
Rë٧ð۱ںŦأðŋ 4月5日上午2:34 
Can you add an option for jumping when you are Doomguy ?
NaThanS 4月5日上午12:40 
When i pressed "Z" and removed the CyberDemon, this error appeared in the console:
[gmDoom] lua/doom/monster.lua:117: Tried to use a NULL entity!
1. GetPos - [C]:-1
2. v - lua/doom/monster.lua:117
3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84

Hope you will fix this :D
[LP] Iron Man™ 4月4日下午10:25 
Dude, fucking its Gmod, and its not illegal, well it is, you're just lazy, I am not going out of my way for some dumb addon, you're addon sucks, I don't want to install bullshit, its the biggest pile of shit on this game.

Basiclly, you're fucking trash.
Diabolical Pathfinder 4月4日下午4:37 
You have two option:
1. Buy Doom 2
2. Cry
[LP]Waffℒe Time 4月4日下午12:11 
the errors in the top left corner
[LP]Waffℒe Time 4月4日上午11:54 
I get errors when i spawn the props from the tab Doom
===XxSimonGhostxX=== 4月4日上午8:11 
What i do if i dont own any Doom game?
NaThanS 4月3日下午9:25 
The addon broke last update, please fix it! :(
LOL DUDE 4月3日下午8:55 
Hey, any chance we can see packs similar to this based off of other Doom-esque shooters? I.E. Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, etc... or are those made too differently from Doom in order to make a pack easily?
NBK x TrOjAn 3月27日下午4:10 
This mod is amazing, it surprises me how this guy was able to make source read zdoom
Valve, hire this guy.
Handsome Jack 3月22日下午10:56 
Would it still work if I have a mod of Doom 2, such MM8BDM?
[LP]Waffℒe Time 3月22日下午3:16 
what about the nazi
Super Mario 3月21日上午6:35 
Why is he still not ready? It has been years sence I saw this and he's still not ready?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!
Wynter 3月19日上午6:40 
NaThanS 3月15日下午11:46 
This mod is awesome!
Dalekman 3月15日下午7:23 
You are a boss to have even made this!
DOCTOR NICK 3月14日下午10:24 
this must have been 'hell on earth' to code this...
KebertXela 3月14日下午6:20 
Where do I find the IWAD for this? Or do I need to do anything to get it?
Pr.Jitterskull - best bug fixer 3月14日上午2:50 
Does it work with Hexen.wad and any other iwads?
Drunken BomberMann 3月10日下午7:21 
This has to be one of the most well made mods to have ever spawned onto Gmod.
[FaZe]mbuuqw 3月10日下午5:16 
How do I keep Doom 2 and Doom installed and working cooperatively
Geno 3月10日上午1:07 
amazing mod
kapt_kaos 3月9日下午5:10 
wtf garrys mod shuts down when i respawn when an npc is spawned HELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
solin2000 3月8日下午6:42 
whats an iwad?
Sir Caleb 3月7日下午12:00 
What is the preferred map for playing on the Doom Maps?
HeartBurn Triggs 3月6日上午11:37 
hey i know you get some dumb questions probably but can you use doom3 and use doom 3 weapons and enemies. since its newer idk if it would work like the old ones do. Thanks
Prince Dragoon 3月5日下午11:32 
Would you be adding the marines npcs? from ultimate doom.
λΔThe Wisë øL ManΔλ 3月3日下午7:08 
dat be a lotta work to be done for de mod to work well den Back to wurkz
DOCTOR NICK 3月1日上午9:03 
are you planing on adding levels from doom
wagdawgwag 2月21日下午7:59 
gmChex Quest
[o.W.n] DoOm GuY 2月21日上午10:40 
Mr. Derp 2月16日下午5:52 
This mod is just amazing. just...amazing. i amazing. i'm literally lost for words here. Ghor, if you're reading this, you get thumbs up, A+, and a gold star. good job!
Koala with a machinegun 2月14日下午2:01 
witch of the share wares has the IWAD?
SageTK 2月14日上午3:27 
Stop complaining if you crash when the Doom SNPCs kill you, it's realistic!
Hλlf-Mod 2月13日下午8:55 
guess im going have to waste $14.99 soon enough just to have 2.5D aliens invade(Shut up they are aliens to me)
☢Alex Nukem☢ 2月8日下午1:41 
Doom is cool,but i like Duke Nukem 3D more xd
ΡÖIЙ† βLΛЙK 2月8日上午9:42 
Or even Dark Forces and Duke Nukem 3D.