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How did you get the doomguy Playermodel??
UnchartedSpork96 16 Ara @ 1:54pm 
@[FBLL] Killer206

You shouldnt be complaining. These people who make these addons dont make a profit out of it. Some even do it for fun. You shouldnt be complaining to people expecting something out of it. This addon is not in, anyway a ripoff. He is not making you download anything. If you dont like the addon, then simply move on and find something else, and hopefully not yell at the people who spend their time making these addons.
Sponsored By Cola Cola 10 Ara @ 3:35pm 
Sponsored By Cola Cola 10 Ara @ 3:35pm 
takes a way..
RB2K 2 Ara @ 7:47pm 
@[fbll] Killer206

jesus f♥♥♥♥ing christ calm down
[FBLL] Killer206 1 Ara @ 3:10pm 
Blacky Tiny Pyro 23 Kas @ 8:09am 
Its only DOOM I and DOOM II or All the DOOM series ?
UltimateAndy88 20 Kas @ 4:05pm 
when i get on the website to download the file it says download from sever one or sever 2. What does that mean?
defeatkiller 18 Kas @ 11:33am 
here is a problem you missed various things like keen or the wolfenstein ss as i said before
NiGHTS 16 Kas @ 1:21pm 
Placed the Doom 2 IWAD into the garrysmod folder, but nothing shows up for it I have to have the game from Steam to be able to play it? If so that's stupid :l
Tura Kenz 15 Kas @ 7:19am 
Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait.
CAN you possibly use Brutal Doom for this?
hacxinator101 14 Kas @ 1:39am 
can you make a hacX 2.0 addon? coz that would be awsome
theloreguy234 13 Kas @ 2:41pm 
can you please make a copy of this mod with out iwad but great mod so far ?
-[FF]- Mentlegen Detective 12 Kas @ 7:25pm 
Asking because I recently found my old HEXEN disk :P
-[FF]- Mentlegen Detective 12 Kas @ 7:25pm 
Theoretically, shouldn't gmDoom work on literally any IWAD files made using the BUILD engine? I mean, wouldn't it theoretically work with Heretic/Hexen IWADs? :/
Jhonney ATLaS 12 Kas @ 5:26am 
Wolfenstein doesn't run on wads.
Taberone 11 Kas @ 11:28am 
Is there ever going to be one for Wolfenstein?
defeatkiller 10 Kas @ 2:04pm 
need to add the wolfensteinss from the secret levels
Waffle 8 Kas @ 2:02pm 
How do you get those stats at the bottom on the screen?
Koog 2 Kas @ 3:32pm 
gHexen and gHeretic? What about gDukeNukem3d? Can it do GRP?
[Zoso]Vasili187 25 Eki @ 7:53pm 
There is 2 problems, When I spawn the npc's, they turn out 2x larger, and sometimes, they walk foward to nothing.
bbatmanso5 25 Eki @ 4:24pm 
When i spawn in the npcs they are pink+black cylinders. How do u fix that?
Ghor  [yaratıcı] 25 Eki @ 4:17pm 
@Chelonian Knight
Nope, this is Doom only.
Chelonian Knight 25 Eki @ 3:39pm 
So, will this work with Strife or is that a stupid question you've answered already?
[avanic] nova revived 24 Eki @ 2:30pm 
im missing alot of them whys that
bbatmanso5 24 Eki @ 6:52am 
thnx m8
Ghor  [yaratıcı] 24 Eki @ 12:56am 
@bbatmanso5 For now, go into your garrysmod folder and try deleting "data/gmdoom/client_binds_cfg.txt"
bbatmanso5 23 Eki @ 11:58pm 
how do i change the menu toggle button because i have the menu toggle button on enter because of the option
striker247 23 Eki @ 6:09pm 
there is no iwad
EvilThorn 23 Eki @ 2:05pm 
what IWAD file do i use when i go on freedoom? when i picked one, it didnt load anything. i probably used the wrong one XD
Sweg1337 23 Eki @ 6:47am 
this used to be one of the best addons ever :)
sashaboo100 21 Eki @ 7:51pm 
Dravenation 17 Eki @ 5:08pm 
He cant make a version without requiring doom because its not legal for him to use the assets from those games. It says it in the description.
Death 15 Eki @ 10:09pm 
i agree with this guy |
Seattlebronygamer 15 Eki @ 4:46pm 
i don't have doom and make a version without it requiring doom.
Waffle time 14 Eki @ 6:42pm 
was the plasma zombie even a real doom monster not the archnotron/whatever but if you had killing floor theres a mod for it that adds doom 2 monsters but theres a plasma zombie which i cant tell is real or not.
ka-ka carrot kake 13 Eki @ 3:37pm 
Need more maybe like wolfienstien
noonie 5 Eki @ 3:26pm 
I keep searching IWAD but nothings there and what does IWAD stand for or mean??
Subject Sigma 4 Eki @ 5:53am 
does the Iwad create errors ?

i love doom and i love this addon! :D
Gman1491 25 Eyl @ 7:45pm 
is it possible to convert this to Strife wich is on the Doom engine?
Zapped™ 21 Eyl @ 4:19pm 
Marines are Brutal DooM npcs, the only way to get them working is just making a friendly zombie and having to use DOOM marine sprites. (That would take a while to do)
Although I do wish some missing npcs and all were added.
Poison Zombie 16 Eyl @ 9:02pm 
also please add marine
Poison Zombie 16 Eyl @ 9:01pm 
Best doom addon ever. poison headcrabs for everyone! 'throws poison headcrabs at everyones faces'
doomguy 15 Eyl @ 2:20pm 
now you need to add DOOM crosshairs
Bonnie's Seperate Face 13 Eyl @ 3:26pm 
your missing 2 npcs: The marine (and for my fun >:)) TERRYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Speedy Von Gofast 10 Eyl @ 11:21am 
An addon which it based on the original wad resources files?! Impressive! Can you do the same for Heretic and Hexen??
xnoobplayx 9 Eyl @ 5:46am 
now we only have to wait for brutal gmDoom
whollyspokes 6 Eyl @ 5:00am 
C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\doom 2\base\DOOM2.WAD
Totino The Pizza Boy 5 Eyl @ 10:08pm 
i installed the wad from bfg and everything works fine but the npcs are purple and black hexagonal shapes and the work like they would but their models are jack up