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The Fire God 24 февруари в 11:24 сутринта 
V My bad, I've found it.
The Fire God 24 февруари в 11:23 сутринта 
I've done the first few steps, Though I can't seem to find the file. I'd like to have an answer!
Grandpa Dojin 20 февруари в 6:16 сутринта 
That's a damn good question, how do we do any of this? Such as getting the mysterious IWAD file into the mysterious GMOD file, not all of us are computer geniouses, fuck my spelling
cczack 16 февруари в 4:22 следобед 
i have a question... how the hell do we do any of this?
Warkiller.38 12 февруари в 2:38 следобед 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
One Salty AF Octoling 11 февруари в 8:18 следобед 
Only Thing That Bugs Me Is I Cant Jump
thegibus27 8 февруари в 12:02 следобед 
@7 grand dad Wine should be just sufficient to download the iwads through Steam.
FreeKills 6 февруари в 1:22 сутринта 
Say you put both Doom 1 and 2 in, will both be detected?
7 grand dad 31 януари в 5:47 следобед 
uh can you just do the npcs i think the iwad stuff is to complicated consider i have a mac
HugglesGamerGirl Cute Neko Loli 29 януари в 7:11 следобед 
supermegamimi55 28 януари в 10:04 сутринта 
I don't know why but when I put iwad in it everything from addton is silent
help me PLZ
Dont mess with the frog 28 януари в 9:07 сутринта 
BaronOHell if u hate doom then why the hell do u have your profile picture of a doom monster and u have doom idiot
niknin4 28 януари в 6:53 сутринта 
where is the 2 large window??
niknin4 28 януари в 6:50 сутринта 
what is the name of eighth map after half life 2????
FUTANEKO BBW 27 януари в 4:20 сутринта 
does this restrict me from doing multiplayer? i have a feeling this is considering that i have an ok internet connection
yonuncavitv1 26 януари в 12:23 следобед 
Hello, maybe this question is extremely stupid, but, is there any way to spawn Jonh Romero's head? The one from doom 2? If so, where do I spawn it? Is it an NPC or a Prop? Thank you
☭ƧӨVIΣƬ ӨПIӨП☭™ 25 януари в 12:00 сутринта 
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lucfle97 18 януари в 5:31 следобед 
I can save maps with doom stuff sometimes, and other times not
this is the error message i got
[gmDoom] lua/weapons/doom_weapon_base/save.lua:30: attempt to index local 'mobj' (a nil value)
1. OnEntityCopyTableFinish - lua/weapons/doom_weapon_base/save.lua:30
2. Save - lua/includes/modules/duplicator.lua:239
3. CopyEntTable - lua/includes/modules/duplicator.lua:498
4. Copy - lua/includes/modules/duplicator.lua:563
5. CopyEnts - lua/includes/modules/duplicator.lua:590
6. SaveMap - lua/includes/gmsave.lua:81
7. unknown - gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/save_load.lua:26
8. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54
any ideas how to fix it?
poorpineappple27 18 януари в 2:26 следобед 
maby theres a way for brutal doom
hart116 18 януари в 1:12 следобед 
Can you make one for ghouls forest?
Dr. Cool 18 януари в 7:43 сутринта 
you cant use WAD... it must be IWAD?
im confuse
DoomGuy 16 януари в 11:49 сутринта 
He doesn't know, I do. all you need is doom1.WAD doom2.WAD and doom3.WAD

these can be gotten for free on a certain website but like he said: don't share links for IWADs
carloottaviano 15 януари в 10:04 сутринта 
how do u get iwad for doom i cant find it anywhere plz tell me
Slendy 14 януари в 10:36 следобед 
does doom 3 work with it
lucfle97 14 януари в 6:52 следобед 
what's the "black friday" thing? Is that like when a whole bunch of demons teleport to the player?
Friendly Negro 2 1 8 7 13 януари в 6:51 следобед 
can i use the H-DOOM pk3 file? <3
lucfle97 13 януари в 5:58 следобед 
the final doom directions are almost exact (that was awkward to type) It's not a folder called Doom2 it's a folder calld Final Doom
yonuncavitv1 11 януари в 6:52 следобед 
Do you think you'll add the marines as friendly NPCs so you don't have to kill demons alone?
FlameRapterB415 10 януари в 12:51 следобед 
do i need to instel the doom games to?
WTFmybacon 10 януари в 12:26 следобед 
Since you missed the description: "An IWAD is a file containing all of the DOOM assets ( sprites, textures, sounds, music, maps, etc. )."
Keats 8 януари в 5:35 следобед 
Look up iwad.
SedatedLobster 8 януари в 8:17 сутринта 
how to get IWAD? Where do u paste the link????? Plz tell me

slapshotking07 6 януари в 9:30 сутринта 
whats iwad?
Luks 3 януари в 7:08 следобед 
I past the .wad in the garrys mod fold and it doenst work
Robot scout cop 2 януари в 2:37 следобед 
Ma-San 1 януари в 9:44 сутринта 
i dont get it.
Lord Of The Sluggies 30 декември 2016 в 6:43 следобед 
Hey, is it possible to have a server running this, and have the Freedoom wad install alongside it?
dbzdeadpool05 28 декември 2016 в 6:47 следобед 
I need help with pasting the stuff, do i make another folder and paste it in the name box? Also im on a windows 10
Team Skull Leader | Guzma 28 декември 2016 в 1:10 следобед 
Hey everybody, I created a level you can play, if you want me to make more sequels or to continue this let me know!
[hammer]DMX 28 декември 2016 в 11:37 сутринта 
i have a problem is see a mising textura at npc and props help pls
namnam09101 27 декември 2016 в 3:20 сутринта 
Is very hard to download it
oggy007 25 декември 2016 в 12:27 следобед 
can i ge a link to the iwad files
yonuncavitv1 21 декември 2016 в 6:20 сутринта 
Hello, may I know why does it refuse to work even though I have the Doom 2 IWAD? I didn't have a third garrysmod folder and I created one, what should I do? Thanks.
Encrypted 18 декември 2016 в 1:09 следобед 
the demons won't die, did i do something to effect that? (i am sorry if i missed the question and someone anwsered it)
mcrivervl 12 декември 2016 в 3:24 следобед 
help i have enter binded to open menu help
pootis™ 8 декември 2016 в 8:46 сутринта 
make brutal doom :D
THE DEMONCAR KING 7 декември 2016 в 2:37 следобед 
Is it the first files
Get Krunk 3 декември 2016 в 2:35 следобед 
@SapphirexGaming unlikely
SapphirexGaming 27 ноември 2016 в 6:32 следобед 
does the ddom 3 iwad make it all look like doom 3?
[SCP: 049] xxitjixx 26 ноември 2016 в 5:08 следобед 
how do you add the wad in? i have no add file in garrysmod.