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doomguy 21 時間前 
now you need to add DOOM crosshairs
Octodad 9月13日 15時26分 
your missing 2 npcs: The marine (and for my fun >:)) TERRYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Speedy Von Gofast 9月10日 11時21分 
An addon which it based on the original wad resources files?! Impressive! Can you do the same for Heretic and Hexen??
MW3NoobPlayTF2NoProCS 9月9日 5時46分 
now we only have to wait for brutal gmDoom
whollyspokes 9月6日 5時00分 
C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\doom 2\base\DOOM2.WAD
Billy Mays 9月5日 22時08分 
i installed the wad from bfg and everything works fine but the npcs are purple and black hexagonal shapes and the work like they would but their models are jack up
blue22111 9月4日 18時58分 

Happy to.
blue22111 9月4日 18時58分 
I'll start seeing what makes it not work.
Ghor  [作成者] 9月4日 18時57分 
Please create a help topic in the discussion section for this addon so we can discuss this issue there.
blue22111 9月4日 18時57分 
they didnt finish disabling untill I quit the game then re-opened it.
blue22111 9月4日 18時57分 
it did work with no addons.
blue22111 9月4日 18時57分 
ok correction.
blue22111 9月4日 18時53分 
Even with everything disabled it crashes.
blue22111 9月4日 18時50分 
Do you know of a way I can deactivate all of them at once? I ask because I have 200 mods.
Ghor  [作成者] 9月4日 18時49分 
Try temporarily disabling all addons but gmDoom and load up one of those two maps. Re-enable a few addons and reload the map. Be sure to keep track of which addons you've just reloaded. Repeat this until the game starts to crash again, which should help narrow down the conflict to the group of addons you just re-enabled.
blue22111 9月4日 18時45分 
what should be in what folder?
Ghor  [作成者] 9月4日 18時44分 
@☁TTT☁ Jake™
Make sure it's placed in the correct folder. If you are in the correct folder, you should see a file called "garrysmod_000.vpk". If the file is zipped, unzip it.
blue22111 9月4日 18時43分 
yes (they were the only one I tried.)
Ghor  [作成者] 9月4日 18時42分 
@blue22111 Does the game crash when you load gm_construct or gm_flatgrass?
Mameshiba 9月4日 14時56分 
People have ported these things in gmod many times, Primalcarnage dinosaurs, And many other models from games, So how is it illegal to port sprites?!?
Mameshiba 9月4日 14時55分 
Let mesee then..
blue22111 9月3日 16時14分 
It would be illegal for him to do that (did you even read the description?).
Mameshiba 9月3日 15時26分 
Hey, Can you try to make it so that the mod has allthe things needed like port the sprites into diffreant packs to select which doom npcs you want? Please, Its annoying to get the IWAD files just to use this mod, Do this please and maybe ill get it and like it, Okay?
blue22111 9月2日 21時11分 
This mod is making my game crash whenever I try to open a world. Can anyone help?

This collection contains all of the mods I use

Thanks in advance!
☁TTT☁ Jake™ 9月2日 16時44分 
I then tried the FreeDM One, and guess what? It didnt work! Ugh... -.-
☁TTT☁ Jake™ 9月2日 16時25分 
Aaand it's not working. I just now tried the other 2 files in DOOM Shareware, didn't work, and then I did ultimate freedom. Still didnt work. I then extracted the files from all the downloads and pasted them into the folder. Still didn't work. Do I have to re-install the mod?
Mr. Canadian Bacon 9月2日 14時02分 
ttt jake it says in the discription that The Ultimate DOOM (doom 1) doesn't have all of the assets so you need to put in a .iwad from any other doom becuase they have all assets
blue22111 9月1日 23時11分 
I put the .WAD right where you say in the description but the game crashed as soon as I try to open a level. Can you help?
☁TTT☁ Jake™ 9月1日 19時59分 
~ And what might've been the problem was that the link you gave to us didn't display a 'IWAD' File on the download page.
☁TTT☁ Jake™ 9月1日 19時55分 
Heres the problem I have: I downloaded from doom shareware and put it in the Garrysmod folder that you have instructed us to put it in, and I did not put it in any other file within that one, and the npcs are still checker boarded. How do I fix this?
mocte69 8月28日 18時43分 
it shows up as black checker bored for npc only,how do i fix this?
doomguy 8月26日 6時36分 
i meant doomguy
doomguy 8月26日 6時36分 
ERROR when having DOOM_pl pain 1 on and turning it off you can still hear doom in pain
The Danger 8月24日 18時46分 
(guy below me) If you were smart you would read the desc so...that means you are a idiot
allgrunfan50(sonic) 8月24日 11時40分 
hey umm i dont know how to install IWAD but can you make a version that doesnt require IWAD?
Chao the Presidental FaceSquid 8月22日 6時45分 
This looks AWESOME! :D
But, I have a question, are you able to load custom Doom wads? Like for example, could you load up the Metroid Dreadnought wad in there? Keep in mind that don't have any of the dooms on PC, so I don't really know how modding works for Doom at all, especially if there's an IWad file included with them.
From some of the things you said in the description, it souns like I could.
Tsusny Ükhel 8月20日 13時24分 
Soo I did DOOM_cl_doomguy 1 and I died and can't seem to respawn... sooooo what happened?
Summersteve123 8月20日 10時25分 
hoq do u install a iwad
How difficult would it be to adapt this to work with Heretic? There was pretty much no difference between it and Doom underneath the hood. What all would have to be modified?
-{DG}- mesnapu 8月13日 16時58分 
Why does my Gmod crash when i load the map? i mean i got the gmDoom and my IWAD is in garrysmod, but it crashes! Help!
Sonic_exe601 (Xeno Killer) 8月13日 16時00分 
Make One For HeXen
2waifu4u (SKRUBbanking) 8月13日 14時28分 
hey could you make it possible to spawn wolfenstien 3D NPCs and stuff for those who have doom II wads?
(STALKER) Da Derpy CatFish λ³ 8月11日 15時30分 
can you do one for wolfenstine
wizewizard 8月7日 15時58分 
Every Time I Kill A Zombieman He Spawn Every 15 Sec :-( ?????
The Wasteland Warrior 8月7日 10時18分 
once i install everything, how do i begin?
GS1029™ (Admin) 8月6日 18時21分 
(please Reply) Dude, make a GMBrutalDoom
xX_MLG_FrIkAdElLa_MLG_Xx 8月6日 7時38分 
I have a problem,my GMOD evrytimes die´s when i start a map
Taberone 8月4日 12時53分 
How about one for Wolfenstein 3d?
sinbadcap 8月3日 13時18分 
were do i place the IWAD in the garymod folder