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UnicornManPuppet 2月10日 17時00分 
No matter what my game wont work and I followed all the steps is it windows 10 compatible?
mr spring 2月7日 7時34分 
well. Im useless.
ghor  [作成者] 2月6日 22時26分 
@mr spring
This is incorrect, gmDoom can only use one IWAD at a time. Please check the IWAD feature chart in the description to see which features each IWAD provides. Doom 2 is the preferred IWAD because it will provide all features.
ghor  [作成者] 2月6日 22時21分 
Start a new game and in the console run:
lua_run PrintTable(({file.Find("*","MOD")})[1])
This will show you all the files in your garrysmod folder. If you don't see the wad in there, you've installed it to the wrong place and should consult the installation guide again.
ghor  [作成者] 2月6日 22時08分 
It's unlikely, there are a lot of things keeping me from doing that at this point.
ghor  [作成者] 2月6日 21時46分 
Check the IWAD feature chart in the description section. It shows you what content your IWAD provides.
ghor  [作成者] 2月6日 21時44分 
@VxWolf I don't think so.
mr spring 2月6日 19時09分 
you need doom 2 wad AND doom 1 wad UnicornManPuppet
UnicornManPuppet 2月6日 16時13分 
I put doom2.wad in my garrysmod folder and it still wont work should I re-install?
buddajordan 2月5日 15時51分 
Razur 2月4日 18時22分 
hey, dude, do you think you could do this for heretic and hexen?
Techpriest Eddbro 2月1日 16時38分 
Freedoom doesn't work with this for some reason, I tried it.
mlt6909 1月28日 16時32分 
i did it, but some of it are still errors?
Gordon 1月28日 15時02分 
heres what i want and it's a big one is the ability to jump/duck but have it in the menu as an option as going though the hl2 story is impossible with out it.
VxWolf 1月20日 17時57分 
will .pk3 files ever be supported at all?
poorpineappple27 1月18日 9時16分 
plees make a brutal doom
kisses 1月15日 12時51分 
You should do Duke Nukem 3D

It's just a question please don't get mad at me ;_;
○ Gleb AA-Gun ○ 1月13日 5時16分 
Anyway to give support for Doom mods as well? I would love to play with Aeons Of Death and/or GREZZO DUE.
PSGC24 1月12日 1時42分 
shareware is best option to start with until u get doom 2 or final doom WAD pretty much :/
PSGC24 1月12日 1時41分 
can't use freedoom I tried n did it how he says too on my end to get it to work n the freedoom WAD not doing anything they all still boxes..
Kyle07 1月10日 3時26分 
@ tinyboy420: No its not useless. You can still use the doom 1 shareware and freedoom. Both are legally free on the internet.
Blitzkrieg 1月8日 13時43分 
One question: Does this work with Brutal Doom?
tinyboy420 1月4日 16時16分 
so basically if you don't have a Doom game downloaded then this mod is completely useless?? cool
herrmann_family 1月3日 17時58分 
yeah i dont trust this
tamsin_jaded 2015年12月30日 15時10分 
why are they big purple boxs with words on them
XxPsychoTeddyxX 2015年12月26日 16時54分 
whats a iwad i heard of WAD and i did what the list of steps but its not working i did everything whats going on?
saitama 2015年12月25日 9時37分 
im not getting sounds
supafrog576 2015年12月11日 18時55分 
i have doom 2 :D yay
ghor  [作成者] 2015年12月10日 22時58分 
Not at this time, unfortunately. Also, the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind not taking blast damage is not a bug. In Doom, they are also immune to blast damage. Doom's rocket launcher has two parts to its damage, the direct hit impact damage and the explosion. The two boss monsters ignore the blast damage and only take the direct hit damage, which is why the rocket launcher was and is weaker against them than it is against other monsters.
Nevermore 2015年12月10日 12時13分 
Is there a way to replace the default doom 2 sounds with Doom PSX sounds?

Bug: Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind do not take damage from explosive weapons except the doom 2 rocket launcher.
Nevermore 2015年12月2日 2時41分 
Mario, install Slade if you want to edit wad files.
elrobertosuperio 2015年11月28日 23時21分 
IWAD was taken down
Super Mario 2015年11月28日 13時50分 
I do not have a tool for editing wads, sadly, so it seemes i'm stuck with the default Doom 2.
ghor  [作成者] 2015年11月28日 12時49分 
@Super Mario
No, unfortunately. There are a few limitations in the Garry's Mod scripting interface that prevent me from better handling the way assets are loaded from WAD files, but you can patch them into a single WAD manually.
ghor  [作成者] 2015年11月28日 12時29分 
The HUD issue you're experiencing may be caused by a conflicting addon. If you're experiencing any Lua errors, please start a new discussion thread and post them there. Also check that the cvar 'cl_drawhud' is not set to 0.
Kippykip 2015年11月28日 3時08分 
You are a god!
Best mod
stevie6soarse 2015年11月22日 11時50分 
i done't now how to get the WAD for the mod
Super Mario 2015年11月20日 15時14分 
Is there a way to make the mod load two wads at once for like a doom mod that also relys on the doom 2 wad?
Cosmi 2015年11月15日 17時08分 
The doom hud has suddenly stopped working, i do have a WAD, any help? (more specificly, the hud doesnt show up, but the waepons move forewarda bit o3o)
XxPsychoTeddyxX 2015年11月15日 14時04分 
great time to waste 1233543456787654356789098765434567890-09876543245678909876543443543454328271873283547486758678576876784557 dollers
LostInHECU 2015年11月13日 14時12分 
Oh my F*ckin' god. Look at the install instructions. Don't make yourself look like an 8 yr old.
ghor  [作成者] 2015年11月10日 12時38分 
Find and delete the file "garrysmod/data/gmdoom/client_binds_cfg.txt", which only contains the bindings for opening/closing the gmDoom menu and automap.
Polyzium 2015年11月10日 7時25分 
Pls help me, i opened gmdoom menu and i accidentally set enter as a menu key. Now i can't change it back. How to reset the config?
Mr. Sentry 2015年11月7日 19時23分 
where do i put the IWAD?
mariobeast11 2015年11月7日 9時00分 
i need a iwad
TheMaster 2015年11月7日 5時00分 
Very good addon. We need a hexen beyond heretic version.
Nevermore 2015年11月6日 4時39分 
we definitely need gmHeretic, gmHexen and possibly even gmRealm667 beastiary monsters.
ghor  [作成者] 2015年11月1日 9時10分 
@DJ Skully
Please consult the IWAD feature chart in the description. TNT.WAD and PLUTONIA.WAD are both listed.
DJ Skully 2015年11月1日 4時47分 
ive installed final doom, but i dont know where the iwad is, ive checked the local files, ive gone to final doom base, and there is no doom.wad, final doom.wad or file that says "data", all i get is:


i dont know which file it is but those are my options for the iwad files, and none relate to a doom.wad or final doom.wad file, please help, i got one of the dooms recomended from your list
Bubba-Doo! 2015年11月1日 3時25分 
@spy crab The mod tells you what an IWAD is, you jsut didn't read it. The IWAD is an Internal WAD. That is the file that is needed to run the DooM games.He can't just send you a download link for it because that would be considered stealing as the IWAD is essentially the game. There are ways to aquire it, either by buying Doom & Doom II or from less legal sources. (It's not hard to find downloads of the IWAD's online.)