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szwagier50 3 時間前 
It worked
Colonel Jeffrey 9月22日 23時39分 
oreo you didn't read the description did you, he can't put the assets and such in the mod as that makes him re-distributing the games assets (which is illegal due to copyright laws)
Saurina Wolf 9月21日 20時44分 
half life 3
oreo overload 9月20日 18時08分 
is it possible for you to upgrade the mod to work without the iwad ?
NyghtWolf2 9月13日 2時35分 
Can you make a duke nukem 3d/Shadow Warrior/Blood/Nam/WWII GI/Redneck Rampage
[ASCL] LIX 9月11日 10時46分 

The IWAD files are available for download in the desc links.
soggy 9月11日 10時30分 
Warkiller.38 9月10日 14時37分 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
🐾~FinnTheDragon~🐾 9月10日 11時59分 
3 words to rate this addon: Best. Addon. Ever.

3 words to describe it: Fight. Like. Hell.
Elena (Hunter) 9月7日 13時40分 
wait can you use this for gmod servers?
KaptainMerica 9月6日 11時36分 
my game is broke now
KaptainMerica 9月5日 13時11分 
i own doom 2 but how do i make it work for gmod?
Tycitron 9月4日 15時16分 
IS there anyway for you to make a Doom 64 version? you would be the person on steam if you did.
theninjacat799 9月3日 14時16分 
i subscribed, but for some reason, its not there. it says i dont have gmdoom. why? i have the iwad and evrything. gmdoom maps shows up, but this doesent.
acostalisette 9月2日 13時12分 
[ERROR] lua/weapons/doom_weapon_base/init.lua:188: attempt to call method 'IsUsingMPPickupRules' (a nil value)
1. v - lua/weapons/doom_weapon_base/init.lua:188
2. old_hook_call - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84
3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/momo/compat.lua:23 how do I fix
Innocent Isabelle 9月2日 0時06分 
Do i have to buy Doom Two to use the IWAD? Because i don't see it here.
Master V 9月1日 22時04分 
Will this work with surgeon sim?
soggy 8月31日 12時26分 
to past a coment u hold ctrl v and to copy it crtl c well im sad becuse i dont know how to get the iwad ):
soggy 8月31日 12時23分 
where is the iwad? :(
Stefan.Begg 8月31日 11時46分 
holy crap man it works

Virus86 8月31日 6時58分 
hahaha! (not a bad comment)
ShadowBeast03 8月30日 14時33分 
how do you paste the iwad
soggy 8月29日 14時58分 
uhh somthing says dowload iwad
FGW | Cheeki Potoo 8月28日 13時25分 
How do you play HL2 with addons?
Ivan Ivanovsky Ivanovich 8月27日 17時03分 
If i try to change convars this error will pop up

[gmDoom] lua/doom/convars.lua:29: attempt to call field 'CvarSet' (a nil value)
1. unknown - lua/doom/convars.lua:29
2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54

any fixes?
raygun goffik 8月26日 17時04分 
Does it work with DOOM 64 EX's non-standard WAD, or can it not parse the format? I'd assume that the sounds wouldn't work.
Uber_Dude 8月24日 22時19分 
Will this work with Freedoom? I may experiment
almatom14 G.E.W.P 8月23日 13時23分 
Somebody Can Help Me How To Fix This Addon With The Spawn Platforms?
leadsupreme 8月22日 13時11分 
Is there a way to disable the little blood particle that comes out of monsters when you shoot them?
Arthur Read 8月20日 14時21分 
I would like to have an option to turn on a dead monster cleaner that automatically cleans dead monsters every 30 seconds. The reason why I would want this is because I would like to prevent clutter and I don't want to use the cleanup utility to clean up dead monsters.
Jacencrazer8000 8月19日 17時16分 
doom guy!
cthulhu237 8月15日 18時33分 
uhh...does the doom hud replace the normal one, and will i still be able to use non doom weapons .
NyghtWolf2 8月14日 15時44分 
Can you make Duke Nukem 3D/Shadow Warrior/Blood mods like this too?
cortina 8月11日 4時56分 
Mario Face (NL) 8月10日 6時56分 
it says brutaldoom wouldnt work but brutal doom does stuff like blood on walls, would other doom mods work?
AmishOutlaws 8月9日 12時39分 
how do you get a iwad
The Plague Doctor 8月9日 10時23分 
one more thig if i take a weapon my screen gets yellow
The Plague Doctor 8月9日 10時06分 
the movement has also no animation .. aswell as the light effects
The Plague Doctor 8月9日 10時02分 
dear guy who made the mod. i did all the stuff i needed to do to make the mod work ... and it does work .but all the amimatons are stuck the emenys dont walk they just move around . also if i shot a wall or a npc the hit has no animaton the blood is just a red dott that is stuck in the air. please help me out from (nobodybird 5)
k 8月9日 9時16分 
So much god damn nostalgia.
xXxSm0k3w33d4LyPh3420xXx 8月5日 16時03分 
Is there any support for PWAD's planned? I don't like the stock double barrel shotgun sounds, so I normally put the sound to 11025Hz to make it sound lower pitched in my opinion. Anyway, planning on supporting PWAD's soon?
☢ Kokowinter ☢ 8月5日 10時59分 
i got the doom2.wad and put it in garrysmod folder but it still doesnt work
cortina 8月4日 3時32分 
roborob 7月24日 20時07分 
I pretty much did everything right, i clicked properties, local files, browse local files, and I clicked garrysmod. so where?
roborob 7月24日 20時05分 
You say paste but where exactly in the folder do i paste????
Warkiller.38 7月23日 17時22分 
wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein 3d
Warkiller.38 7月23日 17時21分 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
Spartan333 7月21日 16時04分 
do i have to have all of the iwad files?
Arthur Read 7月20日 12時36分 
Is it possible to make Shadow Warrior and Star Wars: Dark Forces weapons?
Epic Player M.K FIN 7月19日 2時35分