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FlyingDoomSandwich12 16 Ιαν στις 11:49πμ 
He doesn't know, I do. all you need is doom1.WAD doom2.WAD and doom3.WAD

these can be gotten for free on a certain website but like he said: don't share links for IWADs
carloottaviano 15 Ιαν στις 10:04πμ 
how do u get iwad for doom i cant find it anywhere plz tell me
Slendy 14 Ιαν στις 10:36μμ 
does doom 3 work with it
lucfle97 14 Ιαν στις 6:52μμ 
what's the "black friday" thing? Is that like when a whole bunch of demons teleport to the player?
PenisFunkle 13 Ιαν στις 6:51μμ 
can i use the H-DOOM pk3 file? <3
lucfle97 13 Ιαν στις 5:58μμ 
the final doom directions are almost exact (that was awkward to type) It's not a folder called Doom2 it's a folder calld Final Doom
yonuncavitv1 11 Ιαν στις 6:52μμ 
Do you think you'll add the marines as friendly NPCs so you don't have to kill demons alone?
JamesB415 10 Ιαν στις 12:51μμ 
do i need to instel the doom games to?
WTFmybacon 10 Ιαν στις 12:26μμ 
Since you missed the description: "An IWAD is a file containing all of the DOOM assets ( sprites, textures, sounds, music, maps, etc. )."
Doku 8 Ιαν στις 5:35μμ 
Look up iwad.
SedatedLobster 8 Ιαν στις 8:17πμ 
how to get IWAD? Where do u paste the link????? Plz tell me

slapshotking07 6 Ιαν στις 9:30πμ 
whats iwad?
Luks 3 Ιαν στις 7:08μμ 
I past the .wad in the garrys mod fold and it doenst work
SillyFox Mem 2 Ιαν στις 2:37μμ 
its 12 o' clock 1 Ιαν στις 9:44πμ 
i dont get it.
Lord Of The Sluggies 30 Δεκ 2016 στις 6:43μμ 
Hey, is it possible to have a server running this, and have the Freedoom wad install alongside it?
dbzdeadpool05 28 Δεκ 2016 στις 6:47μμ 
I need help with pasting the stuff, do i make another folder and paste it in the name box? Also im on a windows 10
❄ Frost Magician ❄ Dalv 28 Δεκ 2016 στις 1:10μμ 
Hey everybody, I created a level you can play, if you want me to make more sequels or to continue this let me know!
[hammer]DMX 28 Δεκ 2016 στις 11:37πμ 
i have a problem is see a mising textura at npc and props help pls
namnam09101 27 Δεκ 2016 στις 3:20πμ 
Is very hard to download it
oggy007 25 Δεκ 2016 στις 12:27μμ 
can i ge a link to the iwad files
yonuncavitv1 21 Δεκ 2016 στις 6:20πμ 
Hello, may I know why does it refuse to work even though I have the Doom 2 IWAD? I didn't have a third garrysmod folder and I created one, what should I do? Thanks.
Encrypted the Unknown 18 Δεκ 2016 στις 1:09μμ 
the demons won't die, did i do something to effect that? (i am sorry if i missed the question and someone anwsered it)
mcrivervl 12 Δεκ 2016 στις 3:24μμ 
help i have enter binded to open menu help
pootis™ 8 Δεκ 2016 στις 8:46πμ 
make brutal doom :D
THE DEMONCAR KING 7 Δεκ 2016 στις 2:37μμ 
Is it the first files
Get Krunk 3 Δεκ 2016 στις 2:35μμ 
@SapphirexGaming unlikely
combine unit 4-A 27 Νοε 2016 στις 6:32μμ 
does the ddom 3 iwad make it all look like doom 3?
[SCP] xxitjixx 26 Νοε 2016 στις 5:08μμ 
how do you add the wad in? i have no add file in garrysmod.
carlos esteban 25 Νοε 2016 στις 4:52μμ 
is there a way to summon monsters that are on my side, like "summonfriend" in zdoom?
colektorPLay 24 Νοε 2016 στις 8:30πμ 
Is Doom Classic Complete will work with this addon? I am planning to buy it on outside store and put steam game code and check if the IWAD thingy will work.
If it will not work let me know as soon as possible.
Goofy 23 Νοε 2016 στις 8:28μμ 
because i have seen someone make a duke nukem 3d swep pack with 3 of the weapons and it looked perfect
Goofy 23 Νοε 2016 στις 8:28μμ 
ok. this is really hard to install and i dont like having to go through my files for addons BUT . what if you made. just a swep pack of all the original doom 1- doom final weapons. just those
szwagier50 22 Νοε 2016 στις 2:34μμ 
Listen.I have a pink sheep pic is because everyone needs to be a PGN member
szwagier50 22 Νοε 2016 στις 2:34μμ 
dokan 17 Νοε 2016 στις 10:02πμ 
if brutal doom was allowed then it would be on the front page
Quantum MoonLord 15 Νοε 2016 στις 10:41μμ 
how comenot all the textures load for me cause i installed everything and put everthing in the right file
coolguyisonline 13 Νοε 2016 στις 4:47μμ 
how do you get the super shotgun and bfg9000 skins on
cczack 12 Νοε 2016 στις 6:50μμ 
but i put a doom.2 wad into the garrys mod folder
cczack 12 Νοε 2016 στις 6:50μμ 
i was looking in doom files and there was no iwad
cczack 12 Νοε 2016 στις 6:39μμ 
cczack 12 Νοε 2016 στις 6:39μμ 
how do you aeven get a IWAD file? someone please explain
Im Squidward 12 Νοε 2016 στις 6:45πμ 
i have brutel but its not on steam
Im Squidward 12 Νοε 2016 στις 6:44πμ 
szwagier50 your not pinksheep
Qüe Fluxwinger 12 Νοε 2016 στις 12:34πμ 
Dear ghor,
I really love this mod, but I can't seem to find a wad or iwad file for DOOM2, any help on this situation would be most apprecieated! Thank you my good friend.
Kyle DC 4 Νοε 2016 στις 12:53μμ 
sucks u need to pay id for this mod
Im Squidward 4 Νοε 2016 στις 7:36πμ 
dude this guy below plays roblox
STICK FIGHTER DUDE (JOJOKILLER7) 3 Νοε 2016 στις 5:45μμ 
how are you doom marine
szwagier50 3 Νοε 2016 στις 11:33πμ 
also if doom 2016 had an IWAD it would still give you doom 1&2 weapon desings