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Get Krunk 3 ธ.ค. @ 2:35pm 
@SapphirexGaming unlikely
I violently scramble my eggs 2 ธ.ค. @ 7:35pm 
can you tell me the command for the viewbob?
SapphirexGaming (cthulhu237) 27 พ.ย. @ 6:32pm 
does the ddom 3 iwad make it all look like doom 3?
[SCP] xxitjixx 26 พ.ย. @ 5:08pm 
how do you add the wad in? i have no add file in garrysmod.
carlos esteban 25 พ.ย. @ 4:52pm 
is there a way to summon monsters that are on my side, like "summonfriend" in zdoom?
colektorPLay 24 พ.ย. @ 8:30am 
Is Doom Classic Complete will work with this addon? I am planning to buy it on outside store and put steam game code and check if the IWAD thingy will work.
If it will not work let me know as soon as possible.
Cockatoo 23 พ.ย. @ 8:28pm 
because i have seen someone make a duke nukem 3d swep pack with 3 of the weapons and it looked perfect
Cockatoo 23 พ.ย. @ 8:28pm 
ok. this is really hard to install and i dont like having to go through my files for addons BUT . what if you made. just a swep pack of all the original doom 1- doom final weapons. just those
szwagier50 22 พ.ย. @ 2:34pm 
Listen.I have a pink sheep pic is because everyone needs to be a PGN member
szwagier50 22 พ.ย. @ 2:34pm 
dokan 17 พ.ย. @ 10:02am 
if brutal doom was allowed then it would be on the front page
Quantum MoonLord 15 พ.ย. @ 10:41pm 
how comenot all the textures load for me cause i installed everything and put everthing in the right file
coolguyisonline 13 พ.ย. @ 4:47pm 
how do you get the super shotgun and bfg9000 skins on
cczack 12 พ.ย. @ 6:50pm 
but i put a doom.2 wad into the garrys mod folder
cczack 12 พ.ย. @ 6:50pm 
i was looking in doom files and there was no iwad
cczack 12 พ.ย. @ 6:39pm 
cczack 12 พ.ย. @ 6:39pm 
how do you aeven get a IWAD file? someone please explain
Im Sqwidwerd 12 พ.ย. @ 6:45am 
i have brutel but its not on steam
Im Sqwidwerd 12 พ.ย. @ 6:44am 
szwagier50 your not pinksheep
Qüe Fluxwinger 12 พ.ย. @ 12:34am 
Dear ghor,
I really love this mod, but I can't seem to find a wad or iwad file for DOOM2, any help on this situation would be most apprecieated! Thank you my good friend.
Kyle DC 4 พ.ย. @ 12:53pm 
sucks u need to pay id for this mod
Im Sqwidwerd 4 พ.ย. @ 7:36am 
dude this guy below plays roblox
how are you doom marine
szwagier50 3 พ.ย. @ 11:33am 
also if doom 2016 had an IWAD it would still give you doom 1&2 weapon desings
Im Sqwidwerd 2 พ.ย. @ 7:10pm 
YES BUT WHERE IS IT WHERE IS npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit!
Allie4UT 2 พ.ย. @ 6:48pm 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
Im Sqwidwerd 1 พ.ย. @ 6:16pm 
where is the file
MetalKoopa 1 พ.ย. @ 2:54pm 
btw its free
MetalKoopa 1 พ.ย. @ 2:51pm 
hey hotdogbun64, google this: doom 2 WAD file the link i used was the game but i didnt play it it should be the 2nd or 3rd link
hotdogbun64 30 ต.ค. @ 10:37pm 
I know this may be a pain in the a$$ but does anyone know of a way to get this without buying the games or is it required?
szwagier50 30 ต.ค. @ 4:05am 
Hoovy 4 live its supposed to turn yellow when you pick up a weapon that happened in doom
I violently scramble my eggs 29 ต.ค. @ 9:52am 
I have the WAD files what do I do with them exactly?
szwagier50 26 ต.ค. @ 1:43pm 
Accrossa its a object containing doom things downlad them from the internet
szwagier50 26 ต.ค. @ 1:37pm 
Shrek no this only works with doom
szwagier50 26 ต.ค. @ 1:36pm 
Pyromania a wad has 8 bit objects doom 2016 is 3d not 8 bit so no
Boston Bashers 26 ต.ค. @ 9:55am 
When I downloaded the IWAD file for Doom I extracted to Garry's Mod, will it still work?
Also I put the one The ultimate Doom and like a said: Will it still work?
Pyromania 22 ต.ค. @ 2:38pm 
Would Doom 2016 have an IWAD?
SapphirexGaming (cthulhu237) 22 ต.ค. @ 9:55am 
so I dont have doom but thanks for putting the wad links in the description. but does doom 3 bfg make the npcs look like the ones from doom 3 bfg edition?
Im Sqwidwerd 22 ต.ค. @ 7:40am 
you just did that comment rght know
Warkiller.38 22 ต.ค. @ 7:39am 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
Neoncan 21 ต.ค. @ 6:55am 
ID Software would be proud.
Im Sqwidwerd 20 ต.ค. @ 2:30pm 
still where is the file???????!!!
ULSA 17 ต.ค. @ 1:42pm 
can you please add marines?
Lotarz 16 ต.ค. @ 7:41pm 
great job,can you do it with Wolfenstein and Dark Force?
Noiwex 10 ต.ค. @ 2:29am 
You overengineered this
NerdyUnicorn Is Best Hooter :3 8 ต.ค. @ 4:31pm 
You should make a GM Wolfenstein-3D mod it would be 20%cooler :3
dkns 7 ต.ค. @ 6:49pm 
I have a question regarding the maps when spawned using the gmdoom map addon. When I spawn a map, the monsters are already in place and everything works fine. The AI placing on the map is for the DOOM monsters specifically, but what I want to know is, if for example, I spawned a Combine soldier or HL2 zombie, would the AI spawned in the DOOM map corrispond to the hl2 AI?

Basically what I'm saying is, will source engine NPC's work on the gmdoom maps if spawned?

I look forward to hearing your response.
Im Sqwidwerd 6 ต.ค. @ 3:58pm 
still where is the file
carlos esteban 6 ต.ค. @ 3:03am 
also, the sounds aren't working for it anymore