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Doom Guy Há 1 hora 
Brutal Doom is considered one of the most popular Doom mods to date, it just makes the game much more violent and gory with blood everywhere. I didnt really like it at first but then after I have seen how good it looks I can understand why so many ppl want it on gmod.
EasySweet[RUS] 25 Jul às 0:53 
Whats IWAD ?
=TDC= vicepoint5 24 Jul às 8:14 
can you make a download from the steam website, because i host a server and cant make it happen than its download automatic for other players
CONNOR GAMING 24 Jul às 6:22 
you should update this addon
Homeless Donut 22 Jul às 9:11 
Thanks! I made Some Doom saves with these!
xdel 20 Jul às 17:30 
How do I install Garry's MOD let alone GMDOOM? Thanks in advance!
420$W@GM@$73R 12 Jul às 13:09 
This is the best addon ever made! Thank you so much! It's not perfect, but it's still great!
Phoenix 12 Jul às 10:35 
ivad are wirus -_- :p
Why is everybody obsessed about Brutal Doom?
[fb||]MLG206 8 Jul às 19:50 
i have a WAD file but some of the weapons and npcs either dont work, bug out, or just straight up crash the game, Is a WAD file different from an IWAD file?
Jose 5 Jul às 20:59 
whats iwad
Shrek is love Shrek is life 30 Jun às 23:13 
i got the mod it all works for me except one major major thing IM NOT DOOM GUY :( someone plz help how to be doom guy
Quote 27 Jun às 10:55 
the weapons work but the enemies are still errors
Crimsdark 20 Jun às 20:39 
you should make a addon out of the original wolfenstein
TheShyGuy489 19 Jun às 19:38 
Does the iwad file have to be from the steam game? I downloaded a wad file for doom 2 by itself and its not working.
Vanya Shagaa 17 Jun às 9:18 
Somebody can transleated for me?
unturnedplayer2015 12 Jun às 16:53 
did you have to make the mod extremely hard to install?
SilentQuote 11 Jun às 17:00 
if so that would be cool
SilentQuote 11 Jun às 17:00 
can you make a brutal doom capable version? (if you have the time)( im not trying to be a selfish needy bitch)
Allgrunfan50 (LIN KUEI) 11 Jun às 9:33 
can you like make a brutal doom swep but you dont need the whole reload thing
Nebtoons 9 Jun às 18:53 
i dont know how to add iwad
Skootilesλ³ 9 Jun às 6:46 
im using a final doom wad (tnt.wad) and it says it needs to be a iwad. Help because i used it before and it worked.
K-Lynx 31 Mai às 14:17 
iwad is in, the weapons work but the fookin npcs and shit dont, i also dont have the hud, i am also running into the problem half-mod is, monsters spawn invisible,
is it cuz i got Doom II?
StegoSigma 28 Mai às 21:57 
Nothing will spawn for me. I put in the IWAD and everything. This is spamming my console.

[gmDoom] lua/doom/hooks.lua:30: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'TICRATE' (a nil value)
1. v - lua/doom/hooks.lua:30
2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84
Hλlf-Mod 25 Mai às 22:12 
I am encountering a bug where some of the monsters would spawn invincible, could that be fixed?
CheezMan 24 Mai às 6:35 
They're sprites, you can't make them ragdolls.
Blacksmith-Cutolo 23 Mai às 11:27 
IDK if this question has been answered, but, how do I get a normal ragdoll version of a monster that isn't a corpse?
Moon Cow 21 Mai às 7:20 
Freedoom doesn't work, I've put the .wad files in the right place
artemussr 17 Mai às 10:58 
@xXAdamXx You Suck.
artemussr 17 Mai às 10:58 
My Freedoom Went Straight To WinRAR. What Should I Do?
Blue Leader 35 16 Mai às 9:52 
this worked perfectly, bring back good times!
[SG] Sinister Mr.Fox 12 Mai às 11:51 
i agree looks like a great mod, but im not spendingmy money on yet another game
xXAdamXx 9 Mai às 1:43 
Blue22111 [Payday22111] 8 Mai às 13:30 
Is there a way you can just have the downscale post process with no other GMdoom stuff?
Sen 6 Mai às 0:02 
Excuse me but in my folder there is not a thing that says doom2.wad nothing in there has .wad
luke_hc 27 Abr às 6:42 
hmmm.... I wonder if the world of Heretic visits the world of GMod...f
Frankwest16 26 Abr às 13:52 
So, does the IWAD just go in the garrysmod/garrysmod folder or does it go in a folder inside of that?
I probably look stupid asking this. I probably am stupid.
S.A.S heavy (zipthered) 25 Abr às 22:31 
well can you at least make a swep like how someone made quake sweps or you can't cause you need the iwad please send me a message to let me know!
Dr. Awesome 25 Abr às 15:35 
does this work in gmod 10?
patryk123456 24 Abr às 8:58 
Can you make a source port of Quake?
pra7a1_ 20 Abr às 19:26 
Screenshots made my nipples rock hard. Thank you.
Yan Flahou 19 Abr às 0:33 
bloxman the creator says "Q: Why do I have to install a stupid IWAD? Why can't you just include the assets in the addon!?
A: It's not legal for me to redistribute the game assets."
bloxman41 18 Abr às 9:33 
Why does this need a IWAD? I dont want to buy a doom game sense i already have doom classic complete on PS3 and i dont want to buy a game i already have again.
The Francium Theory 17 Abr às 23:29 
ohmygodyes i LOVE this
kizza 28 Mar às 10:34 
i give up
Louis 27 Mar às 20:49 
Macho Man 27 Mar às 19:21 
i need teh fucking game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teh Hatein 25 Mar às 12:00 
how do i get the IWAD
Iceninja16 24 Mar às 18:22 
I tried to use all the IWAD things in the desc and all it does is waste my time it just keeps loading and loading not doing anything and then when it loads it says "Error-107" or something like that
ʙʟυᴇ 23 Mar às 15:52 
Everyone. Are you serious? A download of an IWAD Is in the description... Why are you still asking for one?!
@Ghor Garry's Mod updated again, and I still have an IWAD, which is correctly installed, but the textures are just a blocky pink and black, checkered cylinder again. I know you've put multiple solutions to the problem in the description, but they won't fix the problem. Any suggestions?