Garry's Mod
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almatom12 G.E.W.P 23 ago, ore 13:23 
Somebody Can Help Me How To Fix This Addon With The Spawn Platforms?
sea snipper 22 ago, ore 13:11 
Is there a way to disable the little blood particle that comes out of monsters when you shoot them?
Arthur Read 20 ago, ore 14:21 
I would like to have an option to turn on a dead monster cleaner that automatically cleans dead monsters every 30 seconds. The reason why I would want this is because I would like to prevent clutter and I don't want to use the cleanup utility to clean up dead monsters.
Jacencrazer 19 ago, ore 17:16 
doom guy!
cthulhu237 15 ago, ore 18:33 
uhh...does the doom hud replace the normal one, and will i still be able to use non doom weapons .
NyghtWolf2 14 ago, ore 15:44 
Can you make Duke Nukem 3D/Shadow Warrior/Blood mods like this too?
cortina 11 ago, ore 4:56 
Mario Face (NL) 10 ago, ore 6:56 
it says brutaldoom wouldnt work but brutal doom does stuff like blood on walls, would other doom mods work?
AmishOutlaws 9 ago, ore 12:39 
how do you get a iwad
The Plague Doctor 9 ago, ore 10:23 
one more thig if i take a weapon my screen gets yellow
The Plague Doctor 9 ago, ore 10:06 
the movement has also no animation .. aswell as the light effects
The Plague Doctor 9 ago, ore 10:02 
dear guy who made the mod. i did all the stuff i needed to do to make the mod work ... and it does work .but all the amimatons are stuck the emenys dont walk they just move around . also if i shot a wall or a npc the hit has no animaton the blood is just a red dott that is stuck in the air. please help me out from (nobodybird 5)
DOMKEY DONG 9 ago, ore 9:16 
So much god damn nostalgia.
xXxSm0k3w33d4LyPh3420xXx 5 ago, ore 16:03 
Is there any support for PWAD's planned? I don't like the stock double barrel shotgun sounds, so I normally put the sound to 11025Hz to make it sound lower pitched in my opinion. Anyway, planning on supporting PWAD's soon?
☢ Kokowinter ☢ 5 ago, ore 10:59 
i got the doom2.wad and put it in garrysmod folder but it still doesnt work
cortina 4 ago, ore 3:32 
roborob 24 lug, ore 20:07 
I pretty much did everything right, i clicked properties, local files, browse local files, and I clicked garrysmod. so where?
roborob 24 lug, ore 20:05 
You say paste but where exactly in the folder do i paste????
Warkiller.38 23 lug, ore 17:22 
wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein wolfenstein 3d
Warkiller.38 23 lug, ore 17:21 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
Spartan333 21 lug, ore 16:04 
do i have to have all of the iwad files?
Arthur Read 20 lug, ore 12:36 
Is it possible to make Shadow Warrior and Star Wars: Dark Forces weapons?
Epic Player M.K FIN 19 lug, ore 2:35 
lolznoboz 17 lug, ore 11:57 
lolznoboz 17 lug, ore 11:57 
@[C.I.] ▼♫Combine Sniper♫ THAT WAS A JOKE DUMBASS
Ivan Ivanovsky Ivanovich 17 lug, ore 11:24 
Are you kids retarded or something? if you can't install this them get out of the internet! geez! can't you guys use google?! "Doom 2 iwad download" them you just need to drop it inside your gmod directory, but no!, some retarded kids whit fnaf profile pics can't do anything right.
▼♫Corey♫▼ 17 lug, ore 10:01 
@Hail You probably put the wad in a wrong place, where did you place it?
▼♫Corey♫▼ 17 lug, ore 10:00 
Because to include the full game assets into a mod for a paid game is illegal.
HAIL HATTEN M9K1 [RAGE] 15 lug, ore 23:29 
lolznoboz 15 lug, ore 20:46 
PinkScug17 15 lug, ore 12:39 
why do I need one of the DOOM games
sandrarest 14 lug, ore 10:35 
do wolfenstein 3d addon
yoshifan106 14 lug, ore 6:51 
does doom 2 new zip work ? my life is full of derpyness
yoshifan106 14 lug, ore 6:26 
how do i add an iwad file in garrysmod folder
ze jentle spy HP 11 lug, ore 18:19 
hey u ghor how bout u put every thing in the mod thats reqierd?
It be cool to make a feature or a seperate addon that supports ZDOOM based iwads
MemeMeme 9 lug, ore 12:58 
Pizza mod 7 lug, ore 8:12 
it would be cool to add trailblazer or russian overkill or brutal doom with a pk3 overhaul
Clover, Sherif Of Justice 4 lug, ore 17:52 
PLEASE HELP ME! My friend accidentally made enter his doom menu button... NOW HE CANNOT PLAY GMOD PLEASE HELP!
R3TR0 4 lug, ore 16:29 
i cant jump help please
{GPG} Über-Soldat 4 lug, ore 13:51 
is it possible for you to remake this without using Iwad, because i currently do not own any of the DOOM games.
Warkiller.38 4 lug, ore 13:25 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
spacemonkey359 3 lug, ore 13:03 
I know want i wanna added. A OUCH FACE.
spacemonkey359 3 lug, ore 12:53 
@Skrylionix you need a install a DOOM.IWAD.
Skrylionix 2 lug, ore 7:36 
When I spawn an NPC I hear the sounds but the NPC is buggy, there is like a purple and black cube.
xx_extaticblue_xx 1 lug, ore 9:14 
when i open the doom hud its a black box but everything else works
TheMooskyFishYT 1 lug, ore 5:28 
It's lag

when spawn npc doom sometime ULX ERRORS

i can't show logs cuz ulx made many errors in my gmod fps to 3

Please Creator fix it
MasterNinjaYoshi 30 giu, ore 15:06 
almost everthing works but some wepons dont show up like the bfg or the super shotgun, and some monsters like the knights or heavy wepons guy, is there something im missing
yoshifan106 30 giu, ore 14:04 
how do you add a file
RECON1 29 giu, ore 15:05 
whats an iwad