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Мод для сервера "ROAD TO HELL"

IP adress -

Вконтакте -
Дискорд -

Особенности сервера

> Рестарт сервера каждые 4 часа!
> День+ночь (укороченная)
> Банкир
> Торговые зоны (Зеленая гора).
> Stamina Бесконечная.
> Перезарядка на R.
> Боты

Mod for servers "ROAD TO HELL"

IP adress -

Vkontakte -
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server Features

> Restart the server every 4 hour!
> Always day+night.
> Banker
> Trade zones (Green Mon.)
> Stamina Infinite.
> Reload on R.
> Bots
Items (29)
Admirals Parachute Mod
Created by Admiral
NOTICE WITH RECENT UPDATE PLEASE REFRESH YOUR JSON BY DELETING IT Admirals Parachute Mod Allows you to soar the skies of dayz or save yourself from life-ending falls. While falling wait for the audio queue and press jump to activate the parachute. WIP: Add...
Advanced Weapon Scopes
Created by Inkota
This mod is designed as almost complete replacement for vanilla scopes for providing more smooth game experience since only my scopes has unique abilities. My recomendation is getting rid of any vanilla scopes except PU, Kobra, PSO and 1PN51. Mod content: ...
Blackouts Scorpion
Update: Monetized server permission will be considered. $ Contact me on Discord! This is a completely custom chopper, motorcycle, or whatever you want to call it. I call it the SCORPION. It's been retrofitted for the zombie apocalypse. Attachments include:...
Created by Steaua
Bots for The Thing Server...
Created by [G.P.]NOlZZ(MC2)
BuildAnywhere version Allows ghosts to be set anywhere for placing objects and building of components where the vanilla game normally would not. There are some limitations, for example if you cannot see the trigger points (ie putting a fen...
Cl0ud's Military Gear
Created by Cl0ud_live [雲]
This military clothing set contains 16 camo sets and other items! 16 Camos, you choose! The outfits are sorted by camos in the types.xml :P I do not recommend using all 16 camos at once. Features & More Compatible with Mass'sManyItemOverhaul! Check out Cl0...
Code Lock
Created by Room Service
Introduction: Code Lock is aimed at simplifying the base combination lock. No longer will you have to scramble to lock a gate that gives access to your base. There are also tons of configurable settings for this mod including logs, raid times, raid setting...
Created by Jacob_Mango
This is a Community framework for DayZ SA. One notable feature is it aims to resolve the issue of conflicting RPC type ID's and mods. For help on using this mod in your own projects, follow this README on github the Community-Framework github here. Install...
Created by Hunterz
Description This mod is an attempt to add the bicycle back into the game. We have done animations for this - thats why the Survivor Animations mod needs to be installed. The bicycle is like the car, but there is obviously no need to start an engine or add ...
So this is the complete fix for all the problems so it works with all mods Drone Battery Compatibility Fixed Grenade Compatibility Fixed Wooden crate Compatibility Fixed To pack the drones down you have to un pair it and remove the batterys then it will le...
Created by Evgeny__N
Description This modification adds 3 functional Drones (3 Types), each with its unique capabilities (including 14 Recon drones in different camouflages). These drones can carry cargo and explosives, and players can control them via the Drone Tablet. Additi...
Created by BARSIK33 Запрещено Перепаковка, Редактирование, Монетизация (запрещено без моего ведо...
Created by [S.C.] Zedmag **UPDATE** Removed 'temp fix' for BIs messup with 1.18.. all works properly now. Changed to vanilla notication system when finding stuff. If you get errors about STATICFIX, you’ll need to remove that PBO manualy, Steam is su...
Created by Cole
Mod Goals To add 43 NEW fish and 8 NEW crustaceans to the original game. Freshwater, saltwater, and other aquatic life. This mod is meant to create more immersion, and add more to the ecosystem to the base game. We do not want the fish to make it easier to...
Created by Chris86f_TTV
HeliPad Hab für unseren Expansion Server mal ein Helipad gemacht und wer möchte, kann das auch benutzen im pack ist auch schon ein fertiges Pad für Green Mountain (Koordinaten) drin ansonsten müsst ihr euch das Pad in den Editor ziehen und dann an eure gew...
Modular Vest System
Created by Pepe Julian Onziema
MVS IS NO LONGER RECEIVING UPDATES as of July, 2021 SERVER FILES Note: All associated attachments work ONLY for the intended model. Items are annotated with "MVS" to distinguish themselves from normal gear. I may add an additional proxy to allow default pl...
Created by Helkhiana
ADD MUCHFRAMEWORK TO YOUR SERVER Make sure your server really updated the mods MuchFramework and MuchStuffPack. A lot of people got issues because it's not updating the mods. People that updated properly have their servers working fine. MuchStuffPack is an...
Created by Oldnag
Im no longer modding dayz so there will be no further support for the mod. extended pbdoors and barricades with new walls 4 shacks garage and a watchtower you need the blueprint and a toolbox combined to make the kit and the materails you need press tab wh...
Overlay Removal
Created by B3TR4Y
This Mod removes the Overlays and Tints for Masks, Helmets and Glasses that got added in the 1.14 Update. Overlays and Tints can be disabled via a server side config file so every server owner can decide what they want enabled and what disabled. Config dir...
RedFalcon Flight System Heliz
Tested with DayZ v1.23 This is the public release of RedFalcon Flight System - Heliz, a very much "work in progress" standalone helicopter system for DayZ. This mod is free for every to use, just install it on your server as you would any other mod. Curren...
RedFalcon Mosquito Mk III
The Mosquito Mk III is a single seat, open cockpit helicopter branched from the RedFalcon Flight System - Heliz mod. This was originally developed for inclusion in the Deer Isle map mod but is also being released as a standalone mod so that anyone can use ...
RedFalcon Watercraft
Created by RedFalcon
This is the public release of RedFalcon Watercraft, a very much "work in progress" standalone boat system for DayZ. This mod is free for every to use, just install it on your server as you would any other mod. Included in this mod: Boats: - The Whaler - a ...
Created by Vladimir
Военное обмундирование Российской армии новая и недалекого прошлого многое другое (В будущем если будет потребность игроков будем делать обмундирование и других стран) Информация о вещах и кодировка для админов находится в папке мода. Любые повторные загру...
Survivor Animations
Created by Hunterz
Description This mod adds custom survivor animations (emotes/actions) including vehicles. Our goal is to provide the most wanted animations for characters and provide supporting animations for other mods like bikes, snowmobiles, helicopters, horses and mor...
Tactical Flava
Created by Wayward Son Compatible with DayZ 1.23 Mod includes various tactical equipment, adds new mechanics for the game (new grenades, gun bipods, grenade launcher) If you want to help us with mod translation into your language, please contact u...
Created by Steaua
Created by Steaua
Только для сервера WTH...
Created by Steaua
Для сервера WELCOME TO HELL...