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Downloading and Installing DayZ Expansion Mod
By DayZ Expansion and 1 collaborators
A official guide to Install DayZ Expansion Mod on your server
Useful links
For more informations please visit our offical Wiki at (guides, documentations):

If you need assistance or have something you would like to ask, please contact us on our discord:
Downloading the mods
Not all the expansion mods require the same mods to function. Please read this flow chart (or click on the mod you want to install and check the dependencies on the sidebar) to know what mods you will need !

If you are unsure what mod X require, check it's steam page, it will be listed on the right :)

- Community Framework (CF)
- Dabs Framework (DF)
- Community-Online-Tools (COT)

- DayZ-Expansion-Bundle
- DayZ-Expansion-Licensed (not included inside the bundle)
- DayZ-Expansion-Animations (not included inside the bundle)

- DayZ-Expansion
- DayZ-Expansion-AI
- DayZ-Expansion-BaseBuilding
- DayZ-Expansion-Book
- DayZ-Expansion-Chat
- DayZ-Expansion-Core
- DayZ-Expansion-Vehicles
- DayZ-Expansion-Market
- DayZ-Expansion-Name-Tags
- DayZ-Expansion-Spawn-Selection
- DayZ-Expansion-Groups
- DayZ-Expansion-MapAssets
- DayZ-Expansion-Missions
- DayZ-Expansion-Navigation
- DayZ-Expansion-Weapons
- DayZ-Expansion-Hardline
- DayZ-Expansion-Quests
- DayZ-Expansion-Personal-Storage
Installing the mods
Download and install the mods listed above where your server is installed (as shown in the first picture).

Inside each mods you should find a "key" folder with a bikey for each mods (if the key already exist this is fine). Copy all this keys and paste them inside your keys folder (Also in your root directory of your server)

If you do not know where to get the mods. Open your dayz launcher, right click on the desired mod, and choose "Open folder". A pop up will ask you if you know what you are doing, say yes and now windows explorer should open. You should see all the downloaded mods you have on your computer. All you have to do is to copy paste the mods you want in your server root directory as you can see with the first picture down below :)

Now you need to add the mods to your mod list. You maybe have a panel to load a mod in your server. But if this is not the case, you will probably need to edit a command line. Something similar to this:

"-mod=@CF;@Community-Online-Tools;@Dabs Framework;@DayZ-Expansion-Bundle;@DayZ-Expansion-Licensed"

Please make sure to have the quotes " " as shown here. If you cannot do it because you are using a server provider, remove the any spaces from any mod names !

Make sure they all have the same name in this command line than in your server directory root. If a mod folder is named Community-Online-Tools, the command line will need to have the same name.
Installing the MPMission files (xml/traders)
Download the latest missions at

Follow the instructions in the README_TUTORIAL.txt to import the content you need into your mission

This template include:
- xml files for the items, vehicles, weapons and more
- mapping/traders for servers using the Expansion Market mod.
Where and how to tweak the Expansion Settings
After starting your server with the DayZ Expansion mod for the first time, the server will generate the ExpansionMod folder in your profile folder (sometimes also named "sc" or "config"), in this folder, all the DayZ Expansion related settings will be stored. If you want to toggle any part of DayZ Expansion go into the settings folder and open the file you want to modify. If you want to learn more about the server settings
How to find what is wrong ?
In your server root directory you should have a folder with at least one of this names (sc, profile, server profile, instance_xxxx, profile, config). This folder should have some folders with the name of some of the mods you are using (trader, expansionmod, communityonlinetool, vpp, dayzeditor, permissionframework, and many other mods) but also many files with time and dates in their names.

First, look for a crash log. It should be a text file with the name crash_timedate.log open this file and try to see if this error is already documented down below !

If you don't see any crash logs, look for "dayzserver_timedate_timedate.rpt" (not mdmp). Open it, if this file is really small (only a couple of lines). It might be a issue with your mod loading list. Probably a typo ! This file can also show you what mission is being loaded if think the server is loading another mission.
Unknown Type "ViewController"

Make sure you have the correct mods and up to date ! (in this case, it can't find Dabs Framework).

Some server providers DOESNT support spaces in the name of the mods. In this case remove the space from the mod name.

!!! String CORRUPTED - FIX OnStoreLoad() !!! (or) scripted varibales corrupted

Your "storage_x" (x being a number) is using the vanilla storage format. Wipe this folder to use the CF storage format. This will wipe all player progression however.

Infinite loading screen, server frozen

Check your logs and look for a error. If you can find a error talking about a json error with a setting file. It usualy mean this file is broken (missing line for example). Revert your changes or fix the mistake manualy or with a json validator.

If you can't find any errors in the logs try the following :

  • Delete the folder "ExpansionMod" (in your "server profile" aka "config" aka "sc")
  • Make sure you are loading a Expansion mission
Please note: Some users thought their server was frozen while in fact it was the "!!! String CORRUPTED - FIX OnStoreLoad() !!!" issue.

The server can't find the mission (mpmission/dayzoffline.mapname)
In this case, make sure the server is trying to open a mission with the correct name. A missing letter can change everything !

BattlEye initialization failed

The battlEye dll is missing from the battlEye folder of your server profile (also known as "config" or "sc"). A copy paste of this missing dll should do the job in most cases.